Maura exited the elevator to where she had been told were all the offices of current reporters. She looked at the many cubicles in front of her. More like labyrinth than an efficient workplace.

She was pointed to Jimmy Carter's desk, and she found him busy typing something furiously into his computer. "Jimmy?"

The reporter looked up and smiled. "Maura, hi. What can I do for you?"

"Actually, I wanted to do something for you. I've been very busy lately, which is why I haven't come to do this earlier, but I wondered if you would like to come to my wedding to Jane? We'd love to have you there."

"Really? I wouldn't like to intrude. Besides, Jane hates reporters, doesn't she?"

"As long as you're coming as you and not a reporter, I'm sure Jane can handle it. In fact, I think you've been the first reporter she's relaxed around."

"In that case, I'd love to come." Jimmy smiled. "I really appreciate it, Maura."

Maura gave him the details of the wedding and as she turned to leave, Jimmy spoke.

"If she had lived, I think my sister would have really liked you and Jane."

Maura smiled. "If she was anything like you, I think we would have liked her as well."

Two days before the wedding, Jane listened with a frown on her face, as Maura listed the rules for the night before the wedding.

"So, in summary, we have to sleep apart the night before the wedding, and you can't see me in my dress before the wedding."

"This sucks, Maura." Jane eyed her future wife. "You really want to do this?"

A small smile appeared on Maura's face. "Of course I don't want to spend the night away from you. But it's tradition and since this is the only time I'm going to do this, I'd like to try and do this right."

When she realised it would be just as hard for her soon to be wife as herself to be apart from one another, Jane smiled back. "Okay. I'll go sleep in my pink canopy bed for you. Even though my legs hang off the end."

Maura leaned up and pressed a soft kiss to Jane's lips. "Thank you."

"Mhm. Thank me on the wedding night."

Maura's smile widened. "Oh, I plan to." She moved her office chair closer to the edge of the desk where Jane was perched. "You're going to have to rest up, Jane Rizzoli. It will be a long night."

Jane watched, breathing heavily, as Maura scooted her chair so that the honey-blonde was positioned between Jane's legs, her face mere centimetres away from Jane's fabric covered centre. "Fuck, Maura. That's teasing."

"Teasing would be if I didn't plan on following through, which I do," Maura murmured, her fingers toying with the fastener of Jane's pants. "We've got plenty of time before the wedding rehearsal."

A broad smile appeared on Jane's face. "I'm at your mercy, Dr Isles."

"Late! To their own wedding rehearsal!"

Frankie watched his mother pace before the assembled group. "Maybe they got caught up on a case?"

"You're here, Sergeant Korsak is here, Detective Frost is here – what case could there be that wouldn't involve the rest of you?"

Frost coughed and Korsak smirked. Angela ignored both of them and turned to Frank.

"Call again."

"Angela, I've left three messages already. They'll be here."

A few minutes later, the two women came hurrying over to the group. Maura had a smug smile on her face and Jane was trying to not look embarrassed.

"Where have you two been?" Angela asked.

Determined not to have her fiancé blurt out to the group that Maura had had Jane begging for release, the detective quickly replied, "Working." Her look dared anyone to challenge her.

Their pastor, KD, was trying to hide an amused grin on her face. She was 5'9, with caramel coloured skin and dreads tumbling down her shoulders. "Shall we begin?"

"Finally," Angela muttered.

"Okay. So Frankie, you'll be standing here with me, and Barry, you'll stand right there. Angela, you can stand over there – you'll be seated there and so will Frank and Vince when they're finished their duties. Frank, you and Jane will come down here and Jane, you'll stand here next to Frankie. Then Vince will bring Maura down to stand here beside Jane."

Jane's hand immediately went and took Maura's, running her thumb over where the wedding ring was going to be placed. Maura smiled broadly at her.

"So we'll have the vows. I, Jane Cl…

"Wait. Do we really need the whole name?"

"Jane Clementine Rizzoli do not ruin this wedding!" Angela hissed.

Jane rolled her eyes. "Never mind. Go on."

KD smirked. "Okay, so it will be I, Jane Clementine Rizzoli and so on, after me. Then it will be Maura's turn. And.."

"I, Maura Dorthea Isles." Maura was perfectly ready. She had studied the vows.

"Dorthea?" Barry mouthed at Frankie, who shrugged.

KD had a feeling this would be one of the most entertaining weddings she had ever presided over. "So, we'll say the vows, and then Frankie will give us the rings. Father Donahue will bless them and then you ladies will put them on each other. We'll all say some more words, Father Donahue will bless your union and then you'll be married. Any questions?"

"I think we should practice the just married kiss," Jane grinned at Maura.

The honey-blonde rolled her eyes and leaned up, pressing a gentle kiss to Jane's lips.

"KD, will you be joining us for dinner?" Angela asked. "There's plenty of food."

Jane had her arms around Maura. "Yeah. When Ma cooks, there's enough food for an army."

"Thanks for the invitation Mrs Rizzoli, but believe it or not, I have another wedding rehearsal to do tonight, and it won't be anywhere near as easy as this one."

"See you on Sunday then," Angela smiled as everyone thanked KD.

"Let's go eat Ma," Frankie said. "I'm starving."

That evening, Angela ordered Jane into the kitchen. She had something very important to discuss with her.

"It's every mother's duty to do this. I've been waiting since you were a little girl."

Jane narrowed her eyes. "You're not going to try to make me wear a princess dress again, are you?"

"You looked adorable."

"I looked like the Bride of Chucky."

"Don't try to distract me. We need to talk about your wedding night."

Jane had a deep sense of foreboding. "What?"

"It's every mother's duty to talk to her daughter about her wedding night."

Jane looked horrified. "Says who?"

"Says everybody and all the books. So just listen."

"Ma…I'm gay. You're not. There's gonna be a difference. Besides, I'm already sleeping with Maura."

"Sit down." Angela rummaged around in the cutlery drawer and pulled out a book. "I've been researching."

"Oh my god. I'm having a nightmare. I'm going to wake up any minute." Jane stared at the book in front of her, titled 'The Whole Lesbian Sex Book: A Passionate Guide For All Of Us'. "Jesus, Ma, where did you get this? Please tell me you didn't borrow it out of the library."

"Don't be ridiculous. I bought it for you. As a present."

Jane was reasonably sure she was going to have a heart attack. "Uh, thank you."

"So I figured I needed to research so that I could give you this talk. Now, I wasn't sure if you and Maura used toys or not so I kept it reasonably simple."


"Oh! I almost forgot." Angela went back to the cutlery drawer. "This came in the mail today."

Jane looked down at the piece of paper her mother gave her. "You and Pop joined PFLAG?"

"We love you, Janie. And we love Maura. And we're so proud of you."

Jane smiled at her mother. "Okay, Ma. Let's hear the talk."

Maura was sitting in the lounge, watching a DVR'ed football game with Frankie and Frank. Since she had been dating Jane, she'd learned all about football and baseball and hockey and found that she enjoyed them and even found them interesting on occasion.

Then, Frank picked up the remote and pressed pause. "Frankie, go take out the garbage."

Frankie blinked. "Huh?"

Frank sent him a look and Frankie rolled his eyes, getting up and heading out. Maura felt there was some significance in this, but she stayed in her seat.

"I just wanted you to know how happy I am you're marrying Janie. You're good for each other – and after Hoyt, after we almost lost her at the hospital – you brought her back to us. That's debt we can't repay."

Maura smiled and leaned forward, taking Frank's hand in hers. "You already have. You gave me Jane."

Jane took that moment to walk in, having just been thoroughly scarred by her mother. She looked between her father and her fiancé. "Is everything okay?"

Maura looked up at her and smiled. "Everything's fine. Was everything okay with your mother?"

Jane made a face. "Let's not talk about it. Ever."

Frank chuckled, turning the DVR back on. He was fairly sure he knew exactly what Angela had been talking to Jane about.

The night before the wedding, Jane was lying in her pink canopy bed, staring at the top of it. She was playing with her hands, fingers rubbing absent-mindedly at the scars.

She heard her cell vibrating on the nightstand and she snatched it up, smiling broadly as she saw the name on the phone. "Hey, Maura. Miss me?"

"Very much," Maura replied. "Do you miss me?"

"You know I do," Jane told her, knowing that she could be completely honest with her fiancé. "I miss holding you, feeling you against me. I always sleep better with you."

"Well, when we actually sleep," came Maura's impish answer.

Jane smirked. "You better behave, Maura, or I'll get you all hot and bothered with no relief in sight."

"You forget, Jane, that I'm in our bedroom at home, where all our toys are."

"Fuck," Jane said. "Now I'm going to get the image of you getting yourself off in my head."

"Serves you right."

"No fair, Maura. I have no toys here."

"Are you in your pink canopy bed?"

Jane noticed the difficulty Maura had keeping the giggle out of her voice. "Yes. And it's not funny."

"Are your legs hanging off the end?"

"I hate you."

"That's not a nice thing to say to the woman you're marrying in the morning."

Jane changed her tone of voice. "I love you."

Maura could hear the need in it. "I love you too."

"I miss you."

"I miss you too. I wish it were tomorrow already. I mean, I know that is scientifically impossible and…"

Jane smiled. "Tell me why."

"Why it's scientifically impossible for it to be tomorrow?"

The brunette smirked. "No honey, tell me why you want it to be tomorrow."

Maura lay back in the bed she shared with Jane, her hand resting on Jane's pillow. "Because I'll see you. I'll be coming towards you on Korsak's arm, and you'll be there, waiting for me. And we'll be married and then…think of it, Jane – we'll be all alone on our honeymoon."

Jane chuckled. "You know, I did suggest eloping."

"We couldn't do that. And I know you, Jane Rizzoli. You want to do this with your family. As much as you protest about them, I know how much you love them."

"You know me too well."

"In every way," Maura purred.

"Fuck, Maura. Behave."

"I'm looking forward to tomorrow, Jane. But perhaps you need to rest up. It'll be a long day – and an even longer night."

Jane growled. "I swear to god, Maura, if I were there right now…"

"Oh, I know what you'd do to me. But I don't want to get you all hot and bothered when I'm not there to attend to…"


Maura chuckled. "All right, all right. I love you, Jane. And I can't wait to become your wife tomorrow."

"Night, Maura. I love you too. And tomorrow – is going to be amazing."