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Whoa oh, I'm feeling you baby
Don't be afraid to
Jump then fall
Jump then fall into me
Be there, never gonna leave you
Say that you wanna be with me too
So I'm a stay through it all
So jump then fall-Taylor Swift-

Graduation is tomorrow. Dean can't believe how fast this year has gone by. Castiel decided to go to Stanford. So they were headed for California in a couple weeks. His dad was upset he didn't want to take over the family business but he didn't care. His mom was happy for him just telling him to take care of each other.

They were getting an apartment. Dean worked some with his dad so he had some money saved up and Cas's family was paying for the apartment. So they were good to go. Dean figures he should stop thinking and go to bed now. Tomorrow was going to be a very long day. They have dinner with Dean's family and then the party at the Roadhouse after that Ellen was throwing all the graduates.

Dean texts Cas goodnight

To Cas

Fm Dean

Night u. I luv u.

To Dean

Fm Cas

Goodnight Dean I love you too.

Graduation day is sunny and warm which is good since they are holding it outside on the football field. Dean wakes up and goes down stairs. His mom made him breakfast bacon eggs and toast. She hands him a glass of orange juice.

"Goodness my baby is growing up." She says teary eyed.

"Aww Mom" Dean says as he hugs her.

"So what are you doing today?" She asks Dean.

"Gonna go get Cas because he's home alone all day." Dean says.

"That's nice." She says.

Dean finishes his breakfast and texts Cas.

To Cas

Fm Dean

Coming to get you now.

To Dean

Fm Cas

Ok, I still need to shower.

To Cas

Fm Dean

K Can I join u?

To Dean

Fm Cas

Anytime, see you soon.

Dean gets into the car and drives to Castiel's. He knocks on the door. Cas opens the door in just a pair of PJ Pants.

"Hello Dean." Cas says.

"Hi Cas." Dean grins.

They go upstairs Castiel turns on the shower and dean undresses quickly. Castiel removes his pants and they get into the shower. They run their hands all over each other's bodies soaping each other up. Dean rinses his hand and reaches down and strokes Cas's dick getting him off quickly and hard. Castiel returns the favor to Dean. Then Dean washes Cas's hair. They get out of the shower toweling off. Dean puts his clothes back on and follows Castiel's towel clad body into his room. Castiel gets dressed in jeans and a shirt. He grabs his button up shirt and slacks for later with his cap and gown. They head back to Dean's.

Later they are getting ready for graduation. Cas is wearing black slacks and a blue button up shirt that matches his eyes perfectly. At least that is what Dean thinks. Dean is wearing black slacks and a green shirt. It's time to go and they get into the car and head to the school.

Graduation begins and they have to wait forever for their names to be called. Finally Dean hears Castiel Novak. Dean yells "Go CAS!" His family is up and cheering for Cas as well. Dean's name is announced and the crowd goes wild again. His family screams and hollers embarrassing Dean.

They make their way over to Cas's mom and Cas's face falls when he sees who is with her. His uncle Michael who he likes. But then there is his Uncle Zachariah who is judgmental asshole. Who says Castiel is an abomination because he's gay.

"Michael hello, hello Zachiriah." Castiel says.

Michael gives him a hug and says. "Congratulations on graduating."

"Yes congratulations." Zachariah says.

"Cas we'd like to take you to dinner." Michael says.

"I'm already having dinner with Dean and his family but thank you." Castiel says.

"They can come with us." Dean says.

"Are you sure Dean?" Castiel asks.

"Yes it's fine." Dean says.

Dean takes Cas's hand and they walk to the car.

"Are you ok Cas?" He asks his boyfriend.

"Yes I just don't like my uncle Zachariah much." Cas says.

"Yeah he seems like a douche." Dean says.

"He's an assbutt." Castiel says.

"Why?" Dean asks.

"Because he says I am an abomination because I am gay." Castiel says softly.

Dean is pissed and says. "That is fucking bullshit you know that right Cas?"

"Indeed I do." Cas says.

"Good" Dean says.

They get to the restraint they are eating at and everyone is already there. They get seated and Dean is in between Cas and Sam. On the other side of Cas is Michael.

"So Cas your mom tells me you are going to Stanford." Michael says.

"Yes, I and Dean are moving there." Cas says.

Zachariah says to Cas's mom "You are letting him move there with him, to live in sin as two guys? No wonder Castiel is an abomination."

"Now look here you pompous asshole. Cas is not an abomination!" Dean says loudly.

Zachariah says. "Not only is he one so are you for being with him."

John stands up and says "Now wait a damn minute. Castiel is nothing but a fine young man and I can't believe you as his family would say that. And secondly do NOT talk about my son he's a damn good man and he loves your nephew with everything in him."

Zachariah gets up an stalks out.

"I'm sorry for my brother. He's an ass. I better go. Congratulations again Castiel." He says handing him a card.

"Goodbye Michael" They all say.

Dean is amazed by what his dad said and how he stuck up for Cas.

"Thanks Dad." Dean says.

"Yes thank you Mister Winchester." Cas says.

"No problem boys." Mister Winchester says.

They go out to the car, and Cas opens the card his uncle gave him. It's a nice card but what's inside is even nicer a check for 3,000 dollars. Cas is shocked. They head over to Jo's party at the Roadhouse everyone is there and it's a goodtime. They dance and joke and party until the early hours. Then Dean drives them back to Cas's house. They go upstairs tired and change then crawl into Cas's bed.

"I love you Dean Winchester."

"And I love you Castiel Novak."

They fall asleep talking about the future and what it holds for them.


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