Hetalia Seven Minutes in Heaven: China

You sat on the couch in the living room of Prussia - who was throwing a party. The party consisted of none other than the accursed game: Seven Minutes in Heaven.

Prussia came by with a purple fedora filled to the brim with cards. Each card had a certain image on it. "Your turn." He smirked as you reluctantly dug your hand into the violet hat and pulled out a card. You stared at it blankly, knowing exactly who you had gotten. You put the card back in the hat, stood up, and blinked.

You called out to the group of countries, "China. I choose you."

The elder nation looked up at you. "You picked my card, aru~?"

You nodded slowly as Japan opened the door to the closet, allowing you and China to enter it. You smiled at Japan who in turn said, "You both have seven minutes."

He shut the door and that was that. You now had seven minutes in a closet with one of the seemingly girliest nations. Awesome.

You leaned against the door and folded your arms. After a minute or so, you got bored."Well?"

China gave you a confused look before responding, "Well, what?"

"Well, this is a kissing game and so far all you've done is stand there."

He gave another puzzled expression. "All you've done is lean there, aru."

You rolled your eyes. "Details, details..."

"Our seven minutes are running out, aru."

"And you suppose I care about this?"

"Well, you just complained that I haven't done anything..."

"...And your point?"

"Aiyaa, you're so confusing _-Chan!"

You gave him a brief look of lust that faded away quickly. "Listen, our time in here is running out. We may as well get this over with."

He raised his eyebrow. "You continue to baffle me..."

You sighed and rolled your eyes. You quickly grabbed China's shirt collar, pulled him to where your noses were touching, and your face turned red.

'Let's get this over with...' You thought.

You were about to finish off what you had started when China did it for you. He pushed his face towards yours and your lips met. When you pulled away in shock, those simple three words escaped his lips. "I love you." You were in shock. He never showed any signs of this emotion towards you previously, why so sudden? Then again, you pretty much did the exact same thing to him. You didn't really care. You loved him and you were happy to know that he felt the same way. But one thing was troubling him. His lip quivered. He was afraid you didn't like him in the same way he liked you. He turned away. "Aiyaa, I really shouldn't have said anything, aru..."

You cupped his face in your hands and turned his face so it was facing yours once more. It was time for the confession. "I love you, too."

His face brightened and he smiled. He snaked his arms around your waist and kissed you passionately. You wrapped your arms around his neck with the same amount of passion. The two of you leaned against the door and made-out until England gripped the door knob. He opened the door. "Times up-" The two of you fell onto the ground. When China pushed himself up, a shiny strand of saliva connected his lips to yours. France wolf-whistled and America gave you two thumbs up. He was the only one who knew about your crush on China.