Hey! This is veeheart914 here! I have a challenge for you guys! It's called the MCR (My Chemical Romance) Not Okay Challenge. If you would like to, you can submit a story (all you have to do is put veeheart914 Not Okay Challenge in the description, or just Not Okay…PM me if you want to do the challenge.) There are a few options for what it can be…so here they are.

Your Story Can Be Any of the Following:

- Multi-chapter

-One-shot (two-shot, three-shot, etc.)

-SEDDIE (I cannot stress this enough) Well, you could write for other ships but SEDDIE is definitely preferred.

- Obviously this story will not be all butterflies and rainbows. There has to be some ANGST and or DRAMA.

- It can be anything you can come up with. I'm not putting any restrictions on plot or anything.

- Most likely rated K-T. M if there's violence, swearing, alcohol, etc.

- You can do a song fic. if you want.

I'll read them all and there'll be a few winners for different stuff including:

- Most Original Plot

- Best at Keeping Everyone in Character

- Most Dramatic

- Most Surprising

- Most Depressing (Angsty…But in a Good Way)

- Catchiest Title

And there WILL be honorable mentions for everything…I'm sorry if I was a little misleading with saying there would be prizes, but the most I can really give you is a virtual cookie and bragging rights…or maybe a character in a story or something…I don't know yet, but I will come up with something! I hope you enter the challenge because it's the first one I've ever posted…so yeah…thank you for at least taking a look at it!

Peace, Love, and Sarcasm-


PS- Happy Rapture Day, guys!