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117 - The First Stab-A-Thon

Robbie & Prichard look at a map of Woodsboro, spread across the floor while they look down upon it. They have locations circled and some "x"-ed out. Robbie hangs up the phone, exasperated.

ROBBIE: Okay, the old Michum Theater said no. DAMMIT!
PRICHARD: Robbie, just relax, we'll get this.
ROBBIE: Stab-A-Thon is tomorrow, it's 8 PM, nobody's gonna know where it is at this point!
PRICHARD: That's the idea... the more exclusive and secret, the cooler. Remember that.
ROBBIE: Well maybe we should do it at an abandoned school house or something.
PRICHARD: (beat) Or at Woodsboro High.
ROBBIE: They already said they won't let us take over the theater.
PRICHARD: Exactly. We don't use the theater... we use the gym.
ROBBIE: If they said no to the theater, I'm sure they'll say no to the gym too.
PRICHARD: (gets up) And that's why we don't ask. Send out the e-mails and texts. Stab-A-Thon will take place tomorrow at 6 PM in the gym. Make sure everyone stays quiet about it.
ROBBIE: Uh, but we don't have permission yet.
PRICHARD: Remember - - it's supposed to be secret and cool. What's cooler and more secret than a film festival/party on private grounds such as a school? It's breaking the rules...

Prichard opens up Robbie's window and jumps down. He THUDS against the bushes. Robbie gets up and looks down, Prichard limping over to his house next door.

ROBBIE: We have a front door for a reason, ya know?

Prichard enters his room and throws his jacket onto the bed. He lays down, sighing and taking out his phone. He dials a number, putting the phone to his ear. It rings twice and goes to voicemail.

Kirby clicks the "end call" button on her phone, staring at it for just a moment with an ounce of sadness. She's reverted back to her usual self - - her hair unkept, make up-less, bumming it clothes. She lays back in bed, closing her eyes, her hand on her stomach. She feels around and lifts up her shirt - - the scar from her appendix surgery. She rubs it softly... pondering... then turns over in bed, getting in the fetal position.

Prichard lobs his phone onto the night stand and lays back in bed, trying to get comfortable. He stares up at the ceiling, wondering where everything went wrong. He can't sleep - - she's on his mind. He JETS OUT of bed, throwing off the sheets and walking over to his computer desk. He turns on the monitor and types in "flowers-for-her." He opens up a "Paint" document, starting to draw on it, smiling as he knows that maybe this time, he'll get things right...

Jill makes her way down the hall to her usual first period class. She passes by Vince, a sadness in his eyes as he watches her pass by. She's use to ex-boyfriends though, but to them? She's just the one who got away. Speaking of one of them, Cory is leaned against the door to class, trying to look too cool to notice her by looking down at his phone - - but he knows she's coming, he always does.

JILL: Hey Cory.
CORY: Oh, hey Jill.
JILL: Did you get the text about Stab-A-Thon?
CORY: Oh, I don't like horror movies... they're stupid.
JILL: Oh... too bad. Maybe we can do something some other time than.

Jill passively then heads for the door and Cory takes a mild step forward.

CORY: Oh, I mean, uh... I like them. You wanna go with me? Is that what you were hinting at?
JILL: Yeah. It'd be fun. Two friends, going to a horror movie marathon. Right?
CORY: There's 5 of those now, right?
JILL: Four we'll be watching tonight, part 5 coming out real soon.
CORY: Oh... you don't feel bothered while watching those movies?
JILL: Psh. I've come to terms with my relations to Sidney, I assure you. By NOT going, I'd be making a statement that it bothered me. (whispers) I can't have that, now can I?
CORY: I guess not.
JILL: Pick me up at 5:45? It starts at 6.
CORY: Sure! I mean... sure.
JILL: Good.

Jill smirks and enters the classroom, Cory staying behind with a victorious grin.

Prichard takes out a set of keys and unlocks the door, swinging it open and giving them access to the gym. Robbie, Charlie, Roy and Dan all stand behind him as they all make their way in.

PRICHARD: Let's get it started, shall we? It's 5 now, we have an hour before people start showing up. Robbie, grab the sheets for the screen. Charlie, set up the film projector. Roy, get the keg and the cups from my truck.

They all begin to disperse.

PRICHARD: Hey Dan, a favor?
DAN: Sure! Anything!
PRICHARD: I have something extra I need help with... you think you can do that?
DAN: Ofcourse, anything for you!
PRICHARD: Okay, that's creepy. Go back to borderline-hating me.
DAN: (big smile on his face) I can't. (play punches Prichard) We met Gale Weathers!
PRICHARD: Okay, calm down. Go to my locker, I have some supplies in there. Meet me under the bleachers, I'm gonna pull them out from the wall right now, okay?
DAN: Got it!

Dan runs off and Prichard sighs, looking at the gym that should soon be filled with kids.

PRICHARD: Hopefully, this works.

Roy grabs a dolly, throwing the keg on top of it, readying it to wheel off. He's on the phone, using his shoulder to prop it up to his ear.

ROY: You gotta come, Kirby.
KIRBY: (sighs) I want to but... I don't know anymore.
ROY: This was like half your idea!
KIRBY: Essentially, sure I was apart of the genesis but I didn't do any of the creative work.
ROY: Look... hang out with me... if things get weird... we'll bail. We'll do something else, 'k?
KIRBY: (sighs) 'K, Roy.

Roy smiles, hanging up the phone. He jumps down from the truck to the dolly, closing the car. He begins wheeling the keg over.

ROY: Kirby, I... we've known each other... no... it's been awhile and I just I wanted to say... I adore you from head to toe... God, that's so cheesy, no. Okay, okay... you're beautiful... and I've always felt that way. Yeah... I like that... that's good.

Cory's car drives up, Jill in the passanger seat. They park, Cory jumping out to run over to Jill's door but she opens it for herself. Cory backs off, trying not to seem like he's trying too hard. They make their way towards the gym, people already filing their way in.

Jill and Cory enter the gym, the scene being pretty bare bones. The bleachers have been pulled out and the screen is in front of it. Off to the side is the keg - - and that's it.

JILL: (sarcastic) Wow, they really went all out for this.

They make their way to the bleachers, sitting amongst the few dozen or so people already there. Niley jumps down a few rows and runs her way to Jill, giving her a hug.

NILEY: Jilly!

Niley sits down, seperating Jill from Cory.

JILL: Hey. Where's Robbie?
NILEY: He's setting up some stuff still. Movie starts in 15. Do you wanna drink?
JILL: No, thanks.
NILEY: (whispers) But it's so good.
JILL: You've been corrupted by Chelsea Saure. Kinda sad, I thought you were incorruptable.
NILEY: I was not corrupted!

Down below, Chelsea makes her way to the keg, grabbing a cup. She seems a bit exhausted. Roy has the nozzle, pouring it in for her.

ROY: Hey Chelsea. Long night?
CHELSEA: You have no idea. I pulled a double shift last night at the restaurant. Tips are for shit also.
ROY: How much money have you made in the last 3 weeks?
CHELSEA: Like 700 dollars. I'm barely a full 10 percent before reaching the goal of 8000 dollars. And in a week, interest is going to go up and I'm even more screwed.
ROY: Well, you could always do porn.
CHELSEA: (beat) Shut the fuck up.

Chelsea sips on her cup and walks away. Roy laughs it off and in walks - - Kirby. He freezes for a moment, watching her. He drops the nozzle, letting the next guy in line do it himself and he approaches her immediately.

ROY: Hey!
KIRBY: (soft) Hey.
ROY: I'm glad you came. I just saw Jill and Niley, they're sitting up there.

Roy points and Niley waves down at them.

KIRBY: Thanks. I'm trying to hide away from Prichard for as long as possible so if I can blend in with them sooner, the better.
ROY: Sure, I'll meet you up there in about 10, I gotta finish pouring the drinks.
KIRBY: I thought the movie started at 6? I've seen the first Stab enough times, I was hoping I was late.
ROY: Oh no, this is "drinking hour." Movies starts at 7. Prichard thought it'd be better if everyone was drunk before it started.
KIRBY: Oh... okay.

Kirby makes her way to the bleachers, sitting with Niley and putting an even bigger gap between Cory and Jill. We TILT DOWN and go underneath the bleachers - - it's dark. LIGHTS shine on as Prichard plugs in a set of Christmas lights set around the metal that pushes out the bleachers. He smiles and grabs a banner, using some tape to put it up. Dan comes around, ducking in with a set of candles.

DAN: Okay, I found some candles.
PRICHARD: That's okay, I think these lights will do. Not as dark down here as I thought.
DAN: Oh... okay. (reads the banner) "I'm sorry." Is this for Kirby?
PRICHARD: Who else?
DAN: (smiles) It's gonna work. Don't you worry! But hey, it's 7. Time to put on the first movie.
PRICHARD: Alright, I'm coming.

Prichard makes his way out in front of the bleachers, the entire crowd going quiet. Robbie and Charlie join him in front of the screen.

ROBBIE: How y'all doing tonight?

They cheer, drunkfully.

ROBBIE: Good, good! Tonight, we have something special for you to coincide with not only the anniversary of the Woodsboro Massacre but also the release of the film Stab 5, which is out next week. Tonight, we will be watching Stab 1, 2, 3 and 4. Feel free to leave whenever you wish but remember to drink up and have fun!
PRICHARD: May I also mention that this is in effort to revive the once broken Cinema Club. If you guys enjoy the show we put on tonight, please join the club so we can get back to what we were doing and we can have more events like these.

The crowd cheers and Charlie steps forward.

CHARLIE: So without further ado, Stab! Roll it, Roy.

Roy nods and flicks the switch on the projector, the logo shining on the screen. The iconic phone rings... Roy makes his way up the bleachers, grabbing Kirby. They make their way out the gym.

Time has progessed some as now night has fallen upon Woodsboro. Roy and Kirby sit against the wall of the gym, talking to each other - - just them.

ROY: I didn't do that!
KIRBY: Yes you did, I remember it very well!
ROY: Are you sure that was me?
KIRBY: Yes! I remember thinking, "oh, it's worm breath" when I first met you.

They both giggle at the memory.

ROY: I was 7 and that kid was daring me to do it so I - - I did it.
KIRBY: It was really gross.
ROY: I can't believe you were there in that circle. Tell me, if that were to happen today, would you let me eat that worm?
KIRBY: Noooo, I'd punch that kid and tell him to leave you alone.
ROY: Really? You'd protect me like that?
KIRBY: (beat) Sure.

They look each other in the eyes and Roy feels the warmth coming over him.

ROY: Kirby, I just... I've always wanted to tell you that - -
DAN: (bursting through the door) Stab 1's over, time for Stab 2.
ROY: (wide eyed) THANKS, DAN.
DAN: Oh and Kirby, can I see you for a second?
KIRBY: Sure. We'll finish later, Roy. I'll be right back, k?
ROY: Yeah... no problem.

Kirby gets up and follows Dan in to the gym, Roy still sitting there.

Kirby follows Dan, leading her to the side of the bleachers - - a light shines from within. Kirby mysteriously watches, trying to figure out where she's going. Dan stops at the end and points down.

DAN: Right this way.
KIRBY: Um... what is it?
DAN: You'll see.

Dan walks passed Kirby, back down towards the gym open floor. Kirby cautiously moves forward and peeks her head in. Prichard stands there, the lights illuminating around him. Kirby rolls her eyes.

PRICHARD: Please... just... let me talk to you. For a minute.

Kirby steps her way in, slowly but surely.

PRICHARD: I remember when we first met... honestly, I didn't knew who you were. And then I realized... you were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Inside and out. And I felt like such a fool for not realizing this captivating beauty before. For not seeing what was right in front of me. And then... you gave me a chance... and I learned so much from you. You made me a better person... and now without you... I'm just lost. I don't wanna live if living is without you.

Kirby gulps, her eyes watery. She steps forward, underneath the banner... face to face with Prichard. She touches his face, looking in his eyes...

KIRBY: Thank you.

She pulls his head in and they kiss.

Roy enters the gym, looking around. He looks at the screen - - Stab 2 has just started. He looks up at the stands, Kirby's not with the group. He looks down and off to the side, leading under the bleachers... he makes his way over.

Kirby and Prichard have moved their way on to the ground, Kirby straddled on top of him while kissing him roughly. She takes off her jacket, throwing it to the ground and she moves his hand up and on to her breast, allowing him to grope her.

Roy continues down and peeks in... he sees the two of them... all over each other... Roy's breath is taken away... his eyes slightly tear up... and he slowly walks away.

Prichard and Kirby continue, Kirby PULLING off her shirt until she's just in her bra. Prichard looks confused and he tries to sit up better.

PRICHARD: What are you doing?
KIRBY:... I want you. I want this...
PRICHARD: (beat) Are you sure?

Prichard watches her, waiting for an answer. She nods and smiles, Prichard then grins and they continue to go at it as he starts taking off his own shirt, Kirby helping. He rolls her over, taking control and being on top of her... Kirby looks up at him, happy that they've finally reconciled... he smiles back down at her. He slowly starts to pull her pants off. She nervously bites her lip and helps him unzip his pants.

Roy takes a seat with Niley, Jill, Charlie, Stephie and Robbie. Oh, and Cory. He sulks a bit, trying not to let it show. But Niley knows him best.

NILEY: What's wrong?
ROY: Nothing. It's nothing.
NILEY: Tell me.

Kirby's legs are now wrapped around Prichard's naked body. She looks up at him and he gives her an "are you ready?" look. She nods slowly and he penetrates her. She moans softly, a bit of pain accompanied with it. He leans in and bites her neck to counter the pain from her first time so she can focus more on the pleasure aspect. He begins to slowly thrust inside her, her moaning increasing, tears filling up in her eyes.

KIRBY: Oh my God.
PRICHARD: You okay?
KIRBY: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

She kisses his lips... she can now fully enjoy the experience.

Dewey drives into the parking lot, confused as to why there's so many cars parked. He stops, trying to look inside the school. He notices Prichard's truck.

DEWEY: (sighs) Dammit, Prichard.

Dewey enters and looks up at the screen, it's Stab 3. A knife flings through the air and hits David Schwimmer in the head, his body tumbling down the stairs. Dewey grimaces in fright from rememberance of this event... but the entire crowd laughs. Dewey feels offended and marches to the middle of the floor, standing in the way of the projection.

DEWEY: All right, everybody out!

The entire bleachers jump up and rush for the door.

DEWEY: Who's in charge here?

The kids keep running for the door, not stopping to Dewey's demands. Dewey grabs a random kid.

DEWEY: Who put this together?
RANDOM KID: Cinema Club!

He let's go of the kid and looks up at the stands... Robbie, Charlie, Dan & Roy still standing there with "we're so screwed" faces. Prichard comes out from under the bleachers, fixing his belt buckle.

PRICHARD: What's going on, why's everyone leaving? (notices Dewey) Shit.
DEWEY: I should've known it was you, Prichard.

Kirby comes out, a sheet wrapped around her naked body.

KIRBY: What happened, is everything okay?

Kirby stops in her tracks, realizing there's still people around. She blushes.

DEWEY: Miss, where are your clothes?
KIRBY: Um...
DEWEY: (shoeing her away) Well, go get them!

Kirby embarresdly runs back under the bleachers. Dewey slowly approaches Prichard.

DEWEY: You boys are in a lot of trouble.
PRICHARD: C'mon Dewey... let it slide.
DEWEY: I'm the deputy. And the sheriff race is upon us. If anyone figured out I let this go... there'd be no way I'd win.
PRICHARD: You're gonna do me like that?
DEWEY: (beat) Prichard, I already called in. Prinicpal Bronson's on his way.

Dewey looks up at the four in the stands.

DEWEY: You four were involved as well with planning this?
PRICHARD: No, they weren't!
ROBBIE: Yes, we were.
ROY:... speak for yourself, man!
ROBBIE: Roy, don't be a dick.
ROY: (sighs) FINE.

Kirby comes back out, fixing her clothes once again. Roy tries not to look at her for in fear of exploding.

DEWEY: And you? Girl that needs clothes?
KIRBY: My name is Kirby.
PRICHARD: She had nothing to do with this.
DEWEY: I'll buy that. (to Kirby) Get outta here. (looks back at the keg) Who bought the beer?

Kirby quickly exits.

PRICHARD: I can't say.
DEWEY: Serving minors alcohol, even when being a minor yourself is a major crime. Not to mention it's on school grounds, in which... you weren't authorized to be here in the first place. (shakes his head) I'm sorry, boys... but this isn't looking too good for you.

Prinicpal Brosnan enters the gym, mouth totally agape at all the cups across the floor.

BROSNAN: What the hell is this?
DEWEY: You can handle it from here, Brosnan.

Dewey takes a step back, letting Brosnan front and center.

BROSNAN: You five, eh?
PRICHARD: (looks up at the four then back at Brosnan) Yes, sir.
BROSNAN: You're expelled. All of you.
PRICHARD: No, c'mon, that's not fair. Just me, okay? They didn't have much to do with this!
CHARLIE: Prichard... it's okay. It was our club... you were just helping. We were all involved, sir.
PRICHARD: (sighs) Dammit, Charlie.
ROBBIE: He's right. This is our faults.
BROSNAN: Well then... isn't that nice? Sticking up for each other but they have no moral boundaries as to private property! Honorable... but stupid... very stupid. In that case, 5 days suspension... BUT... after that... you'll be transfering schools until the end of the semester. Then next year... Cinema Club is banned from Woodsboro High, so don't even think about it starting it up again. Deputy, round them up and make sure they come to my office tomorrow morning so they and their parents can sign the papers.

Brosnan exits, Dewey standing there a bit saddened about it... but it's his job.

DEWEY: Sorry fellas.

Cory drives up to Jill's house... obviously pissed off by the way the night went. Jill smiles pretty, ready to get out of the car.

JILL: That was exciting, wasn't it? Wasn't expecting that to happen.
CORY: Yeah...
JILL: Hey, I'm sorry the way the night went. It was supposed to be us hanging and... I guess I kinda forgot.
CORY: It's okay...
JILL: ... but thanks for taking me.

Jill leans in and pulls Cory's face to hers, kissing him. She smiles and exits the car. Cory smiles and watches her get to the front door.

CORY: Back on track!

Cory starts up the car and skirts off. Jill takes out her keys and puts it in the door knob... a giggle comes from the side of her house... she stops and turns her head... walking to the end of the porch... Jenny and Olivia sit on the side of Olivia's house, laughing while looking through a yearbook.

JENNY: Oh my God, I remember that! I can't believe we used to wear that shit.
OLIVIA: I know, it's horrid, ain't it?
JILL: What are you guys doing?

They both look up at Jill and their smiles start to fade away.

JENNY: Hey Jill! Sorry I didn't come tonight, Olivia and I had a project to work on.
JILL: I wasn't aware you two had a class together...
JENNY: Oh... yeah.
OLIVIA: We don't have to tell you everything, Jill...
JILL: Jenny, can I talk to you for a second?
JENNY: Sure.

Jenny gets up, joining Jill on the porch. Jill enters the house, letting Jenny in.

JILL: I thought you hated her?
JENNY: Yeah but... you know. You can't forever, right?
JILL: So all is forgiven, like that?
JENNY: It kinda has to be. I know she made some stupid remarks about my boobs, but so what? We're adults... sorta.
JILL: Okay... if you say so.
JENNY: Well yeah, I'll see you later. Oh yeah, how was Stab-A-Thon?
JILL: (sighs) Great. You missed out.
JENNY: Aw. Oh well. Anyway, bye.

Jenny exits out the house. Jill watches her cross the house and join back up with Olivia, sitting down and looking in the yearbook. They go back to giggling... Jill grits her teeth and RUNS up stairs.

Jill enters, clenching her fists and fights herself from punching anything. She tries to breathe deep and looks in the mirror, tears flowing from her face.

JILL: You're okay... you're okay...

She relapses and PUNCHES the counter then sits on the toilet, trying to calm herself down. Her head slowly tilts up towards the medicine cabinet... She jumps up, opening it and looks down at a pair of scissors.. she grabs them and sits back down on the toilet, taking her pants off. She looks down at her thigh - - lines of scars & some scabs of cut marks.

She takes the scissors, opening them and DIGS the point into her skin and SLICES DOWN, the blood flowing into the toilet. With a bit of momentary pain... her breathing comes to a rest... her mind coming to an ease... she rests her head on the counter... she grabs toilet paper and begins to pat down on the wound, cleaning up the blood. She puts the bloody scissors on the counter top... closes her eyes... and falls to sleep...


Prichard, Robbie, Charlie, Roy and Dan go to their new school.
Jill is forced to work with Olivia on a school project.
The release of Stab 5
And Jill gets bad news.

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