monochrome hearts don't bleed

She was brought up in a world of black and white.

!Look! at the eager girl, the carrot top, with the paint splattered face of freckles. It's easy, tootoo easy to learn and repeat:

Harry Potter- goodgood (Hero)

You-know-who-badbad (Villain)


Once she asked her big bro Bill, "Why don't all the goodies beat the baddies?"

and he smiled at her and was proud. Clever clever little Ginny.

She turned from the girl who couldn't care less to gotta-be-Gryffindor, can't-can't-can't-be-Slytherin. When the hat asked why-

she had no answer.

Because saying one is good and the other bad sounds silly, doesn't it? But she's with the lions YES!YES!YES!


And so she's happy (except her brothers still tease her, and Harry doesn't see her, and it's like no one cares about one trembling carrot head.)

So she talks to him 'cause, 'cause, 'cause-

he listens (good)

and understands her (good)

and so he's good right?

Red feathers. Silver sword. Black ink. White screams.

(((( tom's gone ))))


They give her hot cocoa and pitying thatpoorWeasleygirl looks;

expecting her to X out his picture,

and erase his name, and put it under the heading of:


But he's too good to be bad.


She loved him and he hurt her and she hates him because she can't call him evil.

If his heart was blackblackblack as ink

why did he scream and clutch his chest in pain?

If her 'saviors' heart was whitewhitewhite as pure justice

why did he come out with blood drip-dripping?


There's a little girl, and in time she sees.


Because the world isn't built in black and white.