The following is a character list for the series titled, "Woodsboro High." Season 1 takes place between the years of 2008 and 2009, three years before the events of Scream 4.

Three "seasons" lead up to the events of Scream 4. The first two seasons contain some spoilers of the events in the movie (so it is strongly advised you've seen Scream 4 before reading this), but contains no spoilers for my other fanfics, "Ghostface Radio" or "Ghostface Society." Season 3, the season leading up to the events of Scream 4, will dig into the "killer(s)" reasoning for the murders that will transpire at the end of the season.

Each "episode" will be quick, 5 page entries and have a total of 22 episodes each season with season premieres and season finales, opening and closing out each season.

Obviously, a few of these characters are "out of character" because they have yet to discover the character they will become 3 years later. There's also a few characters that won't be in the first season as there's also a few characters not in Scream 4 or my fanfics. Also, obviously, this won't be a "slasher show" and will mostly be comedy/drama with teen situations. There are intense, dangerous/violent and very emotional episodes throughout the season but it's not the show's usual.


JILL ROBERTS - 15. Sidney Prescott's cousin. Smart, sometimes goofy and very likeable by all the boys at Woodsboro High especially out of the group of friends because she seems the most "normal." She tries to keep her relation to Sidney a secret as she hates being compared to her. She's a bit self conscious but very sweet to everyone and is probably the one thing drawing the group of friends together.

KIRBY REED - 15. Full first name is Kirbiline. Pretty but is a tomboy so it doesn't exactly show until she's forced to dress nice for special occasions and hasn't quite discovered the boys at her school yet. Innocent for the most part. Into sports, specifically soccer. Has long, knotty blonde hair that can be hard at times to control. Smart and quick witted, Kirby takes no shit from anyone.

ROBBIE MERCER - 15. Geeky but still funny but also often times a bit annoying, Robbie is the love-to-hate one of the group. He usually has good ideas that are put down because they're TOO out of the norm for the others who are still trying to fit in with high school. He has a crush on Niley but fears rejection so much, he has a hard time pursuing her.

CHARLIE WALKER - 15. Often times nerdy and a bit grungy, Charlie manages to be cute & brooding at the same time. He can pull a girlfriend or two but he's not really interested in them because he has his eye on Jill, his crush from middle school but doesn't want to complicate their friendship. He's best friends with Robbie and the two share many interests and he often has to save Robbie from many sticky situations.

ROY POPPER - 14. A cooler version of Robbie, Roy can easily hop between cliques and be accepted. He blends well with everyone and at times can be very funny and knows when to control his talkative nature in effort not to annoy anyone. He's a genius when it comes to movies but Robbie often gets the credit because he's a year older. Has had a crush on Kirby since they were in middle school but has never acted on it.

NILEY KRINKEY - 14. Naive but adorable, Niley is often the most loved of the group for her gullible and innocent nature. Her comments always brighten the day and has a very quirky charm to her with a style of her own that's always ahead of the bend because she enjoys being unique, which is not limited to her ever-changing hair color. Not a movie nerd like the others. It's not sure if she's actually stupid or if she's purposely trying to be funny... seriously, nobody knows...

JENNY RANDALL - 15. Close friends with Jill since freshman year of high school, Jenny is usually the brains behind everything. She didn't start getting noticed by boys until this year when over the summer after freshman year, her boobs finally grew in. Likes movies and is very knowledgeable about them but only because her intelligence can't help it.

CHELSEA SAURE - 16. The eldest of the group, Chelsea is often the times the trouble maker and tries to get the group to do fun, more "teenage" like things. She doesn't go on the more "silly adventures" they have anymore. She's started to gain a reputation around campus as a slut but she neither confirms nor denies what people have heard. Very sexy, very vulgar and she can hang with the boys.

PRICHARD TIN - 17. Robbie's next door neighbor, Prichard is the typical jock who likes to put Robbie down as much as possible. He uses everyone to his advantage, is an excessive liar but dammit, he's such a stud that the ladies can't help but drool over him. He has a soft spot but it's hard to find.

OLIVIA MORRIS - 15. Ex-best friend turned mortal enemy of Jill, Kirby and Jenny, she's the typical pretty girl who's also on the swim team. She tries to make the group's life hell while at Woodsboro High because in elementary school, the group did a prank on her and she still hasn't forgiven them. She has an older boyfriend that attends another school she likes to brag about. Has a year younger brother named Joseph and her main partner in crime is her swim team peer, Shirley.

Guest Appearances this season to be made by:
Joseph Morris, Shirley Mack, Kate Roberts, Sheriff Dewey Riley, Gale Weathers-Riley, Deputy Judy Hicks, Deputy Hoss, Deputy Perkins and Sidney Prescott plus many more original characters.

The show's three seasons have already been written but it'd be much appreciated if you still left reviews!

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