Hi, Bl00dstain3d here!

This isn't a chapter; it's just an update of a couple things. This is written to address both my FFN readers and my readers on the Archive, which means, sorry Archivers, no links.

One: It was never my intention to abandon this. My muses are fickle things, and Warehouse 13 had me crushed for a long while, then life happened. I know these are just excuses, but they're my reasons this hasn't actually been updated in two years and just moved to the Archive.

Two: The end of this fic will be the last episode of the show, and any tags or things related to it. That being said, there are still things that will happen in this verse. I will wrap up the arc started in "The Madame's Ring," the Sherlock Holmes arc started way back in Dorian's arc, and if all works out there will be one more arc with new artifacts. How fast or slow these new updates come has yet to be determined.

Three: The Rewrite. There has been talk of a rewrite for RAXS here on the archive. It has been two years since I posted "We're Okay" (Chapter 39) on FFN, three since I posted "The Pirate's Compass" (Chapter 1), this train wreck is due a rewrite. Here are the planned changes:

1: Nny. Nny is getting a complete overhaul. He does not work the way I had him originally.

2: Steve. Steve is changing to be closer to canon.

3: Reformatting chapters. Most of the chapters need to be reformatted. This is due to both Nny and Steve changing and my disgust at their current format.

4: That annoying to keep as subtext subtext between Dorian and Artie will be changing. Not sure how yet, when I first wrote Dorian in I wanted to avoid any blatant yaoi, while having them have history, that history will not change, please leave your opinions via review or comment.

5: Dorian's arc (Chapters 16-19) Dorian's arc is getting overhauled. It will stay as RAXS rather than TPOF, as it sets the stage for TPOF…for now. It also may take TPOF's place as its own fic.

6: TPOF. The Portrait of Freedom is supposed to be a collection of Dorian centric pieces taking place after his arc in RAXS, as of now it only has one chapter, which is also in RAXS. It will be removed. However, TPOF has nothing to do with the show itself, and as such will be picked up AFTER RAXS is done and over with. It may end up being renamed if I move Dorian's arc.

7: The other arcs:

-The Sherlock Holmes arc: This arc was hinted at starting in Dorian's arc, in chapter 19. It was one of the original planed arcs that sort of fell through. It may become its own fic.

-The Vera Renczi Wedding Ring arc: This arc was started in "The Madame's Ring." As of now it stays, but may be lost in the rewrite due to Nny's influence in it.

-The "Shiny New Mystery" arc: This arc is actually a reader suggestion. If all goes well it will be a Sweeny Todd arc, with Sweeny Todd and Mrs. Lovett (I think I spelled that right). It is currently tabled as a later project, for after the rewrite, and may become its own fic.

Four: Reader feedback and interaction. RAXS and its associated universe were ALWAYS meant to be interactive. Granted it is a little easier to do on FFN with the review system, but RAXS cannot be reasonably supported by one author, it is just too open. Fandoms get ignored and then the fans get upset, so RAXS is available to "fanfic a fanfic," so to speak. Want to write a chapter? GREAT! Go for it and I'll post it with credit, or on the Archive, there is that nifty co-writer thing going on. Want to have your artifact featured? WONDERFUL! There is another fic in the universe that has ALL the artifact sheets in it, go look at it for a loose guide and submit it to me; I'll use it with credit, or again, that co-writer thing. PMs work great for preventing theft in reviews and comments, and I have Tumblr (Bl00dstain3dT3ars)

Four and a half: First I need to figure out the co-writer thing…

Five: Reviews and Comments. I try to reply to every review and every comment, on every story. It can get difficult, so if I miss yours, let me know, because I really hate to miss any feedback, ideas, or "submissions."

That should be it for now. FFNers, this should be taken down soonish, if I remember to do so…