Chapter 5:

The next day, Jade West came into Mr. Sicowitz's class in a nurse's uniform. She had on a white dress with a white hat that had a red cross on it. She also wore white socks and white shoes to match. Her long brown hair and was in a ponytail.

Tori Vega came in wearing one of her purple sparkling tops and with a pair of cute jeans and a pair of pretty black boots. The prop department had built a Tori sized baby carriage in purple. They were wheeling it in. a prop girl came over and gave Tori a baby bonnet and told her to tie it around her head.

Then they gave her a bottle and paci. then they gave her a diaper.

"That's for if you wet yourself during this." a prop person explained.

Tori put the diaper on over her pants. Then she tied the bonnet around her head and put the paci in her mouth.

"Ok are we ready?" Mr. Sicowitz asked

"Yes" Tori and Jade replied in unison.

"let's just get this over with." Tori said.

"Ok now, Andre will play the ice cream truck driver. and action!" Mr. Sicowitz announced.

Tori climbed into the baby carriage and began to relax. Jade strolled her up on to the stage.

Andre got into his ice cream man costume and his cardboard truck.

"Lights, Camera, Action!" Mr. Sicowitz said

Jade began strolling Tori across the stage. She was pretending to coo at "the baby".

Tori actually liked it. she just sucked away at her paci.

Then she heard the ice cream truck's pop goes the weasel song blasting. (it was really just a cd player and with the pop goes the weasel song on a cd.)

Tori spat out her paci and began to fake cry.

"Waaaaaaah! Waaaaaaah! Waaaaaah!" Tori wailed.

"Oh, Tori what's the matter?" Jade asked, actually concerned.

"is it time for your bottle?" She asked. Then she tried Tori's bottle.

Tori spat it out. Then Jade tried changing Tori's diaper. but to no avail.

"There, there." She said trying to comfort Tori.

Tori's fake wails continued. Then Jade noticed the ice cream truck coming really fast at them. She picked Tori up out of the carriage and saved her. Then beck as a police officer came and arrested Andre.

Tori then realized something. She wasn't scared anymore. the skit had helped her. Andre, Beck, Jade and Tori all bowed at the end of the scene. and everyone clapped.

The end.