Black as Night


A/N: Welcome to my newest story, Black as Night! Basically, this is a series of excerpts from the horrid home life of Sirius Orion Black. It will be mostly oneshots, but I might do a few that require more than one chapter. Those will be called things like "(Insert title here), Part 1" and however many more would be needed. You may get to see James and Remus in there, too, if we're lucky! My muse controls this, so I will never know what's next. Updates will be fairly irregular as well, because these are just random moments that I think could have happened. I might do multiple versions of one event, as well.

Since this is the first shot, I figured we should start at the beginning! I would like to inform you that I know nothing about birthing children, I'm fifteen and the oldest in my family, so I'm just going to do the before-and-after moments, not the actual birthing process.

And now that I've bored you all with this incredibly long author's note (it's not actually all that long, just the longest I've put so far on any story), I now present to you the first installment of Black as Night by .

Disclaimer: Anything you recognize belongs to the wonderful and BRILLIANT Joanne Kathleen Rowling. Anything you don't belongs to yours truly.

~October 17, 1959~

Walburga Black was very, very happy.

She was pregnant! Pregnant with her first son, and Sirius Orion, named for his father, was due any day now. Orion seemed quite nervous, she could tell. After all, she was his wife.

Suddenly, she felt a contraction. She knew this was it, because she'd been in false labor twice already and the Healers had said that it would be more painful for the real thing. She yelled for her husband.

Orion came skidding into the room. When he saw the look on her face, he asked to confirm: "It's time?"

At her nod, he scooped her into his arms, slipping her wand into his own pocket. He ran to the Floo, tossed in some powder, and said very clearly: "St. Mungo's Hospital!"

They spun into the fireplace in a swirl of green flames and immediately rushed off to the birthing ward. A Healer (pureblood, as the hospital knew they wouldn't be serviced by anyone else) ushered them into a room.

Twelve hours later, Sirius Orion Black lay in his mother's arms. He slept, and Walburga and Orion gazed down at his face fondly. Their firstborn son! This was something they'd both wanted, for their first child to be a boy.

Little did they know that this boy would not, in reality, be their pride and joy; quite the contrary, he would be their worst nightmare. Future blood traitor, Gryffindor, Marauder, Godfather, Sirius Black had been born.