Chapter Three

Jimmy packed the last of things he was bringing on the trip into his bag. then he grabbed his bag, and his backpack and left his room his dog Goddard following him. he walked down the stairs and out the door of his house. he walked over to his hover car where his friends waited for him.

"You guys got everything?" he asked them.

Carl, Sheen, Libby, Valerie and Cindy all nodded. "Yep. We are all packed" said Sheen. "You?"

"i think so" answered Jimmy. he placed his things into the hover car compartment where he told his friends to put their things. then he got in with them. he started up the hover car. But just then his parents came outside.

"Jimmy?" said Judy as she walked over to her son and his friends.

"Yes mom?" replied Jimmy.

"Have fun and be careful" judy told her son. Jimmy smiled at his mom's concern and worry for him. he jumped out of the hover car and hugged her.

"no worries mom. We will be fine and I'll let you guys know if something happens" Jimmy said to her. Judy smiled and kissed her son on the forehead.

"Good" said Judy.

Jimmy looked at his father. "Have a good time son. Keep your friends safe" said Heuge (don't know how to spell his name lol)

" i will dad," Jimmy said with a smile. Then he got back into the hover car. with a wave to his parents Jimmy and his friends took off in the hover car.

When they got to the private island and were all set up and comfortable Jimmy started on a fire while Carl and Sheen went off in search of more fire wood in case Jimmy ran out. The girls, meanwhile were in the hut that they built fixing up the beds each couple would be sleeping on.

"I really hope Sheen and i will do it tonight" Libby said to Cindy while she helped her unfold a blanket.

"You really hope you guys will do what?" asked Valerie who was completely out of the loop.

"Well, you know" said Libby. 'have sex" she whispered a minute later. Valerie'e eyes widened.

"Have you even had sex with a boy before/" she asked her. Libby shook her head blushing slightly. Cindy also shook her head sadly.

""Have you?" asked Cindy to Valerie.

"Yes. But he was a jerk not long afterwards we did it. He wanted to do it every time we saw each other and i was sick of the way he was treating me. so i broke it off with him," Valerie replied.

she sat down in a chair and grabbed her book off a table that was nearby. she flipped through it.

Libby and Cindy looked each other. they finished making the bed and then sat down on top of it. "Hey Libs" said Cindy.


"You don't think Jimmy and Sheen would do that do you?"

"Do what?" asked Libby.

"You know, what Valerie's ex did to her" said Cindy. Libby shrugged her shoulders and sighed.

"i really don't know to be honest Cindy. I hope not because if that does happen both Jimmy and Sheen will get their asses kicked" Libby told her. Cindy nodded but the thought stayed in her mind. 'What if jimmy did that to her? Only wanted her for sex after they do it? then he wouldn't treat her the same as he did before and he would turn into a big jerk? it would cause them to break up just like it happened to Valerie' Cindy thought. she tried to shake the thought away. 'No no Jimmy's not like that. he's better then that. he treats me good and he loves me. Besides, i don't even think Jimmy even wants to have sex with me to begin with. it won't happen. I need to stop worrying so much.'

She got off the bed and then smiled at Valerie and Libby. "Well i do know that Carl, Sheen and Jimmy are good guys. And if they do do that to us, yes Libs, they will get their asses kicked. But we trust them don't we? So I'm sure it won't happen" said Cindy with as much confidence in her voice.

Libby nodded and stood up as well. She hugged Cindy. "You're right Cindy. Us girls just need to calm down and relax. We are here to have a good time with our boyfriends. So lets do it" said Libby. Valerie stood too.

"Yeah!" she exclaimed with a smile. The girls all smiled and left the hut. they walked down the wooden stairs they that built to the sand below. then they walked over to the boys who were all sitting by the fire.

'well there you girls are" said Sheen as he smiled at Libby. She grinned back at him and sat down next to him. He kissed her on the cheek.

"Yep here we are" said Valerie. She sat down next to carl and Cindy sat down next to Jimmy. Jimmy took a flower that he had in his hand and tucked it behind Cindy's ear. she blushed and smiled at him. Then she took her hand and placed it in his. they locked fingers.

The rest of the night the friends talked and laughed and watched the sun set. then Jimmy got up and walked over to his hover car. he opened up a little box that was in his bag and sighed. Sheen came over.

"You okay man?" he asked him.

"Yeah I'm fine" Jimmy fibbed. Sheen gave his best friend a look. Jimmy sighed.

"okay okay I'm not" he said.

"So what's wrong?"

Jimmy looked out in the ocean and sighed again. "I want to have sex with Cindy tonight," he said a couple minutes later.

"wow i guess were both thinking of the same thing" Sheen said. Jimmy looked at him.


"I mean, i want to have sex with Libby tonight," Sheen told him.

"Oh. Well I'm just afraid if Cindy doesn't want to have sex with me. what if she doesn't like it? what if I'm bad?" Jimmy said as he looked at his friend. "Then again i told my parents that i would behave and not do anything that i might end up regreting." he sighed and ran his hand through his hair.

"You would regret having sex with Cindy?"

"No. it's just what if she ends up getting pg? you know you have to think of the consequences and possibilities that could happen" Jimmy said.

"True. But Jimmy you don't have to worry about anything. Cindy loves you. If you guys have sex she's going to love that too. I know it," said Sheen.

Jimmy nodded. Sheen was right. Cindy did love him but that doesn't mean she might not love the sex.

"I am sure man that Cindy wants to have sex with you to. I just think you and her should talk about this" said Sheen. "I'm going to with libby."

"Yeah but dude I want Cindy's first time to be romantic to be the best thing that ever happened to her" said Jimmy.

"And it will," said Sheen. "Don't worry so much man. Everything will be okay. And if you don't think tonight is the night for you two to do it then you can tell her that you want to wait. Because you want everything to be perfect for her."

Jimmy smiled at his friend. "man Sheen when did you get smarter then me?" he laughed. Sheen laughed too.

"I don't know. I guess since I've been best friends with you for a long time, your smarticles are rubbing off on me," Sheen said. Jimmy shook his head.

"Maybe. But thanks man. I needed someone to talk to and I'm real glad that I got to talk to you" said Jimmy.

"Your welcome Jimmy" said Sheen.