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~~~~~ At the prom~~~~~

Once Alfred had parked the minivan everyone piled out and went off with their dates (Alfred with Arthur, Ludwig with Italy and Gilbert with Matthew). Feli latched himself onto Ludwig's arm and smiled at him. "I'm so happy you asked me to the prom Ludwig."

A light blush dusted Ludwig's face. "I'm glad I asked you too." Feli giggled a little and nuzzled Ludwig's arm. He reminded Ludwig of a cat. "It's cold out here. Let's go inside." Feli nodded and they walked inside. Immediately they were bombarded by loud techno music.

"Ve, it's really loud." Commented Feliciano. Ludwig just nodded.

"You want a drink?" He asked. "It's probably best to get one before someone spikes the punch." Feli nodded and followed Ludwig to the refreshments (why does it feel weird to write that?). On the way they happened to bump into Antonio and Lovino. Needless to say as soon as Feli say his brother he glomped him.

"Lovi." He said. "How are you? Are you having a good time?"

Once Lovino had pried his brother off him he answered him. "I'm fine. The tomato bastard isn't that bad."

"You mean it Lovi?" Asked Antonio. He was so happy that Lovino thought he was a nice guy.

"But you're still dumb as a brick." Snapped Lovino. Oh, well at least Lovino thought he was okay right? "So I see your still with the potato bastard?"

Feliciano nodded. "Of course I am. Do you want to get something to drink with us?" Lovino shook his head. He was pretty sure that the punch was already spiked and he didn't want a repeat of what happened last time.

"No I just want to hang around for a bit. Maybe dance."

"Dance? Why didn't you say so Lovi?" Said Antonio as he pulled Lovino into the crowd of people. While Lovino was yelling at him.

"NOT NOW STUPID! LATER DAMN IT!" Feliciano waved fair well to his brother before turning his attention back to Ludwig.

"Let's get those drinks." Soon Feliciano had pretty much drowned the punch bowel and let's just say he really needed to use the bathroom. He kind of felt like a mouse that had an elephant inside it. So he left Ludwig to well use the bathroom. After he was done he walked back to the hall but he couldn't help to overhear a conversation on the way.

"Are you serious Iggy?"

"Do you think I would have said that if I wasn't? And stop calling me Iggy!"

"Right, anyway back to the point. Are you sure that he would do that?"

Arthur laughed darkly. "Have you seen how Francis has been drooling over him for the past couple of years?"

"But there's no way he would have jumped him right after the prom, right?"

"Alfred. This is Francis we're talking about. I'm just glad he came with Ludwig."

The mention of Ludwig's name made Feliciano jump. They were talking about him and Francis? Would Francis have really jumped him if he had gone with him? He took a few deep breaths and tried to shake off the unsettling feeling that had formed in the pit of his stomach.

~~~~~Back at the prom~~~~~

Francis had finally arrived and boy he was pissed. There was nothing he would rather do at that moment than rip Ludwig to shreds. Unfortunately he couldn't see Ludwig so he took his anger out on the next best thing. Antonio. He marched right over to Antonio (who was happily talking with Lovino) and turned him around.

"When did you get here Francis?" Asked Antonio in a care free sought of way.

Francis just rolled his eyes. "What the hell Antonio?" He growled. "I payed you to take Lovino out so I could get with his brother. Not so that Gilbert's little brother could get with him."

Antonio immediately turned Lovino. He was looking at the ground. His fists were clenched. "Lovi… I didn't-"

"Shut up." Said Lovino, before turning around to leave. Antonio ran after him calling his name, but he didn't stop.

Francis just stood there and huffed. He quickly scanned the crowed before seeing the object of his rage. Ludwig. His hands balled into fists as he quickly moved over to the blond. Suddenly Gilbert jumped in front of Francis. "Francis how are you? What's up? Have you met Matthew?" Gilbert asked frantically.

Francis rolled his eyes and pushed Gilbert out of the way. "Oi Ludwig!" He said. Ludwig turned to face Francis and was immediately punched in the face. Ludwig fell to the ground with a crash (surprisingly Francis was quite strong), blood gushed out of his nose. "Get up." Snarled Francis. "Go on. Get up."

Francis was suddenly turned around and a fist made contact with his face. An ear splitting crunch could be heard. When Francis could see straight again, he saw that his attacker was none other than Feliciano. "What the hell Feliciano?" He growled.

"THAT WAS FOR MAKING MY BOYFRIEND BLEED!" He shrieked before punching him in the face again. "THAT WAS FOR WHAT YOU DID TO MY BROTHER!" He grabbed Francis's shoulders and delivered one very powerful kick to his vital regions (remember everyone he plays soccer). "And that." He whispered. "Was from me." Francis fell to the ground gasping for air. Feliciano stepped over him and went over to Ludwig. "Are you alright Ludwig?" He asked as he helped him to his feet.

"I'm fine Feli." He said while trying to stem the flow of blood (he looked like a yaoi fan girl that just saw the most hard core yaoi ever. That's how much blood there was). Feliciano frowned.

"But you're bleeding. Let's go to the bathroom and fix you up." Feliciano said as he dragged Ludwig past Francis (who was still on the floor). When they were gone, Gilbert sighed and dragged Francis over to the wall and left him there.

"Why did you have to do a stupid thing like that?" He asked.

"I plead insanity." Grumbled Francis. Gilbert shrugged.

"Later Francis."

"What you're not going to stay with me?"

Gilbert smirked. "I can't because unlike you I have a date." He left Francis to be with Matthew. Francis sighed and hit his head against the wall. It was official. He hated proms.


"Wait Lovi!" Cried Antonio. "Please let me explain!" He grabbed Lovino's hand but Lovino pulled back. His back was still facing Antonio.

"Fine then." He said. "Explain to me why. Why you would take money to date me from the person I hate most in the world. Why would you pretend to like me. Why you would pretend that you cared about me."

"Yes Francis did pay me but I never cared about the money." Said Antonio. "I care about you." Lovino said nothing. He continued to look anywhere but Antonio. "Pleas Lovi." Said Antonio as he put his hand on his shoulder. "Please look at me."

"I can't." Whispered Lovino.


"Because I hate you." He deadpanned.

Antonio froze. What was with Lovino? He should have yelled and screamed and swore but he didn't. He simply said that he hated him, with no emotion at all. Lovino began to walk away but this time Antonio didn't follow him. He simply watched as Lovino walked away into the night. When Lovino was out of sight Antonio fell to the ground. He could feel his heart being ripped out of his chest. Tears began to fall down his face. "I'm so sorry Lovi." He sobbed. "I'm so sorry. Lo siento. Lo siento. Lo siento. Lo siento Lovi."

~~~~~One week later at the Vargas house~~~~~

Feliciano was in the kitchen making pasta while Lovino was sitting outside. "Ve… things didn't really go according to plan hu?"

Ludwig nodded. "Things could have gone better."

As Feliciano stirred the pasta he sighed. "How is Francis by the way? I heard he's still walking funny."

Ludwig smiled. "Well you do have strong legs." Feliciano giggled and kissed Ludwig, causing him to blush. Rome casually walked into the kitchen and frowned.

"What are you two still doing inside?" He asked.

"We're making pasta." Said Feliciano happily.

Rome shook his head. "Not anymore."

"Ve?" Said Feli with wide puppy dog eyes. "But grandpa." Rome chuckled and ruffled Feli's hair.

"I'll finish making this. You two go to the park or something. Today is too beautiful to waste inside."

Feliciano smiled and dragged Ludwig out of the house. "Just save us some pasta okay?" Rome nodded and started to make the pasta sauce.

Feliciano slammed the front door open smashing it into Antonio's face. "Ouch." Groaned Antonio as he rubbed his forehead.

"Antonio? What are you doing here?" Asked Feli.

Antonio smiled weakly. "I've come to beg for Lovino's forgiveness."

"Oh, okay he's out the back go right in." Said Feliciano as he pulled Ludwig out of the house.

Antonio gulped, picked up the bag that he brought along with him, took a deep breath and walked inside. He slipped past Rome (who was still in the kitchen) and walked out into the backyard. Lovino was sitting under a tree with his arms wrapped around his legs and he was resting his face on his knees so Antonio couldn't see his face. The sight made his heart hurt. He cautiously walked up to Lovino. When he was a meter away he stopped. "I'm so sorry Lovino."

Lovino turned his back to Antonio. "What do you want?" He asked deadpan. The tone of Lovino's voice made Antonio flinch.

"I wanted to talk to you."

"There's nothing to talk about."

"If you don't want to talk then at least let me apologise."

"Do what you want." Lovino said. He still refused to look at Antonio. Antonio could feel his chest tighten.

"I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt you. It started off as a favour for Gilbert. Not Francis. Francis just insisted to pay for it. So I perused you, talked to you and tried to get to know you. Anything to get to know you. But then I made a huge mistake. I fell in love with you." Suddenly Antonio's legs gave out from underneath him and he fell to the ground. "Ever since that party I've been wanted you to know how much you mean to me." Tears started swell in his eyes. "I know you hate me so much but I still love you. I'll do anything to make it up to you. Just please, please look at me."

While Lovino still had his back turned to Antonio he said, "If that's all you can leave."

Antonio's heart just got ripped out of his chest again. "Here." He said. He put a large brown paper bag next to Lovino. "That's all the money Francis gave me to go out with you. Minus the 600 I used to bribe the marching band." Lovino didn't flinch. Antonio felt so empty. He slowly got to his feet. "I'll never bother you again Lovino."

As soon as Antonio turned to walk away he heard a shout. "Oi bastard!" Called Lovino. "After you follow me around like some stray cat, annoy the hell out of me and embarrass yourself in front of the whole school for me, do you really think you can just walk away?"

Antonio turned around to see Lovino; his face was bright red, tears were threatening to pour out of his eyes and his eyes were full of emotion. Antonio beamed and embraced Lovino in a hug. "Does this mean you forgive me Lovi?"

Lovino huffed. "I'll forgive you this time, but if you fuck up again I'll fucking kill you."

Antonio laughed. "Ti amo Lovi. Ti amo."

"Ti amo. Tomato bastard."

The End

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