Q: Is there anything you delete or shorten from the stories like you did with your Scream 5 and 6?

There's lots of stuff I take out but never entire scenes like I did for the 2 movies. The stuff I delete out of the show is just little things that I figure don't need to be there or I think it should be more of a subtle moment instead of beating people over the head with certain ideas. For example, and someone actually pointed this out and I was so proud that my intentions were caught, there's a scene in "This is Halloween: Part 1" where Jill is at Niley's house and she comments on Niley's relationship with her mom. Originally, it was a bit longer where Jill expresses how she wishes her relationship with her mother was more like that (jokey, more expressive and straight forward) but I felt like just by merely mentioning it that readers would catch on to what Jill was feeling on the inside without her having to say everything. I felt it worked a lot better that way and plus it gives readers something to think about instead of everything being spoon fed to them. So there won't be any extended editions of the episodes as I feel all the cuts were justified, as where the 2 movies, I'd cut stuff out and miss it dearly afterward but it had to be done for pacing.

Q: Will Prichard be a one season character or will we see more of him?

He's a senior so he doesn't have much reason to stick around after this season. Or will he still be around, bugging Kirby? Oh, let's hope for her sake, he'll just give up one of these days. Muahahaha!

Q: You say have every episode planned out but do you ever change things midway through?

Things stay the same the majority of the time, like the general idea and outline of where things will go but sometimes, I'll change up how long storylines last. Sometimes I condense them or extend them for more or less episodes because I feel like certain episodes could use that extra bit to it. For example, "This is Halloween" was originally going to be one long episode but I cut it into two, took the episode that was originally going to follow it and pushed all the storylines into "Bra Stuffer." So "Bra Stuffer" is actually two episodes worth of storylines that I was going to use in one episode in condensed form because I decided "This is Halloween" could use some extending.

Q: How does Olivia become friends with Jill and the gang again? Can you at least let us know what episode will answer that?

The tricky thing is, with doing the series the way I did and having things so different is still keeping the surprise factor alive. But you have to have that reasonable space for things to come to the way they are in Scream 4. So the answer to that, really without spoiling anything, is that it definitely happens before season 3 since that's their senior year and the year the events of Scream 4 take place. And honestly, there won't be any one episode where that's all resolved anyway - - it'll be through the course of a couple of episodes.

Q: Will there be anything horror/Ghostface related in upcoming episodes?

Now why would you wanna ruin a surprise like that? *spoilers* Yes. Writing for horror fans, you gotta keep them enticed in some way and you don't wanna disappoint in this department since this is the very reason why they love the series and the characters. To make them wait 3 seasons for some horror is ridiculous. I try adding in little bits of fake horror sequences (the opening prank, the movie Chelsea made with Roy) or some really intense moments (the car accident) to fill that void but there will be horror-horror. *Jigsaw voice* Oh yes, there will be blood.

Q: If the tagline for Season 1 is "Where innocence dies," what's the tagline going to be for Season 2 & 3?

Season 2: "We all go a little mad sometimes..." The poster for this would be one of those 3D-ish, changes when you move type posters. Basically it'd be a serial killer mash up where they're all on the porch of the Psycho house on the Universal Studios backlot (presumably, that's where it would be shot). One character would be dressed as Norman Bates, others as Leatherface, Michael Myers, Jason, etc., etc. with Ghostface in the middle. So you see it as that killer mashup at one angle and then you move and all the characters are their normal selves hanging out on the porch; and for Ghostface, instead of a character being there, it'd just be an empty space (as to not reveal anything). The idea is, if you had yet to see Scream 4, the mystery of who the killer could be is an enticing angle as we're gonna start to see in Season 2 that all the characters are going to have some type of aspect to them that'd make them killer-ish, therefore everyone is a reasonable suspect once season 3 comes along.

Season 3: "Ghostface is amongst them." The poster would be of all the characters in the hall, at their lockers and having a suspicious look to them like they're trying to hide something within the lockers (dead bodies, evidence, etc.). And it'd be one of those changes when you move type posters again. So it'd be about a dozen Ghostfaces standing in the hall, stashing whatever it is they're stashing, and then when you move, they'd all be back to their normal suspicious selves. Now, most people reading the fic know the answer as to who did the killings... but let's just say, there would still be surprises left even at that point of the series. I would also love some character specific posters where it'd be just their face and when you move, the Ghostface mask covers them. It'd be very hyped for "the final season." Although, I'm still thinking of doing a season 4 but I think that depends on how well season 1 and 2 does and how well season 3 is doing half way in. If there's still readers, reviewers galore and there's still interest, I'd love to tell the story that bridges between Scream 4 and 5 about the aftermath and what not.

Also, both those taglines are pending and could change at any moment but that's the general idea of where I'm going with it.

Q: Does Jill being related to Sidney rejuvenate the Cinema Club?

As we saw from the last episode that just aired, it appears that Kirby and Prichard, whether their relationship works out or not, they'll be on good terms and Prichard has a lot of "making up" to do. Also, with April approaching, let's just say there's an event coming that might get things back on track for our beloved Cinema Club.