Flipnote Katana: Forbidden Blade

Flipnote Katana is a story originally written by the creator Trent. At this time, I cannot use the symbol depicted in the story, so I'll attempt to remedy that. I probably wont even use it that much.
Anyway, this is my version of Flipnote Katana. It is similar, yet different in many ways. Enjoy.

You can tell a day is going to be bad when you wake up in a place you've never seen, while a guy sitting next to you is being mauled by a demon.
Those day suck.
Maybe I should explain in a bit more detail. My name is Jacob. People usually call me Jake. I am five-foot-ten and have raven-black hair which always seems to be messed up. I've gone at that hair with gel, combs, brushes, and even a weed whacker (long story) and yet it still taunts me with its shoddiness.
I have pale green eyes and lightly tanned skin. I'm not the strongest guy around, but I could survive on my own if need be.
At the moment, those survival instincts were needed pretty badly.
I watched in horror as the behemoth's teeth ripped into the flesh of his victim. The man screamed, and threw some small knife-like objects into its face. These did nothing to faze the beast.
That was when I did the most idiotic thing it's possible to do when you're faced by a nightmarish blob of black goo, eyes, and teeth.
"Hey! Over here!" I called.
The beast dropped the man from its maw, then turned to look at me.
"Is that your face? Or did you just hide inside a giant black sack to hide your ugliness?" I taunted.
The creature roared. A smattering of black goo flew from its gaping jaws as it screeched.
I simply took a whiff of the air and covered my nose, trying desperately not to choke.
"Oh, man! What did you eat this morning? It smells like a herd of dead cattle mixed with a city dump and some Tabasco sauce!"
Have I ever mentioned that I'm pretty good at taunting enemies? It's both a strength and a weakness.
The demon was outraged. Nobody was allowed to insult his breath, and he was going to prove it.
With surprising speed, the behemoth leapt forward. It took all my reflexes to dodge out of the way.
"Hey, you kid!" a voice called from behind me. "Get away from that Bloat Demon!"
Bloat Demon? He had to be joking.
"That beast can kill you!" the voice continued.
"Noted" I replied. "And I really don't care."
The Bloat Demon opened its mouth in an attempt to swallow me. I managed to jump out of the way at the last second. My leap caused me to land next to the mangled guy the demon had been chewing on earlier.
"You're a fool" the man rasped. This was definitely a different voice than the one I'd heard a minute ago. "That beast is unstoppable without weapons."
I grimaced. "Suppose I had weapons. How would I take it out?"
the guy looked a bit shocked, but still replied. "Aim for the rune on the top of its head. Stab it, smash it, whatever you've got."
"Anything else?" I tried not to stare at the mass of red that was his arm.
"Bloats are quick, but they are horrible maneuverers, and can't change direction well" the man continued. "They are also incredibly stupid. Use this as an advantage."
"Thanks" I said kindly. "But, I don't actually have a weapon."
The man looked a bit surprised. "Then what is that that I sense on your person?"
I looked down in surprise. The only thing I seemed to have with me was my DSi. I must have stashed it in my pocket before I blacked out.
"This thing?" I asked, pulling it out."
The man gasped. "How did you get ahold of that?"
"Umm... bought it at GameStop" I replied.
"It is a powerful weapon" the guy insisted. "Remove the stylus to face your foe!"
"You're kidding, right?"
The man was going crazy. "The pen is mightier than the sword. That's an old saying here. And, it's true. Creators who come here have found that they could do the same."
I was seriously confused now. What was the guy talking about? Creators?
I didn't have time to wonder. I quickly grabbed my stylus and pulled.
And pulled.
And continued pulling, until I held, not a pen, but a Japanese Katana.
"Wow" I said quietly. "That's new."
Meanwhile, the "Bloater" finally realized I was no longer standing in the spot where I had been five minutes ago. It turned and let out a savage roar.
"Well, now the odds are stacked in my favor" I announced. "Have at me!"
The Bloater rushed forward. I stood stock-still. At the last second, I rolled to the side, holding the blade out. The edge grazed the creature's hide and left a long cut which oozed dark blood.
As the beast was distracted by the pain, I maneuvered around to its backside. There was a ladder-like set of spines leading up its back. I quickly climbed to its head.
The Bloater realized what I was doing. It let out a shriek of terror as my sword fell. It punctured the skin like I was stabbing a very large grape. The rune on its head was split perfectly down the center.
The Bloater gave another weak cry as it died. I almost felt bad for it.
Then, I remembered that it tried to kill me. That took away all feelings of grief.
I returned to the wounded man. Lifting him by his good arm, I slowly helped him limp back over toward some houses. There was a small crowd gathered nearby.
One man, who I assumed had been the one ordering me to get away from the demon stood in awe. His face was beet-red, and he moved away numbly as I passed.
"He must be a slayer" one person muttered as we passed. I spared a glance in the direction, and the voice quieted.
"Where do you live?" I asked the man quietly. "We'll get you home and see to those wounds."
The man nodded. "The third house on the right."
As we approached the building, a tall woman appeared in the doorway.
"Angelo!" she called, pronouncing the name like On-hello. "I told you that you were not well enough to fight the demon!"
"And I did not listen" Angelo replied. "I am sorry dear."
I started to feel a bit uncomfortable. "I should probably go now..."
"But, where will you go?" Angelo asked. "You fell from the sky, I don't see how you're going to get back up there."
I shook my head in confusion. I had fallen from the sky? I think I would have remembered that.
"I'll tell you where he's going" a voice called behind me. "He's coming with me."
I turned to see a boy of about fifteen standing on the path. "It takes guts to attack a demon, kid. I'm amazed at your talent." he stared at the blade I held. "Strong and confident. You're just like him. The name is Linkable, by the way."
"Jake" I replied. "And, who do I remind you of?"
"Just a guy I used to know" Linkable replied. "It doesn't matter now."
Linkable wore a dark green jump-suit complete with a Santa-style hat. He wore a belt with a sheath attached, and held a knight-style sword. His appearance was remarkably similar to that of the hero Link from Legend of Zelda, which was probably where the name Linkable came from.
He quickly led me to his small house nearby.
"We just moved in a year or so ago" he informed me. "Demons destroyed our last home."
"Oh, I'm sorry" I managed.
"Don't be!" Linkable smiled. "It was getting musty anyway." He jiggled the door handle, which held fast.
"Don't you have a spare key or something?" I asked as he tried to open the clearly locked door.
"No" he grunted. "But I know that Zizi is in there." He knocked loudly. "Zizi! Open the door!"
"What's the password?" came a feminine voice.
"Open this door!"
"Not even close!"
"I don't know your stupid password. Just let me in!" Linkable's voice had risen in pitch at this point. Whoever this Zizi was, she sounded like a pain he had to deal with often.
"If you wish to enter, you must bring us... a shrubbery!" Zizi decided.
"You might want to take a step back" Linkable warned. I stepped away, and he slowly brought his foot back behind him.
"Kyah!" Linkable screamed. He brought his foot forward with such force that the door was knocked clean off its hinges.
"Temper, temper Linky" Zizi teased. "The password was 'please'. Don't you have any manners?"
Zizi looked about Linkable's age. She had long, brown hair and a blue and black striped shirt along with a pair of regular jeans.
"Please" Linkable muttered venomously. "I have the one Trent told us about."
"Oh joy" Zizi quipped. "You kicked down the door over the guy a stupid elf told you about?"
Linkable grew angry. "He slew a Bloater with nothing but a sword. It took him about six seconds."
Zizi sniffed. "It would only have taken Trent five seconds to do the same..."
At that moment, a girl of around seventeen burst through the door. She had dark hair with a yellow streak running down it. She wore a simple purple T-shirt and jeans.
"DB? Linkable asked in surprise. "What are you doing here?"
The girl- apparently dubbed DB- was about to speak when she noticed me. Her eyes lit up with interest.
"Oh! Who's this?" she asked Linkable.
"This is Jake" Linkable replied "And he's able to talk, so ask him yourself."
DB gave him a pitiful look, before turning to me. "My name's Dayani, but everyone calls me DB."
"Nice to meet you" I replied politely. In a lower voice, I whispered "Are they always like this?"
DB giggled. "Linkable's usually not this surly..."
"...But Zizi is definitely bipolar, as you've probably guessed."
DB smirked. "I'm joking! But, seriously Linkable, what's got your goat?"
"A demon" Linkable replied casually. "And the fact that this same demon- a Bloater, by the way- just happened to rush into town and go on a rampage. I'm pretty sure that's enough to make anyone angry."
DB smiled again. "Well, I think I know what will lift your mood."
Linkable straightened up. "What?"
"Well, I'm not sure, but a kid who just fell from the sky would definitely make me happy."
"Why would that make you happy?" Linkable asked sarcastically.
DB sighed. "People falling from the sky? Guys slaying demons like they've been doing it their whole life? The ones from Alpha's prophecy are here."
Linkable's eyes flashed with interest, but it quickly faded. "Good for them."
DB lashed out so quickly that I barely even saw her move. Her blow landed squarely on Linkable's jaw, sending him sprawling.
"What was that for?" Linkable demanded.
"Wake up Linkable!" she ordered. "You've been acting strange for the last few days. What's wrong? There's something You're not telling me."
It was at that moment that another person entered the room.
"Darn it Dayani, You're fast!" the boy protested. He wore a grey muscle shirt and cargo pants. His hair was short-cropped, and he was panting heavily. "I've never been beaten in a race before. How in the world..."
It was then that the boy looked up at Linkable and hissed.
"What is that thing?" He asked.
"That's Linkable" DB replied.
"I don't mean his name, I mean what is he?"
Zizi stepped forward. "He's a person, of course. DB, who is this guy?"
"His name is Bryan" DB replied. "And, just because he's wearing weird clothes doesn't mean he's not a person."
Bryan smirked. "And I guess that wearing a weird black imp thing like a hat is normal too?"
"What are you talking about?" Zizi demanded.
It was then that a chill went up my spine. Before I fully realized what I was doing, I had pulled my sword from my DSi and had knocked Linkable's sword away.
"He's an imposter" I said simply. "That' or something's controlling him."
Linkable turned to me with an amused look on his face. "I'm impressed, Tora. I'm aware that seeing the true form of demons isn't your specialty, but I suppose it comes from having elven blood."
"What are you talking about?" I asked.
Linkable's head burst open. Not literally, but some strange black liquid erupted from his scalp. The goo conglomerated into a black creature about six inches tall.
"Demon" DB muttered. "I should have known."
The implike demon hissed as it leapt into the air. It flew over Bryan's head and out the door.
"Stop it" Zizi cried.
I stepped forward with my sword. "I plan to."
Faster that I thought possible, I took off. I swear that I left an afterimage of myself behind. The ground flew past under me so quickly, I could barely see it.
Yet, I saw every detail of the world around me. It was exhilarating.
It was also terrifying.
At speeds most Olympic racers could only dream of, I caught up to the imp. It turned in surprise to greet my fist. There was a sickening snap as its head twisted to the side.
"Filthy half-breed" the imp cursed. "I'll shred you to pulp!"
With sword drawn, I parried each swipe of its wicked claws. I felt like I was fighting a wall of knives. It took all my concentration just to keep it from injuring me.
"Even your elven speed cannot match mine!" the Imp declared triumphantly.
There was a sickening crunch as a large metal war hammer was brought down on top of it. The Imp gave a shriek as it died. It's body had been flattened like a pancake.
"Apparently, that can" Bryan said smugly.
I looked up, slightly dazed, to watch Bryan touch the end of his hammer to the pen slot of his DSi. The huge slab of metal instantly compacted to a small enough size to fit inside the pen slot. Soon, the mighty weapon was nowhere to be seen.
"Nice shot" I managed to say.
"Thanks" he replied. "You're not half bad with a sword either."
"C'mon" I said. "Let's go make sure I didn't kill the Link impersonator."

He appeared as I sat on the bamboo sleeping mat.
A boy of about fifteen years simply appeared next to me. He wore a red shirt and pants, and sported a green hat.
"You finally showed up, huh?" the boy asked.
"Who are you?" I asked in confusion. It wasn't exactly normal to see a weird kid appear next to you.
Suddenly, the boy's face changed. It seemed to flicker slightly, then become the face of another. This person had completely scarlet eyes with small catlike pupils. Fangs protruded from his mouth, and a forked tongue tested the air like a snake's. A strange symbol which resembled a 'T' appeared under his left eye.
"What's it to you human?" the voice snapped. It was completely different from the one I had heard a moment ago.
"I'm sorry" I said, slightly repulsed. "I just thought..."
The boy's face flickered again, and the calm young man appeared once more. "My apologies. That was Kurokaze, who isn't the kindest soul around. My name is Trent, what's yours?"
"Jake" I replied. "And what do you mean by 'that was Kurokaze'? Do you have MPD or something?"
Trent giggled. "Multiple Personality Disorder? No. I'm a regular guy; I just happen to have a demon hitching a ride."
I recoiled in shock. "So, you're part demon?"
Trent shrugged. "More like the demon makes me tote him around everywhere."
"Harsh" I said quietly. "So, this Kurokaze is part of you?"
He nodded. "Ever since I came here. Supposedly, I was the reincarnation of the legendary hero Tora. That's why the weapon contained inside my DSi was Kurokaze, an ancient demon in the form of a sword. He was also the guardian of one of the Demon Eyes."
"Was?" I asked. "You're using the past tense. You say that you 'were' this Tora guy's reincarnation. What, are you not any more?"
Trent shifted uncomfortably. "Well, the thing is... I'm dead."
"What?" I cried in shock. "How is that possible? You're sitting here next to me!"
There was a blur of movement, and Kurokaze appeared once more.
"The answer to that is simple, halfling" Kuro hissed. "While Trent and I battled the Demon King, he decided that the only way to stop him was to combine our powers and seal him away forever.
"So we did. We pooled our energy, and Trent ran at the king. He used me to pierce straight through the king's heart-"
"An item which he stole" Trent added.
"-Stole back" Kuro insisted. "It was his to begin with.
"Anyway, the combined power was not quite great enough. So Trent gave up his soul."
"His soul?" I asked. "How can you just give up your soul?"
"It can be done" Kuro replied. "But the comitment sealed him inside the blade alongside me, but transformed it into a new sword: Kuroleukos- the Blade of Light and Darkness."
"That's the sword you hold now" Trent added. "And it's also the one and only key to open the Demon King's prison."
I took a moment to process what I had just heard. This sword was the most powerful blade in the world?
"So, what do I have to do with it?" I asked.
"There is a volcano in the dark lands" Trent replied. "That is where Kurokaze was first forged. Only in that lava can it be destroyed. But you must not be seen by the evil eye of Sauron as you engage in your epic quest along with several people with hairy feet."
"No. Get a life you Lord of the Rings geek."
Trent turned and looked around. "It sure is calm here."
"Of course it is."
Trent looked a bit confused. "When Jennie, Alpha and I were on our quest, we barely ever got ten minutes of quiet before we would get attacked by some demon."
It was then that the night was pierced by a horrible scream.

Five minutes earlier.

"So, you claim you didn't see it?" Zizi asked.
"I don't even know who the guy you're talking about is. Heck, I don't know anything about this place. I'm waiting for someone to spill the beans." Bryan replied.
"It's late" Zizi replied. "If you didn't see it, maybe it was only a hallucination."
"I saw it" DB piped up. "It's kinda hard to miss when the Eye of Tora appears and grabs onto someone. Giving them speed, directing their sword..."
"Is anyone going to explain who this Tora guy is?" Bryan asked.
"That would be me."
Bryan turned in alarm to the source of the noise. A man in a black leather coat was standing in the doorway. He wore black pants and a top hat. As he entered the room, he tapped a cigar against the door frame, causing a cloud of ash to plume in a cloud on the floor.
"Ace, what have I said about smoking in my house?" Zizi asked angrilly.
"Sorry" Ace said apologetically.
"You know that smoking is a bad habit right?" Bryan asked. "It turns your lungs black and burns away all the vili, or whatever they're called."
"Well I don't give a darn" Ace replied, as the author replaced his actual word with "darn". "I'm not like you, I could have my lungs torn out- heck I could have most of my vital organs torn out..." the author now added "heck" to replace the actual word. "...And it still wouldn't kill me."
Bryan inhaled through his mouth. He did not like this individual. Ace struck him as the guy who went into casinos- not because he was trying to earn money, but because he had money to burn. He had many of the characteristics of a snobby rich man.
(I doubt this is Ace's actual personality, but he's never gonna see this, so what do I care?)
"Tora, he was a guy that people respected" Ace began. "He was one of the sole survivors of his villiage after the demon hordes torched it to the ground. The guy had courage and spunk above all other warriors.
"On a dark night, Tora and his two companions charged the Demon King's castle. The three waged an epic battle and were very nearly killed.
"Right as they were about to be destroyed, Tora stole Kurokaze, one of the Demon King's two soul-swords, and shoved him back into that flaming cesspit which he came from."
Ace stood there in silence for a moment. "The term "The Eye of Tora" refers to the fact that Tora sealed the defeated king's left eye- not his actual eye, just a symbol of power- inside Kurokaze. Since Trent was the last wielder of the eye, this expression refers to him."
"So, you're saying that some kid just showed up and helped Jake kick butt out there?" Bryan asked.
"Oh, no" Ace replied. "Trent is dead. He sacraficed his soul to seal the Demon King away. Again."
Bryan's head was pounding. This was so much to take in, and it wasnt even the full story.
Just then, Linkable burst into the room.
"There's trouble" he said grimly.
"Link! You shouldn't be out of bed!" Zizi scolded.
"It doesn't matter" there was an odd expression on Linkable's face. "The girl is out there, and she's being attacked."
Nobody understood what he meant. Then, a horrible, blood-curdling scream ripped through the night.
"It's Jake's other companion" Linkable announced grimly. "And she's about to die."

AN: I feel like I put too much into this first chapter, yet, at the same time, not enough. Maybe I should have split this in half...
Lots of excitement for Jake's first day on the job. Who knows what's going to happen next?
Even Fire and Ice have a Dark side...