I love AU so I thought I'd give it a stab a write one. It's not beta'd though so beware. It's just the typical high school AU of Cas and Dean. It needed to be done so I could have happiness after last night. Even though Evil Cas is smoking hot –grins-

Chapter 1

Dean walks down the hallway at school. Looking at. He's looking at all the people walking by. He's looking for someone in particular. He's looking for Castiel or Cas as he calls him. His best friend since he was 7 years old.

He makes his way down the hall waving to people as he goes and saying hi to some along the way. Dean is what you would call popular. He is also known as someone who likes the girls. Many girls. Right now he doesn't have a girlfriend. He and Lisa just broke up. Come to think of it Dean never stays with any one girl for long. Dean wonders why that is.

He sees Gabriel coming down the hall.

He says. "Hiya Gabe."

Gabe says. "Yo Deano, what's up?"

"Not much, looking for Cas. You seen him?" He asks Gabe.

"Nope haven't seen him." Gabe replies. "You coming to my party tonight? Everyone will be there. Anna wants to see you."

Dean is thinking to himself. Been there and done that and I don't want to do it again.

Dean just replies. "Yep Gabe I am coming and I am dragging Cas with me."

Gabe says. "Good all he does is study."

The bell rings and Dean rushes off to his Spanish class. The only class he has with Cas. Cas is too smart to have any more classes then that with Dean.

Dean sits down in his seat next to Cas. "Hi Cas." He says.

"Hello Dean." Cas replies.

Class is starting so they face front and pay attention to the teacher. Cas looks at Dean out of the corner of his eye. Dean his best friend of 7 years, Dean who he's been in love with since high school started. He stares at Dean taking in his freckles. He's thought how it would be to kiss those freckles. Hell to be honest he's thought how it would be to kiss Dean Period. Dean has the kind of eyes you could get lost in. They are hazel green and Cas has got lost in them a couple times.

Dean feels someone's eyes on him. He looks over and sees his best friend staring at him with a far off look on his face. He's often wondered where Cas goes when he gets that look on his face. Cas catches Dean watching him stare at him and looks away quickly turning his attention back to the teacher.

Dean doesn't think anything of Cas staring at him. He's kind of used to it in fact. He writes Cas a note on a piece of paper. Slipping it across the desk to Cas. Cas takes the paper and reads it. It says you are going with me to Gabe's party tonight. Cas writes back on the note and slides it over to Dean. Dean reads it scowling when he sees it says Nope I have to study tonight.

The bell rings signaling it's time for lunch which is good now Dean can talk Cas into going to the party with him. They make their way to the cafeteria sitting down. Dean sitting in between Cas and his other best friend Jo. Jo is a pretty blonde, and she is very protective of Dean. They've known each other for a long time. She's one of the only people that will call Dean on his bullshit. And he knows this.

"Hiya Jo." He says.

Jo replies "Hi Dean. Hiya Cas."

Dean looks at Jo. "So you going to Gabe's party tonight right?"

Jo replies. "Of course I am going. Are you going Dean?"

He says. "Yep I am going and I am dragging Cas with me."

Cas says. "Nope I am not going. I have to study."

Dean says. "Look Cas this is our senior year. Our last year to have some fun together, before we go off to college. So just come with me ok?"

Cas huffs. "Fine Dean I will go."

Dean replies. "Great I'll drive us."

Cas deadpans. "I can hardly wait."

"Cas you need a ride home from school today?" Dean asks him.

Cas says. "Sure thanks."

The bell rings and they go to their last classes of the day. Dean is in his class thinking about who he can hook up with tonight at the party. He thinks about Pamela she is hot. He's been trying to get her for a while now. Maybe he'll hook up with her tonight he thinks. Then there is Meg she's been after him for a while. But she is slutty. And there is nothing wrong with slutty as long as you are not too slutty. Which he thinks she might just be that, if her reputation is right.

The final bell rings signaling school is out for the day. Dean makes his way to his baby his Impala. The only girl he's loved in his life. It's a car. She can't break his heart. And he likes it that way. Cas is waiting at the car, leaning up against it.

"Hello Dean." He says.

"Hiya Cas." Dean returns.

They get into the car while waiting for Sam. Dean is telling Cas about who he thinks he is gonna hook up with tonight. Cas just looks at him and goes uh huh. Come to think of it now that he does Cas has never hooked up with a girl. Dean wonders why that is. Before he can think about it too much though Sam bursts into the car. Bitching about some girl named Ruby.

"Hello Sam." Cas says.

"Hiya Cas." Sam says.

Dean says. "So I'll pick you up at 7 tonight Cas."

Cas replies. "Okay."

Dean starts the car and they drive to Cas's house. Listening to Sam bitch the whole way about how Ruby is a bitch. Dean thinks ooh yeah you like her little brother. Dean pulls up to Cas's house before Cas gets out Dean says. "See you at 7 tonight."

Cas says. "Ok bye see you then."

Dean drives home blasting Metallica in the car and being totally oblivious.


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