Here we go! NaNoWriMo is over, and I am back in business! I will not be posting my story (mostly because I didn't finish...) but I will be writing again!

I lost a bit of info for Battle Arena, but I should be able to recover it. Don't worry, it's top on my list!

Also, does anyone think I should post my old Digimon story that I tried to write a while ago? It's not the best, but it'll keep you occupied...

So, lots of things on the way! Everybody get ready, and be happy!

Last note: I need a bit of help. I want to be able to properly illustrate my OC Digimon for Digimon Encore, but my drawing skills leave something to be desired. If any of you are good artists, look me up on deviantART (same username. He he...) and be on the lookout for concept art I will post of Lepumon, Phasedramon, and other OC forms. (don't worry. They aren't too difficult to draw!) Drop a comment on the character you want to try, and I'll know to look for it.

Thanks everyone!

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