Chapter One

"James Issac Neutron, you have better be in your room studying" said Judy Neutron as she entered her 16 year old son's room.

Jimmy was sitting at his computer listening to music and typing an essay. He heard his mother and he turned down the music, removed the ear buds and turned around in his seat to look at his mom.

"I'm doing my homework mom" said Jimmy.

"Good because if i catch you out of this room and in your lab after i had specifically ground you from there, you, young man, will be in a heap of trouble" said Judy sternly.

"I know mom. I promise i won't go near my lab until my punishment is up" said Jimmy with a sigh. He got grounded for three weeks from his lab after one of his experiments went wrong and blew up half of the house. good thing, it got fixed but his mother was furious.

"Good," said Judy. she started to walk back to the door. But before she left her son's room she turned around and said "Oh, dinner will be ready in one hour."

"Okay mom" said Jimmy.

Judy smiled and left the room. Jimmy sighed with relief. Then he looked toward his closet where his 2 year girlfriend Cindy Vortex was hiding.

"You can come out now, Cindy" aid Jimmy with a smile.

Cindy opened the door and smiled at her handsome boyfriend. "Good, i thought she would never leave. It smells in there." She closed his closet door and then sat down on his bed.

Jimmy smiled at Cindy. He and Cindy have been dating for the past 2 years and so far their relationship that was once a love/hate relationship was growing more into love relationship. Ever since they had begun dating and not long after they had their first kiss they decided to start dating gor real, letting their family and friends in on the secret.

And Jimmy couldn't have been happier because he was finally with the girl of his dreams, even though he wasn't suppose to be seeing her at the moment in time do to the fact that he was grounded.

He watched on as Cindy laid down on his bed and took to looking up at his ceiling.

"You know, hon, i really think you should be going now. Its getting late and i'm not really suppose to have anybody over until my punishment is up" said Jimmy. He really didn't want Cindy to go but rules were rules.

Cindy sat up and looked at him. "Oh come on Jimmy, you had me over here almost every night here even when you weren't punished, and now all of a sudden you want me to leave?" she said giving him a look.

"I really don't want you to go, but i'm grounded your not suppose to be here" Jimmy tried to explain.

Cindy got off Jimmy's bed and headed for the window where a latter waited for her to climb down and go to her house. "Fine I'll go and I won't come back here ever again" said Cindy as she walked over to the window.

"Cindy" said jimmy. Since his desk was near the window he grabbed a hold of Cindy's arm. She turned and looked at him. He stood up from his seat.

"You knwo for a fact that i don't want you to go" Jimmy said.

Cindy smiled. "I know" she said. "I'll come back over when your grounding is up."

"Okay then that works" said Jimmy. "That means i will see you over here in 8 days 13 house and 38 minutes."

Cindy shook her head at her boyfriend's smart but annoying math skills and brain ability. She moved her arm from his grasp but took to holding his hands in her own instead. He interlocked their fingers.

"Okay" said Cindy. "I'll see you in the morning."

"You will babe" said Jimmy. And with that Jimmy kissed Cindy fully on the lips. Cindy kissed him back before she opened the window, climbed out and then walked back down the latter. As soon as she was safely on the ground, Jimmy looked down at her from his window and said "I love you Cindy Vortex."

"I love you too Jimmy Neutron" said Cindy with a huge smile on her face. Then she walked across the street and into her house, Jimmy watching her go with a smile on his face as well.