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Katey Miller sat on the plane heading back to America thinking about Havana and Javier.

Her younger sister, Susie, who sat beside of her on the plane, tried for an hour to have a conversation with her. She finally gave up after she would get simple shakes of the head, short replies, or no response at all. Katey was glad. She just wanted to be left alone.

She stared out the window at the land below her wishing so very badly they could just turn the plane around and go back to Havana, the place that made her truly happy, the place where Javier, her true love, was. How was she going to live her life without him in it? Already, she missed dancing with him. The feel of his body as they danced so close to one another.

She was going to give up her dreams of going to college and everything else she had planned to be with him. She had new dreams, dreams of a life spent with him. Now, those dreams felt so far away and out of reach.

Before she left, Javier told her to not give up hope. They would see each other again somehow, someway.

She let her mind wonder back to when they said their last good-byes.

Javier lifted Katey's chin with his finger. She had tears on her cheeks that he wiped away with his thumbs.

"Don't cry, Katey," he said. He was trying to be strong for her.

Katey held his wrists as he cupped her face in his hands. "We'll see each other again, right?"

Javier smiled and nodded his head. "We'll keep in touch, too. I have your adress and you have mine. We'll write each other."

Katey smiled and nodded. "I just know, in my heart, we'll dance together again."

"Me too," he said. "So, don't be sad. Okay?"

She let a couple more tears fall, but smiled. "Okay."

"I don't want you sad in America either," Javier told her. "I want you to go to college and be happy. Do all those things you told me you dreamed of."

"But, my dreams are to be with you now," she said.

He shook his head. "The dreams before me. Promise me you'll follow them."

Katey felt she couldn't do those dreams now. All she wanted was to stay with Javier, but he wanted her to do them, so she would. "I promise."

They looked into each others eyes for a long moment, the last time they would before she had to leave. Javier leaned in close to kiss her and Katey leaned in, too. Their lips met and they shared a passionate, yet gentle kiss. They were interrupted by a car pulling up and the horn honking.

"I guess I better go," Katey said after their kiss ended.

Javier nodded and squeezed her hand tight. "I love you, Katey."

She felt tears in her eyes, but forced them back. "I love you, too, Javier."

The horn sounded again. They kissed and hugged one last time. He walked her to the car and watched as she got in. He sood staring as the car drove away. She watched him from the window untill she couldn't see him anymore.

She leaned back in her seat and sighed. She let the tears that were forcing to come out run freely down her cheeks.

She would do what she promised Javier and hold on to the hope that one day they would see each other again.

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