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Author's Note: Inspired from the lawandorder100 Livejournal community's "grill" challenge. It has been a few years since I last wrote in such a format, so forgive my being rusty. If you enjoy the Pokemon reference within, it is a double bonus.

Jack McCoy dashed toward his kitchen sink, panting loudly. He poured himself a cup of water.

Abbie Carmichael then entered the room. "Jack, are you alright? Should I fetch the antacid?"

He guzzled half of the cup's contents. "No, the stomachache would serve me right, as I didn't take your 'blasting off at the speed of light' warning seriously enough."

"You still get points for even trying my infamous 'Rocket Power' sauce." She gripped his shoulder lightly.

"I wanted to prove myself to you, so you don't marry some lightweight who can't handle his wife's barbecue."

She kissed him on the cheek. "Love me, love my barbecue."

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