Author's Notes: Ah, plot bunnies. How do I love thee, let me count the ways. Actually, I think I wrote this merely because it's Saturday, and it's freaking hot for Calgary, so I think I'm suffering heatstroke too. Probably the only story of this variety I will write. Takes place just after Sirius runs away. Bellatrix/Sirius. Enjoy. And if you can be bothered to read this, I'm sure you can be bothered to review. Right? Right.


It was hot, stiflingly hot.

It was so hot, in fact, that Bellatrix could hardly breathe. She was draped across a swing in the garden, fanning herself and trying to force the heavy air into her lungs. Her wand was held loosely in one hand, and she couldn't even muster the energy to kill the bugs that were buzzing around her. Her eyes were drooping shut, heavy with the evening heat…

"Balmy, isn't it?"

Her eyes snapped open and her fingers tightened around her wand.

"What in the Hell are you doing here, Sirius? You're not welcome."

"Nice to see you too," her cousin said. "Shove over, Bells."

"Get out of here! I'll call Father, I swear I will!"

"No you won't." Sirius lifted her legs and pushed them off the swing so he could sit down. "Haven't you missed me, Bells?"

"You're treading on damn thin ice, Sirius! I swear I'll call Father!"

"What, have you and Uncle Cygnus reconciled yet? Because according to Andi, he still seems to end up in your room late at–"

"Shut up!" Bellatrix screamed, and hit him as hard as she could across his face.

"That wasn't nice," Sirius said quietly.

"Why are you here?" Bellatrix was almost hysterical. "Did you just come to gloat?"

"I came to talk to you! I missed you, hard as that must be for you to believe!"

"You left! If you wanted to talk to me, you shouldn't have run away!"

He grabbed her arm before she could hit him again.

"Come with me, Bells," he said. "Run away with me."

"No! Dammit, Sirius, you don't know anything!"

"Don't I? For Christ's sake, do you really want to stay here and fuck that Lestrange bastard–"

"Shut up! Rodolphus is a dozen times the man you'll ever be!"

The cousins stared at each other for a moment, utter mutual hate in their eyes.

"Can't imagine you'd be too pleased if I got married," Sirius said at last.

"You're sixteen, I'm twenty-three. I'll get married if I want."

"You want to get married? To Lestrange? I know you don't, Bells."

"Yes I do!"

"Oh really? Is he that good, that you'd give up–"

She just wanted to shut him up. That was all. In hindsight, she didn't choose the best method.

Sirius startled as his cousin's mouth crushed his. She grabbed his shoulders, and pushed her tongue violently between his lips. He was so surprised that he didn't even bite her.

Bellatrix pulled back, her eyes wide, as though she had surprised herself too.

The cousins sat in silence for moment. Then Bellatrix said, her voice shaking,

"It's the heat."

"Yeah," said Sirius.

"Now get out of here before I curse you."




"Fuck you."

"Love you too, cousin."

"It's the heat."