Shinigami-cat: So we've been looking at the taming of the shrew by Shakespeare in class. And one of my friends asked me if I could make a Hetalia version on it. So here it is. I also used inspiration from 10 things I hate about you. So I hope you all like it =3


Ludwig Beilschmidt has moved from Germany to America to go to the same school as his older brother Gilbert. But he falls in love on his first day with the cute Feliciano Varga. But sadly Feli's grandfather won't let him date until his older brother Lovino dose. What is Ludwig going to do?


Cursed language, so on for forth, yada, yada, yada and enjoy.


The Taming of Lovino

Ludwig was anxiously waiting for the plane to land, now this wasn't because he was nervous because he was afraid of flying, but because he hadn't seen his brother for a year. He wondered if they would still get along after all that time. In fact he wondered if his brother was going to pick him up from the airport. Soon the plane descended and people started to get off. Ludwig held his breath and look around for any sign of his brother. And boy, did he get a sign.

His brother was standing on a chair holding up a huge sign with the word WEST painted on it in big, bold capital letters. The only way it could have been even more noticeable was if it was wrapped in tensile and the words were neon lights. Underneath the sign was his older, albino brother Gilbert. He had a wide grin on his face and a little yellow ball of fluff attached to his head.

"It's awesome to see you again West." Said Gilbert as he patted his brother on the back. "What's it been? A year? Let's get your bags and get the hell out of here."

Ludwig sighed. "It's good to see you too Gilbert. What's with the bird?"

Gilbert pouted. "We haven't seen each other in a year and you ask me about Gilbird?" He pointed to the fluffy yellow bird o his head. "We can talk about it later at my place."

To put a long story short; Gilbert and Ludwig got Ludwig's bags, they got into Gilbert's car, Gilbert talked all about how and why he had Gilbird, they got to Gilbert's apartment, dumped Ludwig's stuff in the spare bed room and got drunk. About half an hour into their drunkenness Gilbert started to ask Ludwig some very personal questions. Starting with the one question he was dying to know.

"So… Are you still hiding in the closet?" He asked.

Ludwig almost choked on his beer. "What are you talking about? I'm not gay."

Gilbert rolled his eyes. "Oh, so the fact that your porno collection consists of nothing but men fucking each other means absolutely nothing than?" Ludwig's face went bright red. Gilbert shrugged. "Whatever. I won't judge you. Being bisexual I got no right to judge."

Ludwig felt a little uneasy when his brother brought up that topic. It was true that he was gay, but he had never told his parents about it. The only reason Gilbert knew was when he had gone through Ludwig's stuff he happened to find that explicit material. Gilbert had been supportive about it to. Always trying to help pick out a boyfriend for his little brother because he just awesome like that. But he did get frustrated with Ludwig when he didn't even tell him what kind of guy he was after.

"Why don't you start a fresh this year?" Asked Gilbert. "Mum and Dad are living in Germany, you're here with the awesome me in America and you can freely swing any which way you like."

Ludwig said nothing. He had always admired how Gilbert could always say whatever was on his mind, even if it did get him into trouble a lot. Gilbert patted Ludwig on the back and stood up. "Now if West while you're thinking that over… I'm going to throw up." Gilbert dashed towards the bathroom and slammed the door shut. A few seconds later Ludwig could hear the familiar sound of vomit hitting porcelain. After about a minuet Gilbert had remerged from the bathroom. Gilbird was flying around Gilberts head and tweeting loudly. "By the way Lud," Said Gilbert. "School starts tomorrow so don't drink too much."

The next day Ludwig woke up early to take a shower. He hadn't have one yesterday because he was too drunk. He got changed into his uniform, made breakfast for him and his brother… and woke up his brother. Gilbert wasn't too happy about that, but after he had stuffed himself at breakfast all was forgiven. Eventually they got into Gilbert's car and drove to school.

By the time they got to school Gilbert was complaining about the schools animal policy. "I still don't know why they won't let me bring Gilbird to school. He's too damn cute."

Ludwig rolled his eyes and got out of the car. "I really couldn't care less Bruder."

Gilbert gasped. "You lie I know you care about me." He slung his arm over Ludwig's shoulder. "We have some time before our classes start. So I'll be an awesome brother and show you around." He led Ludwig around and pointed out several groups of people. "You see that dumb jock with the blue eyes and glasses? That guy is Alfred. He's the schools beloved quarter back. We don't get along. Evil Russian wearing a scarf? That's Ivan, we don't get along. Over there you have your Goths. Over there that chick is Elizaveta. We don't get along. Over there are your cheerleaders. Oh and here comes the Italian mafia now." Gilbert pointed over at two boys walking around the side of the school.

Ludwig was raised an eyebrow. They were twins with some slight difference. One of them had dark brown hair, a curl on the right hand side of his head and was scowling. The other on the other hand had slightly lighter hair, had a curl on the left hand side of his head and was smiling happily. Ludwig couldn't explain it but when he saw the young Italian smiling brightly, he could feel his heart speeding up and his mouth went dry.

Gilbert started giggling uncontrollably. "Oh man West."

"What?" Asked Ludwig. He was used to his brother spontaneously laughing for no reason.

Gilbert steered Ludwig towards one of side mirrors of his car. "Your face." Said Gilbert. "Look in the mirror." Ludwig looked in the mirror and gasped. His face was bright red. Red as a stop sign, if not redder. "You went like that as soon as you saw the Italian brothers, which one do you like?"

"I… er…Gilbert…" Stuttered Ludwig.

Gilbert slapped Ludwig's back. "You liked the smiling one right? Of course you did. My awesome intuition is never wrong." Ludwig nodded in defeat. Yes he did feel something when he saw him, but he wasn't sure if he really liked him. He didn't even know his name. Luckily Gilbert answered that for him. "That little cutie is Feliciano Vargas. He's a bit of an idiot, but he is really nice, sweet, friendly, a good cook and is about as straight as a pink unicorn, with a rainbow horn, wearing fluoro green pumps in gays only night club."

Ludwig face palmed. His brother had a very interesting way of describing people. Then Ludwig made the very unfortunate mistake of asking his brother a question. "What about his brother then?"

Gilbert's eyes widened and his jaw dropped. "You can't be serious. You like Lovino?"

Ludwig punched his brother in the arm. "I'm just asking East."

Gilbert pouted and rubbed his arm. "I'm just making sure, because Lovino is one nasty son of a bitch. He is spiteful, rude and an overall basted. I hear a girl asked him out once and he shot her down like it was nothing. He did the same when a guy asked him out. He has a reputation for being a mother fucking asshole."

And on that cheerful note the bell rang and everyone headed inside. "Have fun today West." Said Gilbert. "Try and stay away from that mother fucker Lovino."

The rest of the day was pretty much uneventful. First and second period, geography. Recess. Third and fourth period, metal works. Lunch. Fifth period, geography again, but sixth period was science and boy was Ludwig in for a surprise.

About fifteen minutes into the teacher's long lectures about genetics when there was a knock at the door. The teacher opened the door and in stepped a rather embarrassed looking Feliciano. "What's the excuse this time?" Asked the teacher.

Feliciano blushed a deep red. "I… I got lost… again. I'm so sorry."

"Just take a seat next to Ludwig and copy his notes." Feliciano nodded and sat next to Ludwig.

Feliciano smiled brightly up at Ludwig. "Hi I'm Feliciano. It's really nice to meet you. What are we looking at? Is it atoms? I can't understand how they work. Do you like pasta?"

Damn it. Thought Ludwig. Gilbert was right, Feliciano was too cute. "I… I'm Ludwig. It's nice to meet you too. We are actually looking at genetics."

Feliciano pouted. "I can't understand a thing a thing about that stuff." Ludwig blushed. Feliciano looked so adorable like that. He mentally slapped himself. Feliciano looked up at Ludwig with a quizzical look. "Are you okay Ludwig?"

Ludwig shook his head and moved his workbook over towards Feliciano. "You should copy this out." Feliciano smiled and started to copy down Ludwig's notes. Ludwig couldn't help but smile at the Italian.

After Science the bell rang and it was time to go home. Feliciano followed Ludwig back to his locker. They had started to talk about some things and Feliciano had declared that they were friends. Ludwig wasn't complaining. "Ve, what's it like in Germany?" Asked Feliciano.

Ludwig smiled. It was nice for Feliciano to take an interest in his home country. "It's nice enough." He said as he opened his locker. A note fell out and landed at his feet. Ludwig picked it up.


I'm ditching school to hang out with my friends.

Take the bus home. You have keys right?

B.T.W you left your phone at home.

From the Awesome me. =P

Ludwig had the sudden urge to strangle his brother. How was he supposed to know which bus to take? He only arrived in America yesterday. And why did he leave his phone at home? He couldn't even call his brother. Ludwig sighed and began to hit his head against the locker. He hated his brother when he did stuff like that. "Ve? Are you okay?" Cried a very alarmed Feliciano. "What's wrong?"

Ludwig sighed. "My brother has decided to leave school early today and leave me stranded, and I don't even have my phone today so I'm in a bit of trouble."

"You can come to my house and call your brother." Said Feliciano. "It's been ages since anyone has come over." Before Ludwig could protest Feliciano was already pulling Ludwig out of the school.

It didn't take that long before they got to Feliciano's house; it had high walls and men in black suits carrying concealed guns and other weapons surrounding the place. The whole thing freaked Ludwig out. Maybe when Gilbert described Feliciano and Lovino as the Italian mafia he was being serious.

Feliciano happily opened the door and invited Ludwig inside. "Grandpa!" Called Feliciano. "I'm home."

In walked a broad shouldered brown haired man. He had a huge smile on his face and held his arms open. Feliciano jumped into the man's arms. "Welcome home Feli!" He said. "Where is your brother?"

"He's in detention Grandpa."

Feliciano's grandpa sighed. "That Lovi…" His eye's eventually landed on Ludwig, who was still standing near the door. "Who might you be?"

Feliciano smiled and pulled Ludwig towards his grandfather. "This is my best friend Ludwig." Feliciano's grandfather raised an eyebrow. "Ludwig this is my grandfather."

There was an awkward silence. "Why don't you put your bag up in your room Feli?" Suggested Feliciano's grandfather with a smile on his face. Feliciano smiled and practically skipped upstairs. Once Feliciano was out of sight his grandfather turned to Ludwig and said in a gruff voice. "You. Kitchen. Now."

Ludwig gulped but followed. I'm going to die. He thought. He is going to kill me. Feliciano's grandfather was holding a cup of water and gave it to Ludwig. It's poisoned. He's going to kill me. "It's not poisoned." Said Feliciano's grandpa.

"Um why are we here mister-"

Feliciano's grandfather cut him off. "Call me Rome." Ludwig nodded. "And the reason why you are here is simple. I just want to know if you are just friends or if you are wanting more."

Ludwig almost choked on his tongue. How did Rome know he had slight feelings towards Feliciano? "Um… Rome I'm not sure I understand what you mean."

Rome rolled his eyes. "You know perfectly well what I mean and I'm going to tell you this now, I'm going to kill anyone who even tries to date Feli." Ludwig gulped. Was he serious? "I'm only going to let Feli date when Lovi starts dating."

Before Ludwig could even register what Rome had even said Feliciano came skipping in with his happy smile on his face. "Are you and grandpa getting along Lud?" Asked Feliciano.

"Like two peas in a pod Feli." Said Rome.

"Ve, that's so wonderful. Didn't you need to use the phone?" Feliciano asked Ludwig.

"Ja, Feliciano." Said Ludwig. He quickly followed Feliciano out of the kitchen and in to the hall way. Feliciano sat on the bottom step while Ludwig called his brother.

"Who dares interrupt the awesome me during eating time?"

"It's me Gilbert."

"Ludwig, how are you? Get home safe?"

"Gilbert. I didn't know which bus to take and as you pointed out in your note I don't have a phone with me so I'm calling from Feliciano's house."


"Feliciano invited me over."

"Are you going out with him already?"

"NO! It's not like that… We're just friends. I just need you to pick me up."

"Francis is going to flip when I tell him you got inside the Vargas house without someone trying to kill you."

"Wait, who is Francis?"

"Never mind West. I'll get you in about two hours okay? Good. Later West, have fun."

"No! Don't hang up!" Too late. Gilbert had hung up. Ludwig sighed and put the phone back.

"Are you okay Ludwig?" Asked Feliciano. "Did something happen? Is your brother okay?"

Ludwig rubbed his forehead. "My brother can get me in two hours. Is it okay if I stay?"

Feliciano beamed at that news. "Of course Ludwig! Stay as long as you want. It's been so long since someone has stayed over!" He jumped up and hugged Ludwig. Ludwig could feel his face going red. Damn Feliciano was light. He was also a little soft and he smelt a bit like spaghetti bolognas. Ludwig was about to return the hug when the door burst open and in walked a very grumpy Lovino.


Suddenly Rome appeared in the hall carrying a gun. As soon as he saw Feliciano in Ludwig's arms after he had told him he would kill anyone who tried to date Feli, he pointed the gun at Ludwig's head. Crap I really am going to die! Feliciano on the other hand just smiled and hugged Lovino. "Ve, so good to see you Lovi!"

"Damn it Feli." Said Lovino as he pushed Feliciano away. "You were just about to get molested by that fucking potato basted and all you can say is 'so good to see you Lovi'?"

Feliciano tilted his head in confusion. "Ve? What are you talking about?"

Lovino shook his head. "Damn it Feli you are such an idiot. That basted could have… WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SUCH AN IDIOT? And you." He pointed at Ludwig. "Who the fuck are you and why the fuck are you in my house and why the fuck were trying to molest my brother?"

Ludwig put his hands up defensively. "I wasn't trying to do anything." He said. He was still aware that Rome had the gun pointed at his head.

"Still doesn't explain who the fuck you are." Lovino growled.

Feliciano smiled. "This is my best friend Ludwig!" He said. "He left his phone at home so I invited him over to call his brother."

Lovino was on the verge of pulling out his hair. "THEN WHY WAS HE TRYING TO MOLEST YOU?"

"We just were hugging Lovi." Whined Feliciano. "You always exaggerate things." When Rome heard the word exaggerate he lowered his gun and walked back into the kitchen. Ludwig breathed a sigh of relief. At least he didn't have a gun pointed at his head anymore. But he still had one very angry Lovino to deal with.


Feliciano looked at his brother with his big puppy dog eyes "But he's my friend Lovi."

"…Fine." Growled Lovino. "Just stay the fuck out of my room, and that potato basted touches you in any way, shape or form yell and I'll kill him." Feliciano laughed like it was nothing and pulled Ludwig upstairs.

The next two hours passed by rather slowly. Mainly because Rome kept popping in to see if they needed anything and Lovino kept popping in to make sure Ludwig kept his hands off his brother. Eventually Gilbert rocked up and took Ludwig home. As soon as they were in the car Gilbert drilled Ludwig with questions.

"How the hell did you get in the house? Did you get into his bedroom? Did you kiss? Are you still a virgin? Did Lovino walk in on you two? What is Rome like in person?"

"First of all." Said Ludwig. "Why the hell did you leave me at school?"

"Oh that, I had to get Francis out of trouble."

"Who is Francis?" Asked Ludwig.

"Just one of my best friends, and I think you should know he's been trying to get with Feliciano for about three years now."


Gilbert nodded. "Totally, but because of Rome's rule that Feliciano can't date until Lovino dose Francis has been going insane trying to get Feliciano in bed. He's such a man whore. It would be totally unawesome if Feliciano's first was him. A cutie like that deserves something better than a one night stand."

Ludwig put his head against the cold window and sighed. "If only we could get someone stupid enough to date Lovino. Then maybe I could have a shot with Feliciano."

Gilbert laughed. "But where would you find someone brain dead enough to…" Gilbert slammed on the brakes.

"What the hell are you doing?" Asked Ludwig.

A crazy smile was stretched across Gilbert's face. His red eyes shining brightly. "I know someone who is stupid and owes me a huge favour."

"Who?" Asked Ludwig.

Gilbert shook his head. "Never you mind little brother. Just leave it to me."


Shinigami-cat: No prises for guessing who the stupid person who owes Gilbert a big favour is. Review please =3