This story is for all the Hannah haters or the B&B lovers. My friend and I are writing chapters separately, but we wrote the first one together. No, we're not sadistic, we just don't really like Hannah Burley.

Here are the prompts, in no particular order. This is made to be an installation of 50, but as you can see we don't have all of them yet so suggestions are open and greatly welcomed. Ones with a J in the beginning are by me and ones with an A in the beginning my friend wrote.

We do not own Bones. If we did: A says: Brennan and Booth would be together and Vincent would be alive (and I'm assuming she wants Zack back too) If J owned Bones: They would all be rockstars touring Mars in a band called the "Filipino Bathtubs" with a Mexican vegetarian named Steak who has the power to control people's minds…..only when he's eating corn.


Baked Burley

Take bullet for Vincent Nigel-Murray

Mauled by a Bear

Hannah got ran over by a reindeer

Live autopsy (personally I think that's a little violent but my friend's having fun with it)


Shark Tank

Strangled by Cocky belt buckle

Impaled on a fence

Turn her into a clown

Hannah and Cam sissy fight

Chuck Norris (self-explanatory)

Drowning in puddle

Steamroller (inspired by Zombieland)


Fig tree (tell me if you get it)

Eaten by Zack

Run over by a car

Ok I don't know how many that is, but it's clearly not 50. Please send requests for chapters and we'll try to accommodate your ideas!

Thanks so much and don't be a hater