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Unexpected Love One, revised.

Of all the things he'd expected to happen when he took over Earth, Megatron never thought one of them would be boredom. During his short periods of awareness when he was held by the humans, he planned to turn Earth into another Cybertron and get revenge on the humans, but never, NEVER did he think it would actually get boring.

He sighed, leaning back into his chair. Two vorns. It had been almost two vorns since he defeated the Autobots, and took over Earth. He'd enslaved the humans and broken their spirits. Now they were domestic animals, purged once they outlived their usefulness. They did everything no mech wanted to do. They worked in the factories, they worked in the mines, they made energon (under close supervision of course), they farmed for their food, and they were bred to keep the population up. By this time they knew no other life. He was proud of his accomplishments.

There was only one thing that still haunted him, a life snuffed out when he had no intention to destroy it. Every time he recharged, he could still see that face, how the human boy fell down, down, down, until he hit Optimus Prime's hand. He remembered the loud CRACK, and how he coughed up blood, twitching madly until those brown eyes closed for the last time…

Megatron could not be sure why he felt guilty over Samuel Witwicky's death. Maybe it was because he never wanted to kill the boy, only tame him. Maybe it was because he was an innocent, still a youngling when he died. Maybe it was the way his eyes had locked onto the Decepticon leader's in his last moments, empty of any emotion and filled with the agony of death. It might even because he had seen something of himself in him, an innocence he had lost long ago. He sighed. It didn't matter anymore, he supposed. The boy was dead, and no human could come back to life. Once they were dead, they were dead.

A small notice popped up from the slavemaster. The new batch of human slaves had arrived, and he was requested to be there to survey them. Megatron sighed. He did not really want to go look at these young humans as they always reminded him of the boy, but he supposed it would give him something different to do. He headed towards the slave quarters, still intent on his thoughts. The human boy would be beyond angry if he were to see what had happened to his planet. He'd rant and rave and curse, anger filling those pretty brown eyes until he could entertain the thought of them turning pure red. He hardly noticed he had arrived until he heard the slavemaster's voice threatening the slaves to be on their best behavior, or else.

He entered, fully aware of how every human eyes focused upon him. He nodded to the slavemaster, before scanning over the slaves. It was a good crop, he thought. All of them were strong and healthy. They'd been cleaned recently, with their hair still wet. Eyes of every color watched him, careful to never meet his optics, like well-trained slaves. Some even seemed ashamed of their ill-fitting, dirty clothes. He observed them, barely registering the words of the slavemaster, who was rambling on about how they were bred, who their creators were, what they were best suited for, how one of them had appeared out of nowhere-Wait. What?

"What was that, Helix?" he asked, turning back to the yellow mech. Helix nodded.

"One of them showed up out of nowhere, sir. No one knows who his creators are; they aren't in the breeding list. He was picked up in the middle of nowhere. He's a good slave and does his job like he was bred to do it the way the others are. He's the one with the white hair."

White hair? Odd… no humans lived long enough to get white hair these days. He scanned the crowd, searching for anyone old enough to have white hair. As if sensing the scan, one boy looked up, against all the rules of slave behavior. Brown eyes locked onto his red optics. Megatron froze. It… couldn't be… There was no way it could be…The white haired boy had the face of Samuel Witwicky. He looked the same age, had the same lanky teenaged body, the same frightened eyes, the same defiant ways.

There was no way it could be the boy! Megatron witnessed his painful death.

He was jarred out of his shock when he heard Helix's voice snap. "You dare look at our master? You ungrateful piece of slag, I'll show you your place!" Megatron saw the whip lash toward the white-haired boy. Without thinking he reached out and caught the whip just before it hit

"Don't interrupt my thoughts, "he snarled at the slavemaster. His voice was soft, but it held danger, a danger Helix heard with no problem at all. He froze. Finally Megatron turned away from the human boy, locking their optics. "Did I look like I wanted interference?" His voice had changed; it was still tense, but calmer now, full with the promise of pain and suffering for the person who dared challenge him. Backing up, Helix apologized profusely, before Megatron silenced him with a look.

"You are fortunate that you are useful to me," he said, releasing the slavemaster's whip from his grasp. "I find this slave interesting. I am claiming him for my own use." Stepping forward, Megatron picked the startled human boy up, and left the slave quarters, heading for his office.

Once there, he set the boy down on his desk and sat down in his chair. Leaning back in his seat, he viewed the human calmly. "Tell me Sam… How did you survive for this long?" Then he felt foolish. This boy could only look like the youngling that died in Optimus Prime's hand.

The human boy on his desk froze, head whipping up to look at him before looking away, his face registering only the usual slave blandness, but his eyes… Megatron could see the shock in them, the horror and terror. The sight made him frown in displeasure. "If I wanted you hurt, I would have let Helix administer his discipline." The white-haired boy hunched his shoulders, and Megatron wondered how often this not-Sam felt the whip before. "All I want is some answers."

The fear faded slowly, replaced by suspicion. The boy's lower lip jutted out into an almost cute, confused pout, and his brown eyes narrowed, but the boy said nothing. "Are you intentionally trying to provoke me, human?" Megatron asked, almost amused at his new toy's reluctance to speak. "I can wait as long I need to for explanations, you know." The boy flinched and looked away, his face full of pain. Megatron paused, before reaching out and forcing the human to look back at him with one finger.

The Decepticon leader was suddenly aware of how soft his skin was, metal smooth and lacking any physical imperfections. For a brief moment Megatron wanted to feel more of his skin, but he shoved that desire aside. It wouldn't be right to force himself on this little human slave. It wasn't proper for the leader of the Decepticons to show any interest in slaves in such a way. Most Decepticons viewed human-mech relationships in the same way humans viewed bestiality: unnatural and perverse. Anyone who involved themselves in it was punished and shunned. Still… the desire was there, and he knew he was in for a hard time if he couldn't free himself from it.

"I'm going to ask these questions until you answer, little one, " he whispered, trying to be soothing, "I'm not going to hurt you. I just want answers." The human boy bit his lip so hard Megatron thought it would bleed. With two trembling fingers Sam reached up and touched his throat, without uttering a word. The beginnings of annoyance were filtering through Megatron's system; he wanted to talk to him, not cower from him. "Come on now, talk to me here. I need you to talk to me." Megatron scowled as the boy jerked his head out of his grasp, throwing himself onto his back.

The moment he landed, Megatron's optics widened. He saw something on the boy's throat, something that chilled him to his spark. He picked the human boy up, running scans on him. Who would be cruel enough to do that to a human? But the scan came back positive. "Who did this to you? Who removed your vocalizer?" he asked, his voice tight with annoyance and frustration.

Sam still refused to look at Megatron. The Decepticon leader noticed a slight shiver in the boy's shoulders. Fearing he had frightened or hurt him by accident, he gently placed the boy back down on to the desk and gently stroked his back. The boy leaned into Megatron's hand, taking comfort from the warm metal. Megatron reached out a finger and gently forced him to look up. The boy was leaking from the eyes, an emotional release that clearly shamed him. He pulled his head free again and continued sob uncontrollably as though he did not want Megatron to see.

Megatron's optics softened. Gently he picked the human boy up resting him against his chest, stroking his back. The boy's weeping sounded like wheezing and choked sobs. Hearing those sounds hurt Megatron to the core. He offered what comfort he could, speaking in a hushed tone. 'Shhh, now. You're mine now, like the one I would have taken long ago. I'll take care of you. You're safe with me. " The boy's weeping soon was reduced down to chocked hiccups and sniffling. Megatron could feel those tiny human hands clutched onto his chest armor as if he was afraid that if he let go Megatron would disappear into thin air. Another half hour went by before he was quiet. Megatron looked down to see that his new pet had cried himself to sleep, exhausted by emotion.

Megatron walked over to his berth to lay the boy on a pillow, covering him before leaving the room. He went to make the announcement that he was taking a pet and to leave the white-haired human in his quarters alone. He needed to make other arrangements as well. After all, Sam could not sleep on his pillow for long, and he had other needs Megatron would need to deal with. Besides, there was one other possible way to get answers from his mute pet. When he returned, the boy was still sleeping. When his new master rubbed his back to wake him, he jerked awake and stared round him, visible wondering where he was. Megatron chuckled at the sight and the little one whirled to look at him. "Come on, pet, get up. I'm taking you to see Soundwave; you still need to answer my questions." Megatron said and picked the boy up. Cradling his new possession, Megatron walked down the hallway, moving him to his chest when he started nodding off again. The boy gave Megatron a puzzled look, but after being ignored, he leaned his head on Megatron's chest armor and relaxed until Megatron stopped in front of a door to someone's quarters and knocked.

No answer came but the door opened. Accepting the invitation, Megatron stepped into the room. The click of the closing door would loud in the quiet. Megatron brightened his optics to see into the dark and inspected the dark to find the one mech he was looking for. "Soundwave," Megatron said calmly. The boy looked up to see a dark figure emerge from the shadows into the light. Soundwave was black and blue, a head shorted than Megaton. He wore a visor and a face mask to hide all his facial expressions.

The sight of the hidden features made the pet shiver. Megatron gently stroked his head in reassurance. " Soundwave is my most loyal soldier and will not harm you," he murmured in reassurance. The boy's response was to press his face into the warm metal of Megatron's chest. "Soundwave, I have need of your assistance. " Megatron could see his third in command tense. "No Soundwave, not that kind of service. I want information from my new human." The boy clutched at Megatron when Soundwave looked at him.

"How may I assist you, my lord?" Soundwave asked in his emotionless voice. It sounded so smooth and alien that it sent shivers running down Sam's spine. Megatron stroked him gently.

'My new pet is mute. I want to know who removed his vocalizer, and where he came from. Helix said that he appeared from nowhere, and they threw him in with the rest of the younglings."

Soundwave was silent for a moment. Then, he spoke. His voice, melodious yet cold, sent chills up Sam's spine. "Respectfully speaking, sir, but why care about this slave so much?" At least Soundwave had been courteous enough to not call him a flesh-bag. That was one point in his favor.

"That is none of your concern." Megatron snapped. "Do it."

Sam heard the masters talking and huddled against Megatron's warm metal. When Megatron removed him from the slave camp, speaking gently to him, acting like he cared, Sam was overwhelmed at the offer of safety. Now he was terrified. Megatron's voice held a threat in it, unspoken yet acknowledged. It was a cold reminder of the truth- This was still Megatron, conqueror of Earth, the bane of the Autobot's existence and his murderer. He could not be trusted. He was a monster.

Sam was going to be found out. After all this time, he was going to end up in some Decepticon lab, being tested, in pain over and over again-panic was racing through him.

The strange Decepticon in front of him made an odd noise, like someone was grating a rock against the inside of a CD player. It wasn't a pleasant sound in the least bit, but it was quickly gone. The blue robot took a step towards him, and gently pressed his finger against the top of Sam's head.

"Be gentle." Megatron ordered. Oh yeah, Sam thought, he was not going to like this. He jumped as a strange sensation invaded his mind. It was like a cold fish swimming around his brain, or like being submerged in a glass of ice water. He felt his eyes closing.

"Hmph. Interesting picture. You've got quite an imagination." The human's eyes popped open again, but almost immediately closed again. "Doesn't take much to startle you though." A pressure formed behind the human's eyes. His body felt clammy. He shivered and clutched his head. He smelled something, something unpleasant.

Burnt flesh. He opened his eyes onto an eerily familiar scene. The metal buildings, the dark dirt, the horrid smells of humanity, filth and misery. The slave camps? But it all felt so real-

There was a shout from behind him. Someone grabbed his arm and ran. He stumbled, but caught himself before he fell. It would be bad if he fell, very bad. He looked at the man pulling him along- dirty, hard-eyed and smelling of fresh blood. Human screams sounded all around them. The man pulled harder. There were pounding footsteps behind him, as an angry voice shouted in pure Cybertronian. The slave master was in a rage again. Someone was going to pay. Before he realized it, the man had shoved him under a piece of metal. Sam looked up at the man, staring into his eyes. He looked like… like…There was another shout of rage. Sam looked over the man's shoulder, far over him. A giant foot came down. He lay on the dirt, covered in the blood and fluids of the man who'd just been stepped on. The slave master was gone. Actually, everyone was gone. There were no screams, no panicking, helpless humans…

He was alone.

Soundwave's voice echoed through the landscape. Sam looked around for the mech, sitting up. "Lord Megatron put Millennium in the slave camps to learn patience and to control his temper. Apparently he'll need… another form of punishment."

Sam stood, still searching for the mech."…Where are you?" he whispered, jumping at the sound of his voice.

"Ah. I wondered when you would start talking." Soundwave ignored the question. "What other secrets are you hiding in your processor, little human?" Sam barely had time to collect himself being he found himself in another memory.

There were never enough blankets at the slave camp. The lucky ones huddled around never-ending fires, close together for warmth. The others sat in the darkness, in pairs, some engaging in inappropriate behavior. Sam curled into himself. He could be by the fire, or with another person, but… No, never. It was bad enough to be surrounded by the shards of humanity. He didn't want to be any closer to these people then he had to. Instead, he went outside. There was a sheltered spot by the outside of the chimney, warmed by the fires, and he would be better there than inside.

"A little cold to be outside tonight, isn't it?" Sam jumped at the sound of the mech's voice. He looked up, into the red optics of one of the slave keepers. The keeper smiled at him, almost kind. "I have some more blankets, if you want them."

A brief frown crossed Sam's face. Just because he was mute didn't mean he was stupid. Something about this mech, something in the way he held his body, was highly suspicious. It just didn't feel right. The mech's optics narrowed. "I highly recommend you come with me, human. Jinx is heading this way. Someone messed with his quarters. If he finds out you were outside, he'll blame you." Not that Jinx needed a reason to beat Sam; the mute was his whipping boy whenever the mech was annoyed and Sam was nearby. Reluctantly, Sam nodded. Something was not good about this, but he did not want another beating for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The mech scooped him up and walked out with him. Several mechs and humans saw them. The looks on their faces went from disgust to sympathetic horror. It only took a few minutes for Sam to realize they were not heading towards the supply deck. This was a new place, a menacing place. It was only when they went through one of the doors that Sam realized what a situation he was in. These had to be someone's quarters, and slaves went into the quarters for two reasons only. One was to clean, but the other was not so innocent.

The mech set him down on the berth. "Clothes off. Now." Sam's eyes went wide. He staggered back onto the soft material of the berth, and stared up at the mech in front of him. "I know you aren't as stupid as you act, slave. Remove your clothes, now!" the mech snarled. Internally, Sam trembled. This… this couldn't be… no… But, he shook his head. He wouldn't be intimidated into- The mech growled. Suddenly, Sam was forced onto his back by a tall, dark man. Sam thrashed, clawing at the naked form on top of him. "Primus help me," the hologram growled as he yanked at Sam's shirt, "Do I have to do everything myself?" One of his hands grabbed Sam's wrist, pulling it over his head as his other hand snaked into his pants.

No, this was NOT happening! Sam threw his fist into the holo's face. To their mutual surprise, it vanished long enough for him to jump off the bed and run for the door. "Come back here you stupid fleshbag!" The mech gave chase, but Sam was out the door. He ran down the long hallway, searching for something that would give him a place to hide. Someone had placed a broken down desk near the end of the hall. Sam bolted for it, but the mech was closing in. He reached it, and clambered into a human-sized hole just in time to avoid the mech's foot. Everything suddenly stopped. When Sam peaked out from his hiding place, the mech was gone.

Soundwave's voice broke through the silence, nearly making Sam jump out of his skin. "I hope you are aware that what the mech attempted to force you into is considered immoral amongst our kind. That one has been at it multiple times. His punishment will be much more severe this time."

Then, Sam found himself in his own personal hell. He was running. He heard Soundwave murmer in confusion. "I'm not going through this again!" Before he knew it, his eyes had snapped open. He jerked from the finger pressing against his head, twisting his neck. He heard a crack, and his lower body went numb.

"…What are you doing?"

Pain ballooned through Sam's head and he fell backwards into darkness.

So, the human still had courage in him. Megatron couldn't help the proud smirk on his face. After all he must have been through, he still had the inner will to fight back when he felt threatened. Then the human fell backwards onto his hand, hitting the metal with a dull thump, his head turned oddly. Megatron glared at his subordinate and snarled, "Explain. Now."

Soundwave sighed. "Lord Megatron, you must forgive me. Most of the memories I drew out were very traumatic ones. His mind is a jumbled mess. I could not control which ones I viewed, they forced themselves onto both of us."

"What did you see?" Megatron's tone was a mix of curiosity and disappointment.

"Two were images of his life at the slave camps. Millennium seems to have given in to his anger, but instead of taking it out on his subordinates, he's killing humans. It seems we will have to put him in solitary after all."

Megatron stiffened. "He tried to kill S- my slave?"

"No, sir. He was going after one of the slaves protecting your pet." Soundwave gave the human in his hands a very obvious look, forcing Megatron onto another topic.

"And the other vision, Soundwave?"

A grating sound came from the mech. Megatron frowned. He made that noise whenever he was irritated or angry about something. "Apparently tougher restrictions on him didn't curb Fornix's desire for humans."

The words floated through Megatron's processor, slowly digesting the context and what it meant for his human. "He tried to assault him," he said, voice flat.

"The boy escaped," Soundwave said, "He was able to hide himself before any harm befell him. Then came a memory of running, and it was so painful that he went into stasis to avoid it."

Internally Megatron breathed a sigh of relief. So, Sam hadn't been hurt too badly, all things considered. "When will we be able to try again?" he asked.

Soundwave sighed, just a soft hiss from his vents. "I am not sure, Sir. His processing unit is far too fragile to try anytime soon. You will have to find a way to stabilize his emotions before I will be able to attempt it again."

How disappointing. Megatron tried not to let his displeasure show at this new turn of events. Of course, he knew the boy was not quite right, but to this extent? "Very well Soundwave," He said after a pause. He turned towards the door. "I suppose I will take my leave-"

"There is something very odd about this boy, sir. Most humans could not survive the trauma I sensed in him."

Soundwave's words forced Megatron to a stop. He stared down at the human in his hand, formulating a response. "It is none of your concern."

For a moment, there was silence behind him. Before Megatron could decide to turn around, Soundwave laughed. It was a distinct sound, like a series of mindless notes played from a fried radio. "Lord Megatron, you know most of your men would insist on his death if it were discovered he is so strong for a human, and with no clue of his background. They would say that he is an Autobot spy of some kind and demand his death."

Hmm? "'Most of my men?'" Megatron said, half turning towards the blue mech, "Does that mean you do not?"

Soundwave shifted, and sighed. "I do not approve of keeping humans as pets. I do not approve of keeping the human race alive at all. However, it is your choice. To ask you to kill your new pet is the equivalent of asking the human race to be slaughtered."

It was times like these Megatron was thankful he had a subordinate as 'loyal' as Soundwave around. At least he could say what he really felt about a situation, instead of agreeing with everything he said. "I appreciate your understanding on this matter." Megatron said. He turned red optics towards the mech. "But I wonder… does your disapproval have something to do with your children?" Soundwave tensed slightly. Megatron knew he had hit a soft spot. Though he never showed his compassion in public, he cared for his creations deeply. To mention them in a conversation like this probably brought old fears back to the surface. Soundwave would rather kill his creations then make them live the life of the humans.

Chuckling softly to himself, Megatron turned and left. He knew Soundwave would not talk to anyone about what he had seen. He had him on a tight leash- if Soundwave did something against his wishes, all he had to do was mention Soundwave's creations. Fathers were prone to worry, and Soundwave would quickly fall back in line upon the thought of his creations being put to death, or worse. Megatron had no intention of harming the cassettes. They were as useful as Soundwave himself. But he would use Soundwave's love for them against him for as long as he could. Then, when that avenue was gone, he would find another way to manipulate him.

Speaking of manipulating… Megatron's optics fell upon the human in his hands. How was he supposed to 'stabilize' his pet's processing center? He had no extensive experience with slaves except killing them. They were normally beneath his notice. But he wanted this one's company for some reason.