Aria Meloetta reached Route 4, being near exhaustion as she was starving. Her stomach was barely able to growl, as Meloetta was getting weaker. Meloetta then stopped, collapsing on the sand, the sandstorm being too much for her.

"Ooooh... I'll never get back my sweet treats..." Meloetta sniffled as she tried raising herself, but plopping back on the sand. She started to cry as she closed her eyes.

A male Sandile was patrolling the desert, spotting the crying Meloetta. He tilted his head as he approached Meloetta, poking her head with his nose.

Meloetta turned her head to the Sandile, barely opening her eyes, which were filled with tears. "Oh leave me alone, you dumb old thing. I'm having a tummy crisis here."

The Sandile shrugged in response as he left Meloetta, continuing to patrol the desert route.

Meloetta kept crying, her crying getting louder than her growling stomach as she was getting more depressed by the sec. Suddenly, a powerful gust of wind from the south came, covering Meloetta with sand. As the wind past, Meloetta mysteriously disappeared.