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Summary: One say that you should mind your own business... Sara's about to find out the hard way that one is right. C/S (femslash so if it's not your thing...)

Hi everyone, I'm back... with something new, it's a C/S story (that's the plan anyway)...


So ;)

Teenage Wasteland

By SoFrost

Chapter 1

Sara's POV

I was a bit apprehensive when Luke invited me to his house warming party. I've been tutoring him since he was fourteen and ever since he's been one of my best friends and like a little brother to me; yet I was worried to find myself surrounded by people at least a decade younger than me. I'm not too out of the loop with the young generation but still I'm aware that I don't belong with it nonetheless.

I came to the party because I care about Luke and even though I haven't planned to stay long, I couldn't say no to him. My worries weren't grounded though, I tend to forget that Luke is a special kid – well not much of a kid now – he has the ability to make friend with peoples who are polar opposite from one another; so there are people from early twenties to past fifties at least.

Luke stays with me for quite some time, introducing me to the friends of his he knows I'll be able to connect with – in other words the geeks of the group; I suspect that he's trying to discreetly take action into my love life as well when he starts being very eloquent on my account with a pretty chemist, but I dismiss the idea because it's just a party and Luke is just trying to make sure that I'm at ease and find people to talk to.

Robyn, is her name, is not only very charming and attractive – strawberry blonde, green eyes, a contagious smile and luscious curves; but she has conversation and great sense of humour; and if I'm not mistaking she seems to be attracted to me.

"So Luke tells me you bough this place for him?" she states.

"More like invested in it; he's paying me back slowly. I wanted to give him a little help for his start in the professional life."

"That's a big help, I'd say," she chuckles.

"Hey, I've been tutoring him since he's fourteen; he had a rough start and struggled for many years; yet he came through and now… he's on his way to become a great physicist. I thought I could reward him with this place, but like I said, it's an investment, he's paying me back."

"It's a great place," she says with an appreciative pout.

Well, I have to be grateful to my job for that place. A crime has been committed here and since then it's been hell to sell it. Luke doesn't mind one bit – I mean he's ecstatic to get his own place; and the price was reasonable considering the circumstances.

The party goes well, the big apartment is packed, people dance, talk, have fun; Robyn and I talk a lot, to each other but also to various groups of people; I even dared dancing with her which went rather well. I'm laughing when my eyes catch something in the other side of the room where the 'lounge' space is.

"What is it?" Robyn asks immediately. "Something's wrong? You're very sombre all the sudden."

"Yeah… I'm sorry," I look at her again. "You were saying?" I focus back on her. I can't help looking away every few seconds, anxiety slowly but surely creeping in the pit of my stomach. I register Robyn's voice but don't get any of her words.

"And… I completely lost your attention," she sighs, her good mood has vanished she glances in the direction I was looking at then shakes her head. I'm about to tell her that it's not what she thinks but she speaks again. "Don't," she smiles awkwardly. "I'm going to get another drink, can I get you something?"

"Ugh… no… I think I might have to leave in a few minutes… sorry," I wince. "But we could go out see a movie or have a drink sometimes, if you're interested," I sound detached but I'm a bit nervous. It's not that big of a deal, but I'm still a dork when it comes to ask people out.

"I think it's best to call it quit right now," she dismisses me. I'm about to say something, but once again she cuts me off. "Luke has my number, you let me know when you are actually available," she adds flatly before moving to another group of people in another room.

I don't dwell on the fact that I have half screwed up things already with her and go immediately to the lounge space. A twenty something boy is flirting with a blonde, standing against a wall; one of his hand is holding his beer, his lips are attached to her neck and his other hand is up to her thighs at the limit of indecency. She has a hand on his shoulder, pushing him away gently. He looks at her, whispers something in her ear probably asking her to relax, then he takes a sip of his beer; she grabs the bottle from him and finishes it in one go.

I take a deep breath reminding myself that this is a party and I must maintain the senses of decorum in my next course of action. I finally arrive at their level, the face of the blonde turns ashen when she sees me, but then eventually anger paints itself over her features. The guy notices me and looks at me annoyed.

"Yeah?" he asks with eloquence.

"Do me a favour, get scarce and see if I'm somewhere else," I order calmly never leaving the blonde's eyes.

"Excuse me?" he gets angry and tries to appear menacing. "Who do you think you are?"

In on swift movement I push him firmly against the wall, he tries to push back but I'm stronger than he expected. "Let me rephrase, I work with LVPD, she's a minor so right now you have two options. One, you get the fuck away, or two I make sure that you'll be some bulky guy's bitch for at the very least the next two years of your life. Your call," I send him a tight smile.

"Hey, now I didn't know…" he tries to defend himself.

"Sure you didn't," I snicker. She looks underage to me so surely that thought crossed his mind before he decided that his sex-drive was more important. "Just disappear," I order again and he does just that.

I turn to the blonde and she stares at me with blatant irritation. "Get your things, I'm taking you back to your place."

"Yeah right, you're not my mother."

"You're right, we can call her if you want to," I offer instantly, which only exacerbates her annoyance, not that I care. "Get your things," I repeat calmly.

She keeps looking at me defiantly before eventually picking up her backpack and her coat on one of the couches. I grab her elbow firmly and together we walk to the entrance, I get my jacket and then open the door and we exit the apartment.

"Hey Sar!" I turn around and see Luke at the door, I go back to him "You didn't even say goodbye," he continues with a smile.

"Sorry, something came up."

He's looking at the teenager behind me with a frown. "Who's that? She looks underage," he states his smile immediately falters. I breathe in relief because had he known her I'd have been pissed at him. His eyes get a bigger and he hushes his voice for his next question. "Oh my…Was she at the party? Did she drink? Am I in trouble? Because I swear I didn't know…"

"Yes, yes, no, I know," I answer his question in order. "Listen, don't worry about that, I'm taking care of it. Go back to your guests, okay?" I smile. "I'll call you later. Thanks for inviting me."

"Sure no problem," he grins at me but he's obviously still a bit uncomfortable about the recent information.

I take him in my arms then ruffle his hair when I pull back. "Don't worry about it kiddo; you take care."

"Yeah, you too. Thanks for coming."

"Talk to you later," I wink at him before moving back to the angry teenager and leading her to my car.

I'm a pro at having bad cards being dealt my way, but I think tonight set a new record.

What were the odds really? Going to a party, meet someone I like, and screw it up at the same time because a wasted fifteen years old is about to have an encounter with someone almost ten years older. Slim, I reckon.

I could have leave it at that, after all I'm not responsible of anyone but myself; but call it personal moral or professional hazard, that's just something I can't let happen if I can help it.

Now, the situation managed to get crappier on top of that. Because what were the odds for that wasted teenager to be Lindsey Willows?

Yep, I was born to defy probabilities; that or someone is putting a lot of effort to constantly make a cosmic joke out of my life.

Alright... for the record I am working on the sequel of Shrink, however I needed a break from it hence this story to take a breather. Anyway...

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