Chapter four

When it was time for the teens to go to bed Jimmy decided to go for a walk. Libby and Cindy saw him walking away from the hut.

"You should go after him" said Libby to Cindy. Cindy nodded and took off after her boyfriend. Libby walked over to Sheen. Cindy followed Jimmy all the way till he stopped at a small broken tree that was in the middle of a path they were walking on. he sat down and sighed.

"Jimmy? Are you okay?" Cindy asked him.

Jimmy looked at her. "Yeah I'm fine" he said. Then he patted the spot next to him. "Here come sit next to me. You look cold." Cindy smiled and walked over to him. She sat down beside him and he wrapped his arm around her.

After a few moments of silence went by, Cindy was the first to speak.

"So what's on your mind?" she asked Jimmy.

"A lot of things are on my mind it feels like" Jimmy replied.

"Like what?" asked Cindy.

"Well you might already know that answer Cindy" Jimmy said to her as he looked at her. She looked at him confused. then a minute later she knew what he was talking about. "Oh" she said blushing and then looking down at the ground.

"Yeah" said Jimmy. he sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "I've been thinking about it all day and now i think you and me should talk about it."

"Okay" said Cindy.

"Look Cindy, i love you and there's nothing that i wouldn't do for you but were young and we don't want our hormones to get carried away. we have to be smart about this. make sure we use protection and things like that. plus i want your first and my first, for that matter, to be perfect and special. something that neither one of us will ever forget" Jimmy told her whole heartedly.

"Its not that I'm not attracted to you because believe me Cindy, I am" said Jimmy. "I just want this to be special for the both of us but i also want you to be happy and like it 2."

"Do you understand what I'm saying Cindy?"

"Yes I do Jimmy. And in fact i have been thinking about this same thing all day as well. Me and Libby were talking to Valerie up in the hut earliar and she told us that an ex bf of hers had sex with her and then afterwards thats alll that he wanted from her. he just wanted the sex not the talk and get to know each other, nothing. he just wanted the sex and that's what I'm afraid that you, you know.." she dropped off looking away from him.

Jimmy took his hand and cradled her cheek in his palm. she looked at him. "Do you think i would end up being a jerk like Valerie's ex?"

Cindy nodded, feeling dumb that she would think that about Jimmy but she was just worried. "Cindy i would never do that to you! Heck not ever. I love you Cindy Vortex I'm not going to let an amazing, beautiful, talented, smart woman out of my life when i desperately need her in it. Cindy i promise you that i would never go and do that to you after you and i have sex. i swear it. and if i do then you got full permission to kick me out into the street and dump my ass" Jimmy told her.

Cindy smiled at Jimmy. She believed him. She knew he wasn't lying to her. And she knew in her heart that Jimmy wouldn't do that to her. How could she think that about him? she felt so stupid.

She kissed Jimmy before they stood up and held hands. they started walking back to the hut hand in hand. "I feel so stupid" she said softly.

"why's that?"

"Because i kept thinking that if you and i had sex then afterwards you would go and be like a jerk and use me just for sex and nothing else" said Cindy.

"Hon, don't worry about it. You were just worried. And now you know that i would never do anything to hurt you" said Jimmy. "I love you."

"Oh Jimmy" said Cindy. She hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. Then they walked into the hut when they reached it. Cindy headed to the room where Libby was and instantly stopped walking when she heard moaning coming from the room.

"Well, um, Libby and Sheen must be...well you know" said Jimmy when he heard Sheen moan really loud.

Cindy just nodded. "Well we better go to bed then" said Cindy and she walked into the room her and Jimmy was going to share. Jimmy followed her. Cindy then walked into the bathroom that they had in their room and closed the door behind her. she changed into her silky blue nightgown and then walked out of the bathroom a few minutes later.

Jimmy was already in bed. He wasn't wearing a shirt.

Jimmy looked at Cindy and saw her staring at him. he chuckled. "I'm wearing boxers, hon. No worries" said Jimmy. Cindy nodded and then got into bed next to him. They laid there in each other's arms in silence for a couple of minutes until Jimmy sighed.

"What's wrong Jimmy?" Cindy asked him.

"Did you, um, you know, wanted to have sex tonight?" he asked her. Cindy looked at him.

"Well i was thinking about it. But after what you said i think its better if we wait. we will know when the time is right" Cindy told him. "I'm okay with not having sex with you tonight Jimmy."

"Are you sure?" he asked her.

"I'm sure" said Cindy. she smiled at him. "I actually think waiting, for us, is a really good idea."

"So you don't mind waiting for a while longer. At least until we are both ready."

Cindy nodded. "I don't mind waiting at all Jimmy."

Jimmy smiled. "You're fantastic you know that?"

"Yes" said Cindy. Jimmy smiled and kissed Cindy on the lips. She kissed him back happily. Then they shut off the lights and soon fell asleep in each others arms.