115 - Another One Bites the Dust

TRACKING SHOT on Jill's feet as she steps her way down the hallway. We TILT UP on her face - - she's happy, content with what life has given her lately. She turns the corner and stops - - FROM HER POV, Patrick and Jenny laugh along in conversation. She observes this conversation which is out of ear-reach but she only watches the body language: she twirls her hair, she touches his arms, he smiles and looks down - - the two seem too close for comfort in front of each other. He LEANS IN and kisses her on the cheek. She blushes and covers her cheeks as Patrick starts to walk away in Jill's direction - - whom is fuming at this point. She waits for him to turn the corner - - SHE SLAMS her backpack down in front of him, stopping him in his tracks.

PATRICK: (leans in for a hug) Oh, hey baby.

JILL: (stopping him) What was that?


Jill fake-giggles and mocks Jenny's flirtatious behavior.

PATRICK: I don't know what you're talking about.

JILL: You were flirting with Jenny!

PATRICK: What? No - no - no, I was not.

JILL: So you just kissed her on the cheek for - - good luck?

PATRICK: I whispered something in her ear, is that a crime?

JILL:.. is that true?

PATRICK: Baby, of course it is! You know I'd never hurt you!

JILL: (she examines his face, is he lying?) Okay... I believe you. But please, don't - - hang around her anymore, for me, please?

PATRICK: You didn't get your insecurities checked at the door, Jill?

JILL: Just please, for me, Patrick? I'm being - - way more nice about this than you think.

PATRICK: (beat) Anything for you, honey.

Patrick tilts up her chin and kisses her softly. Jill immediately is soothed. As they separate, Cory can be seen watching from behind. He tries not to make it obvious he's watching.

PATRICK: I gotta go. I love you.

JILL: I love you, too.

They kiss again, this time a bit more habitually instead of passionate. Jill watches him go... and turns towards her class. Cory ducks his head down, trying not to be intrusive. Jill catches him anyway.

JILL: I'm sorry, Cory, I didn't know you were there.

CORY: (fake smiles) Oh no, it's okay. I'm fine with it. We're just friends now, I remember.

JILL: Thanks for being easy.

Jill enters the classroom, Cory shortly following.

Prichard's truck parks, Kirby in the passenger seat. They both jump out, a bit in a rush. Kirby runs around the truck to Prichard, grabbing his hand to hold it. She's so tiny in comparison to him.

KIRBY: Hi-Ho, it's off to Hell we go.

Kirby whistles along the song and Prichard smiles, stopping to kiss her. They both zone out, forgetting where they even are. Kirby snaps out of it and slaps his shoulder, continuing on their way.

KIRBY: Oh God, don't do that! We're gonna be late!

PRICHARD: Sorry, you're just too damn cute.

KIRBY: What about me is cute? Is it because I'm short?

PRICHARD: Oh no, short is terrifying. Midgets - - FREAKS of nature.

KIRBY: Hey! That's not funny!

PRICHARD: I'm just joking!

KIRBY: (beat) So Prichard, I had an idea recently that I would really appreciate if you took part in.

PRICHARD: What's that?

KIRBY: You know how you systematically destroyed Cinema Club?

PRICHARD: Ugh, God, I regret even messing with that. I was such a - - ergh.

KIRBY: Yeah, yeah, whatever - - ANYWAY, I was thinking since you destroyed it and made Robbie, Roy and Charlie's dreams diminish before their eyes, how about recreating it?

PRICHARD: Nobody's gonna wanna do it anymore. That's why I feel like such a dick because I ruined it for them. I try to be their friends now and they just look at me with that look like they're trying to cut my air passage ways with telekenesis or something.

KIRBY: Well this is how you reinvent yourself, Prichard. If you showed people how you are with me, they'll like you more. Please, do this fo rme. It'd mean alot to me and getting my friends to accept this.

PRICHARD: Alright, I'll try.

KIRBY: Because you want to and not because I asked you?

PRICHARD: I'll do it because - - anything you say, sounds good to me, darling.

KIRBY: Don't be so cheesy, Jesus.


Robbie sits at the front of the class, Niley, now with hair grown up to the top of her neck, sits in the middle rows of the desks writing on a piece of paper. Robbie seems as if he's waiting for her to finish something. He looks at a stopwatch on his phone. He clicks it 'off.'

ROBBIE: Pencil's down!

NILEY: (still writing) I'm finished, I'm finished!

Niley gets up and walks over to the front, handing in the papers to Robbie. He takes out a red pen and starts to overlook her paper. She sits in the front row, watching him grade her paper and trying to remain patient. He lifts his head up to her and sighs.

NILEY: Is it bad?

ROBBIE: It's uh... every question...

NILEY: Wrong? I'm sorry.

ROBBIE: No. (smiles) They're all correct. Congratulations, you are now a certified movie buff.

Niley jumps up in excitement and runs over, hugging Robbie. He smiles, twirling her around and kisses her on the lips. Prichard enters through the door, Kirby behind him. Niley and Robbie exit their embrace.

KIRBY: Sorry, did we interrupt something?

NILEY: (holding up her paper) Look Kirby! An A+! I'm as smart as you guys now!

KIRBY: Who directed Lawerence of Arabia?

NILEY: (frowns) Wha - ?

KIRBY: (whispers) It's okay. It's okay.

PRICHARD: SO. Robbie. I have a proposition for you.

ROBBIE: Yeah, what's that?

PRICHARD: You know how I ruined your Cinema Club?

ROBBIE: That was you? Wow...

PRICHARD: (fake "ah ha") Yeah, anyway... I wanna help you get it back together.

ROBBIE: Cinema Club's done. Nobody's gonna join anymore.

Prichard looks at Kirby and she flashes him a "C'MON" smile.

PRICHARD: Yeah, well, I'm gonna fix that.

ROBBIE: And how do you suppose you're going to do that?

PRICHARD: We make it cool again, ofcourse.

ROBBIE: (beat) And how do you suppose you're going to do that?

PRICHARD: We need an event. Something that'll draw people back in. And even get new members. Like a party.

ROBBIE: Well, Cinema Club wasn't about parties. It was about the movies.

PRICHARD: Well you have to have beer involved, it gets more people to come AND have fun.

ROBBIE: Okay, that at the MOST.

PRICHARD: Fine, a - - film festival or something. We organize it, set up a location, a couple of good movies and we're back in. Might take a month or two to set up but - - it'll be worth it.

ROBBIE: What movies did you have in mind?

PRICHARD: I'm leaving that up to you. I'm just organizing it so it can come together because - - frankly, I have the resources to contact as many people as possible.

ROBBIE: Would something horror related work? That's my favorite genre and that seems to get the most reaction from teens these days unless it's comedy but those are always hit-or-miss.

KIRBY: If it was Halloween-time, sure.

NILEY: Not necessarily.

ROBBIE: Niley?

NILEY: Well... isn't the Woodsboro Murders anniversary coming up soon?

ROBBIE: A Stab movie marathon?

KIRBY: And there's even a new movie coming out in April that could coincide with it!

NILEY: Exactly!

KIRBY: Well wait... I don't think Jill would like that. Sidney being her cousin and all...

PRICHARD: So ask her. I'm sure she won't care.

KIRBY: It seems a little insensitive even asking.

ROBBIE: Well it didn't happen TO her, did it? And she barely even knows Sidney and the word "barely" is being generous. She won't care. But we'll ask just to clarify. I'll ask if you want me to, Kirbz.

KIRBY: Shoot for it.

PRICHARD: Well in the meanwhile, I'll get to rallying up all the old members and let them know. A "Stab-A-Thon" will take place on the anniversary. Location - - eh, it's much cooler when it's secret so we'll send out emails or something when we find out.

ROBBIE: That's a good idea.

PRICHARD: Beers and movies. It's gonna be awesome.

Charlie closes his locker, in the midst of a conversation with Roy.

CHARLIE: A "Stab-A-Thon?"

ROY: That's what he said. Sounds interesting, right?

CHARLIE: I would've picked something a bit more classy but - -

ROY: Well as long as it gets back to repopulating what I created.

CHARLIE: We both created it.

ROY: That's wrong.


Stephie runs down the hall, her arms open wide to give Charlie a hug.

CHARLIE: She's coming this way, isn't she?

ROY: Arms spread out and all.

CHARLIE: Shit. (turns around) Stephie! Hey!

Stephie jumps into him, nearly pushing Roy over. She hugs him tight and Charlie seems a bit reluctant about it.

STEPHIE: I need a help with my a study today, okay?

CHARLIE: Sure thing.

STEPHIE: Thank you, Charles.

CHARLIE: (shakes his head) Just Charlie, please.

Stephie kisses him on the cheek and runs off. Roy leaning on the wall.

ROY: Charlie, there is something WRONG with you. You have a hot Asian chick all over you and you look like you don't want her there. May I take her off your hands?

CHARLIE: I'm just - - warming up to her, is all.

ROY: She's no Kirby? I'm sorry, Charlie, that ship sailed.

CHARLIE: Whatever.

ROY: Look man, I get it. I liked her too but we gotta accept that she's with Captain Douchebag now and support her.

CHARLIE: I still don't fuckin' trust that guy.

ROY: Well she does and if you go telling her stuff like that, she won't wanna be your friend anymore.

CHARLIE: Like it'd really make a difference? C'mon man, she barely notices me as is! It's not like how it used to be in Freshman year when we met. We had fun together and then - - I don't know what happened. I guess she matured or something.

ROY: Oh, yeah, that tends to happen in HIGH SCHOOL. She couldn't be Tomboy, Leader of the League of Lesbians forever. And look, you had your chance. It's not like she wasn't wide open all those times.

CHARLIE: Well I'm not smooth like you, Roy! I don't have that confidence to just tell people how I feel. Speaking of which, why didn't you ever make a move?

ROY: ... well there was the whole, "me thinking she was a lesbian" thing which really derailed my initial plan...

CHARLIE: Yeah, good looking out on that one, too. Then I thought she was a lesbian and then YOU put her and Prichard together and then because of YOU, we went to go see Twilight that night instead of her soccer game when her appendix burst putting Prichard in the hospital room with her to swoop in for the kill!

ROY: Wait, how the hell is Twilight my fault again?

CHARLIE: (beat) It isn't but I needed someone to blame and it seems like the entire chain reaction of events are all your fault! Nice going!

ROY:... well when you put it that way.

CHARLIE: Anyway, I'ma head to this speech in a bit, you coming?

ROY: Oh no, I'll watch it on youtube later. Have fun.

GALE WEATHERS-RILEY is at the podium, a powerpoint presentation projected onto the overhead behind her as she stands there looking pretty, classy glasses on and her hair back to a short-Bob style.

GALE: As the field of journalism grows, it's important to remember to stay ahead of the game but in a DIGNIFIED way. So many reporters these days are little muckrakers, stirring up the truth when in reality, your most important asset as a reporter is to tell THE TRUTH. The truth is the most powerful weapon on the planet and when using it, you will stand out above and beyond for not putting in silly little factitious anecdotes in your stories. People can distinguish the truth from fact. So how does one get ahead in the business? Act on your own, stay strong and don't let people walk over you. You won't be taken seriously if you can't be independent. And remember to remove bias from your reporting. People don't want your opinion, they just want the facts and it is your job to give it to them. Sure, spice up your writing with a bit of flair and be fancy with words but don't over exaggerate, don't be the last to know and don't think - - just write. Any questions?

Half a dozen kids raise their hands, including Charlie. Conveniently, she picks him.

GALE: Yes, you. With the long hair.

CHARLIE: (standing up) Hi, uh... you say not to spice up your reportings with little fibs but your first three books on the Ghostface killings have been known to have a few inaccuracies in them, not to mention the fourth, completely fabricated book that you did before Stab 4. I guess my question is, is this a recent new rule you've been working on, considering you have no involvement with Stab 5?

GALE: Good question. Um... to be honest, at that point in my career, I would have done anything for a push. And I figured if I tweaked a few details, I would get where I needed to be. But it wasn't until many years later that I realized by just being involved with the murders that I was already getting the push I need. Not to say I was glad to benefit from it or anything but... does that answer your question?

CHARLIE: (sits down) Sure.

GALE: Okay, next?

The theater has students piling out, going on to the next period of the day. DANNY, the journalist from Cinema Club hangs back by the backstage door. Prichard approaches him from behind.

PRICHARD: I had a feeling you'd be back here.

DANNY: Ugh, what do you want?

PRICHARD: Cinema Club is throwing a "Stab-A-Thon" in two months. You don't have to commit to joining back in but all we do is ask you to attend so you can at least reconsider.

DANNY: Oh, you just expect me to give you a second chance?

PRICHARD: (beat) If you wanna get into that backstage area, sure.

DANNY: Really? You could do that.

PRICHARD: (takes out a set of keys) You forget, Dan, I control this school. Now do you wanna meet your hero or what?

DANNY: (beat) I would love you forever.

Prichard opens the door and there stands - - OFFICER JUDY HICKS. She grabs the door and looks out and Danny and Prichard.

HICKS: Hi, do you need something?

PRICHARD: We - - were actually wondering if we could meet Gale Weathers.

HICKS: Riley. Gale Weathers-Riley. And no, backstage is off limits until Mrs. Waeathers-Riley is off the premises.

PRICHARD: Oh but you see! Dan is a HUGE fan and he just wants a teensy, weensy autograph.

HICKS: Sorry, that's the Deputy's orders.

PRICHARD: Deputy Riley's back there? Oh my God, tell him I'm here! We're good friends.

HICKS: (sighs) Be right back.

She slams the door shut. Danny seems as if he's lost faith in Prichard. Dewey opens the door - - at the very sight of Prichard, he puts his head down.

DEWEY: Oh dammit, what are you doing here?

PRICHARD: Dewey! It's your favorite juvenile! But hey, anymore trouble I cause, you can throw me in adult holdings in just a couple of months.

DEWEY: Prichard, you call me Deputy, you got that? I'm a man of the law and you need to show me some respect!

PRICHARD: Is that how you treat a friend?

DEWEY: What do you want?

PRICHARD: We would like to meet your lovely wife.

DEWEY: That's out of the question.

PRICHARD: EH EH! Just like that? I can't bribe you or anything?

DEWEY: That's my wife!

PRICHARD: Oh, I know! Which reminds me, you remember that time you came to break up the Steinwine party? And you, Hoss and Perkins - - well mostly you and Hoss, started getting drunk on the job? Pissed in the pool, hit on underage girls?

DEWEY: I did NOT hit on any underage girls!

PRICHARD: You were drunk, Dewey... you wouldn't remember. And I have pictures. I can send them to Gale through fan mail. She'll eventually see them...

DEWEY:... come in.

Prichard, Danny & Dewey make their way in through the make-up room, Gale fixing her eyeliner. Dan stands by the door, excited.

DEWEY: Honey, I have some visitors who would like to meet you.

GALE: Well tell them to go fuck theirselves, I gotta be on for another period of kids in 5.

DEWEY: (whispers) They're kinda at the door!

DANNY: (subdued excitement) She told us to go fuck ourselves!

GALE: (turns to see them and gives a fake big smile) HI! Gale Weathers-Riley, how are you?

DANNY: I am - - such a huge fan of yours!

GALE: Oh, I believe it.

DANNY: It would make - - MY LIFE if you signed this copy of that article you did in Time Magazine. It's my personal favorite.

GALE: Sure, why not.

DANNY: (hands it over) You have no idea how big of an inspiration you are to me!

GALE: Uh huh. Anyway kids, I gotta get back to work for another presentation. Nice meeting you - - ?

DANNY: Danny Flynn!

GALE: (signs it and hands it back) There you go.

DANNY: (clutches it as if it's the holy grail) Oh wow. Gale touched this.

PRICHARD: Okay buddy, let's go.

GALE: You don't want anything signed? No picture, no random hug?

PRICHARD: (beat) I'm cool.

Prichard pushes Danny out of the room, closing the door behind him. Gale stands there looking at Dewey, almost offended?

GALE: I'm COOL? What the hell is that about?

DEWEY: Some kids just don't appreciate what's right in front of them - -

GALE: Dewey, save it.

DEWEY: Sure thing.

GALE: And tell that new girl to stop hovering around, she freaks me out.

DEWEY: Well I brought her because she used to do plays here in the theater so I figured if anyone would know the backstage area, it'd be her. (sees she's not interested) Sure thing.


Establishing shot - - it's night now. All the lights are off in the house except the one upstairs above the garage. We start to zoom in...

Patrick and Jill are in bed, Patrick devouring her body and kissing every inch of her. Jill bites her bottom lip, trying to contain herself. Patrick makes his way between her legs, starting to grind into her. She moans softly and sits up.

PATRICK: What's wrong?

JILL: You love me, right?

PATRICK: Of course I do.

JILL: (beat) I want you.

PATRICK: Oh, I know.

JILL: No, I mean... as in my first. Now. I know I told you when I'd be ready and... I think I want it to be now.

PATRICK: Really?

Jill nods sweetly, a bit nervous but very willing. Patrick grins and gets up, heading to the bathroom.

PATRICK: I'll be right back than. Let me just go grab some condoms from my parents room.

He heads off, nearly skipping in joy. Jill twiddles her thumbs, trying to calm her nerves. We ZOOM OUT - - Patrick's phone is on the night stand. It lights up... Jill looks over at it, curious. She grabs it; a text from Jenny. She opens it up and it reads; "you gotta stop this or she's going to find out." Jill tilts her head, her heart starting to race and she feels her blood begin to boil before she even knows anything. She jumps back, going to the rest of the texts. Her eyes droop, begin to tear and her jaw shivers. Patrick returns - - he stops at the door frame.

PATRICK: What are you doing?

JILL: (beat) You want her, Patrick? Why?

PATRICK: Uh, baby, just give me the phone. You're probably misinterpreting - -

JILL: Do you want - - to fuck - her, Patrick?

PATRICK: (beat) Who?

JILL: (not even playing games) Jenny. Do - you - want - - to fuck her?

PATRICK: Baby, I don't know why you're asking me that.

JILL: These texts, telling her about how you miss her and you wanna see her and how you're always thinking of her! I'm not misinterpreting SHIT.

PATRICK: (comes forward) Just give me the phone.

JILL: This phone? Oh, okay.

JILL CHUCKS IT OUT THE WINDOW. Patrick runs over and watches it SMASH against the concrete and SHATTER across the drive way.

PATRICK: Jill, what the fuck? !

Jill is already fixating her self to leave.

JILL: (heading to the door) It's over, Patrick.

PATRICK: Get over here!

Patrick grabs her arm and SPINS her around violently.

JILL: Don't touch me!

PATRICK: You're gonna buy me a new phone, you cunt!

Jill freezes.

JILL: What - did you - just call me?

PATRICK: A little cunt, you bitch! You broke my phone!

JILL: (pushes and punches his chest) Don't you EVER CALL ME THAT, YOU FUCKING PRICK!

Patrick barely budges and he smiles, SLAPPING HER ACROSS the face and she FALLS to the floor.

PATRICK: You wanna hit me like a man, huh? You wanna hit me and break my phone, you bitch?

Patrick grabs Jill off the floor and SLAMS her into the dresser, cracking her back. He HOLDS HER THERE, GETTING IN HER FACE.

JILL: Let me go!

PATRICK: Shut the fuck up!

Jill grabs for anything she can to use as a weapon - - she reaches a trophy - - HE SLAMS HER AGAIN and she loses grip of it - - the trophy falling to the ground.

PATRICK: You wanna hit me with that, huh? Do ya? Ya fucking BITCH!

Patrick swings her around and THROWS HER on the bed. HE JUMPS ON TOP OF HER, STARTING TO TEAR AT HER CLOTHES. SHE SCREAMS as he RIPS the buttons down her blouse, revealing her chest.




She KNEES HIM in the groin and he falls over off the bed. She CRAWLS for the door and he CHASES after her. She reaches the stairs and he KICKS the back of her ankle and she TUMBLES ALL THE WAY DOWN, HITTING HER HEAD ON THE WALL at the bottom. He slowly makes his way down the stairs and she tries to get up, using all of her might - - but she keeps falling down from the disorientation.

JILL: Please.

PATRICK: Look what you made me do...

Jill's hand reaches the door knob, twisting it - - HE SLAPS IT off almost playfully. He kneels down to her level.

PATRICK: I'm sorry, baby but... your friend Jenny, she gots a nice pair on her - - beautiful rack. (moving Jill's shirt out of the way) Way more perkier and bigger than yours. Plus that little blonde hair of hers... blondes are my weakness, what can I say? Wanna go blonde and get some implants for daddy? (beat) So... I'm gonna fuck her... but I'm also... gonna fuck you. Okay?



PATRICK: If that's what you wanna do, baby.

HE GRABS HER THROAT, CHOKING HER and LIFTS HER BY HER NECK and DRAGS her up the stairs. She starts to slip out of conscious up each step. He lets her go by the throat and starts to pull her by her arm, getting half way up thr steps.

PATRICK: You wanna break my phone... you wanna invade my privacy... then SPIT IN MY FACE?

HE KICKS HER IN THE BACK, her body SMASHING into the railing. Her body is completely limp... he notices she's not even breathing anymore. He stops... and a panic rushes over him.

PATRICK: Jill? (bends down) Jill? (shakes her) Jill, wake up! FUCK! (continues shaking her) C'mon, girl! (starts to shake) Oh fuck... oh fuck, I'm so fucked...

Patrick stands up, immediately trying to figure out the next step to make.

JILL: Yeah... you're really fucked.

SHE KICKS THE BACK OF HIS ANKLES and he TOPPLES BACKWARDS DOWN THE STAIRS, his NECK SLAMMING ON THE LAST STEP. Jill leans back and looks at Patrick's lifeless body at the bottom of the stairs. She breathes heavy, wiping blood away from her mouth.

PATRICK: Jill...

He remains motionless and Jill uses the railing, standing herself up.

PATRICK: I... I can't feel my legs...

Jill slowly starts to walk down... watching him.

JILL: (emotionless) You can't feel your legs, baby?

PATRICK: I need - - I think you need to call someone. I can't - - I can't feel anything.

JILL: Really? Not even THIS?


PATRICK: You fucking bitch?

JILL: Or what about this?

She KICKS HIM IN THE RIBS and he starts to bleed from the mouth.


JILL: Oh, you can feel that, can't you? Just like how I felt EVERYTHING.

SHE STOMPS ON THE BACK OF HIS NECK and then kneels down, PULLING THE BACK OF HIS HAIR and lifting his head up so she can whisper in his ear.

JILL: If you even THINK about telling anyone anything other than this was just a mere accident, I will find you and CASTRATE YOU, MOTHER FUCKER.

She SLAMS his head down onto the floor and exits, leaving him there.

Jenny has her phone in her hand, a bit of a surprised look on her face.

JENNY: You're here right now? (waits) Okay, I'll come right down.

Jenny throws a sweater over her head and opens her front door - - no one's there. She scans her front yard - - the bushes, the trees, the cars. Nothing.

JENNY: Jill? Are you here?

JILL: Yes...

Jenny pinpoints the voice and can see Jill leaning against the tree, hidden in the darkness of the shade - - barely visible.

JENNY: (making her way over) What are you doing out here?

Jenny makes it half way across the lawn - - and stops and she gasps. Jill slowly comes forward into the light, her lip busted and small scratches across her face.

JENNY: Oh my God, Jill, what happened to you? Your face?

JILL: (beat) Were you - - fucking Patrick?

JENNY: No... why would you think that?

JILL: Because... I found - - TEXTS between you two.

JENNY: Jill, I can explain - -


JENNY: Look... he kept texting me and saying things to me. I didn't know what he was trying to do and then... he started flirting, sort of. I would just laugh, think it was a joke, you know? And then he kept doing it and then he started saying stuff to me in person - - and I didn't know how to tell you without hurting you. I wanted to tell you, Jill and I was looking for the right time, I just didn't wanna see you hurt, you know?

JILL: Oh... I know.

JENNY: But I promise I never flirted with him back or anything, you can read all the texts on my phone if you want. Okay? And I'll explain each one to you and I tried to make him stop but he just kept coming and coming...

JILL: Well... he won't be any longer, I can promise you that much.

JENNY: What happeend?

JILL: After I found his phone... I ran out, he chased after me and - thump, thump, thump, we fell down the stairs. Tragic. Probably a broken neck for him.

JENNY: Oh... well, like I said, Jill... I promise you. (takes out the phone) C'mon, let's go inside, I'll show you now.

JILL: No... I believe you, Jenny... I understand...

JENNY: Really? I just don't want this to effect our friendship...

JILL: It won't. No worries. I probably would've done - the same - exact - thing.

JENNY:... okay.

JILL: I'll go now... see ya.

Jill coldly walks off, Jenny watching her go and vanish into the night. Jenny slowly makes her way back in to the house and closes the door. JILL COMES BACK INTO FRAME... She slowly makes her way back onto the lawn... and stands back in her spot under the tree... looking up at Jenny's room... in the darkness...


Valentine's Day comes to Woodsboro High
Stab-A-Thon's plans go into full motion
Prichard lands in hot water
And Chelsea's wild New Year's Eve comes back to haunt her.