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The year was 6000 AD of the Senshian calendar. On the planet of Senshi, deep within the UDFy-38135539 Galaxy, the experimental fifth generation battleship Apocalypse and its crew prepared for the ship's maiden voyage. The target: a planet called Earth located in the Milky Way Galaxy. Their mission: to protect the Catian ship and its crew stationed at Earth from a possible Dogisian attack.

Senshi had discovered Catia by accident while exploring other galaxies in the hope of colonizing new planets. The two planets quickly established good relations with each other, ultimately leading to the formation of the current alliance. A mere two months after the alliance was created, Dogisia launched a surprise attack on Catia, resulting in heavy casualties for the Catians.

Had the Dogisians been alone, Catia would have repelled the attack easily even after sustaining such damage. However, Dogisia had combined its own military might with that of a large fleet of space pirates and mercenaries. The combined forces created a formidable blockade surrounding the entirety of Catia, leaving their target no other option than to focus on defense rather than mounting a counterattack. Catia was forced to utilize their last resort: a desperate transmission for help to their ally, who quickly assembled and dispatched most of their available military. Among the great host of first through fourth generation battleships were supply freighters: some designated for use by the military fleet while the remainder were assigned to break through the enemy blockade in order to provide critical provisions to the crippled Catians.

The ensuing battle raged for what would be the equivalent of three Earth days, creating a multi-colored laser spectacle in the skies above Catia and a scrap yard of hot twisted metal in the space surrounding the planet. As the third day closed, a stalemate had been reached. All factions had lost a great number of ships and crew, and yet the two opposing forces were still evenly matched. Neither had the strength to grasp victory from the other, and the Dogitians were showing no intention of retreating. Taking advantage of the temporary ceasefire, Catia asked Senshi for one additional favor: that a ship be sent to guard the Catians on Earth conducting diplomatic relations.

"This is Katsuo Takeda to launch control. All launch protocol have been completed. We are ready for takeoff."

"Launch control to Captain Takeda: roger that. Countdown will begin momentarily."

As Katsuo casually stretched in his chair, he turned to Lieutenant Hisoka who was sitting beside him. The poor man looked ill: sweating and trembling uncontrollably. The captain couldn't help but laugh at the idea that his second in command was afraid of space travel.

"You know, lieutenant, at this rate you will flood the ship before we get off the ground."

"With all due respect captain, I have a lot of issues with using this ship's first voyage for such an assignment."

"What concerns do you have, exactly?"

"This vessel has never been tested. Its designers say it will reach our destination in theory. We don't even know if this thing will fly: it might explode on the spot! Furthermore, normally a navigation specialist would be flying our ship. We are relying on computers to do that for us!"

"Oh, well you don't need to worry about that computer part. There will be a person flying us there. He was assigned to the position just last night."

"Really? That's great news! Who's flying us?" the lieutenant asked excitedly.

The captain simply sat there with a huge grin on his face and the eyes of a madman, causing his second in command's face to turn a deathly white. "Surely you don't mean...?" he whimpered.

"Me" the captain stated with a voice full of mirth.

"Wait, you said the position was given to you last night?"

"Yes, why?"

"Did you read the manual?"

"I was tired so I went to bed instead."

"Then the launch procedures you gave the crew were...all those exercises and embarrassing activities were..."

"Pointless, made up, and incredibly entertaining" the captain finished in the same gleeful tone.

"Do you even know how to fly this thing?" the panicked lieutenant squealed.

"Good question" Katsuo replied with a momentary pensive visage. "I guess we'll find out once we're flying, won't we?" he said resuming his large smile.

"Let me out of here!" Lieutenant Hisoka screamed as he bolted from the control room, racing for the battleship's entrance. A few moments after Hisoka fled the ship's bridge, Katsuo heard a small beeping from the ship's dashboard, signaling an incoming transmission.

"This is Katsuo Takeda."

"Launch control to Captain Takeda: are you prepared for countdown?"

"Certainly, control. Everyone is quite excited about this mission, especially the lieutenant."

"We are beginning the countdown. Please ensure all crewmembers are secured at their stations. Apocalypse's entrance will not be sealed."

"Roger." Turning slightly in his seat, the captain switched on the ship's intercom. "This is your captain speaking. All crew should report to their stations and brace themselves for launch. The countdown has begun, and the entrance will now be sealed."

"What?" Hisoka screamed in horror. He'd just reached the entrance when he heard a loud, distinct click followed by the sound of a compressor. It was now impossible for him to escape without the captain's access code. As he sullenly turned to head back to the cockpit the rockets ignited, effectively sending him sprawling against a nearby wall. "No! Let me out! Let me out I said!" he cried hysterically as Apocalypse began its ascent.

Once the battleship had reached outer space it leveled off, dropping the lieutenant onto the floor with a loud thud. He quickly returned to the control room, knowing full well what would happen if the ship entered hyperspace while he was not in a seat. As Hisoka sat in his chair, Katsuo smirked as he prepared the ship's hyper drive.

"I told you it'd be fine, Hisoka" the captain said chuckling.

"We're not there yet" the depressed lieutenant replied.

"God speed, Apocalypse. Let us know once you arrive at your destination" launch control said from the ship's dashboard.

"Roger, launch control. We'll contact you soon" Katsuo responded as the battleship shot into hyperspace.

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