Q: How do you think people will react to the season finale?

A: I think most people will think it's random. I hope overall they enjoy it though. It definitely feels completely out of left field, at times not even part of "Woodsboro High" especially with who the shooter actually turns out to be (and the fact that not a single scene takes place IN Woodsboro High). But that's how it was designed and that's just part of the journey that I hope people will continue to follow into next season. Something absolutely horrible had to happen to them that had to change them some how and it had to happen quickly in a shocking way, to "destroy their innocence", so it can set them up to the people they're going to be in Scream 4 & 5 and some cases 6. Everyone will be affected by this incident, even if they weren't there.

Q: So what type of character changes/storylines can we expect next season?

A: I think it's safe to say that at some point, everyone is going to lose their minds and partly it'll be because of what happened in the finale. Things for the most part pick up after summer during the new semester (there will be a montage of what happened

during summer).

Niley, Robbie and Marnie: We're gonna see a side of Niley we've never seen before in terms of how she deals with Robbie. Marnie joins the main cast and this causes huge problems amongst the group, mainly because Niley is playing a jealousy card since Robbie has a hard time talking to Niley about what happened in the hotel but can easily talk to Marnie about it.

Chelsea: Chelsea is dealing with the pregnancy, on her own, trying to hide the fact that it's Prichard's baby from Kirby especially since Kirby feels the need to become close to Chelsea this next season.

Kirby: Her transformation into who she becomes in Scream 4 begins this season. The short hair, the attitude, the partying, the obsession with film - - everything all because of how she deals with loss of Prichard. She adapts this over exaggerated independent lifestyle, disconnecting from her friends and it's gonna be hard to intervene with her.

Roy: We know from Scream 5 that Roy dates a girl named Tess for quite awhile, so she pops up this season and becomes a main cast member mid-way as well. They meet over the summer but Roy still has feelings for Kirby so he slows down the process. Roy doesn't want to jump right in the moment she's single after Prichard's death but he doesn't want to wait too long either. It'll be a very conflicting first couple of months on how that's handled.

Jill, Olivia, Charlie and Jenny: Jill and Olivia reconnect, becoming friends again but that's a less smoother transition than said. With Kate knowing about Jill, is it time Jill knows about her own mother's secrets? Charlie and Stephie work on becoming an actual relationship where he feels something for her - - but it seems Jill is constantly there, interrupting their moments. So this is where we really start to see how Jill and Charlie become so connected. Also, no big surprise, Trevor pops up this season and Jill feels like she's learned her lesson from Patrick not to have Jenny around him. This very well may be the actual cause and disinegration of their friendship. And other than Robbie, Jenny is the only one in the group who sees passed Niley's jealousy and can actually be friendly with Marnie.

Ofcourse that's barely scratching the surface as there is plenty more secrets, twists and turns to come.

Q: How many episodes and when is Season 2 coming?

A: Season 2 is gonna be a bit shorter. It was originally going to be 22 but I've managed to shrink it down and smash a few plotlines together so it's now about 15 episodes. It'll be the shortest of the seasons as Season 3 will be close to 20. As for WHEN Season 2 is coming, that's a bit tricky. News just hit that Scream 4 won't hit home until October 4th, which is quite a ways from now with the idea to have Season 3 coincide with Scream 4's home video release. So Season 2 might not come until the end of July, beginning of August, with Season 3 coming end of September, beginning of October. That's the idea but I'm just afraid I might lose some readers along the way with such big gaps in between seasons. This also poses another problem with "I'll Never Forget What You Did Last Summer" which was supposed to come out after Season 3 so people can read the entire story from beginning to end if they wished. My main hope is that Scream 4's release date will be pushed up by a month or so because that would solve most problems.

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Q: Will there be anything drastically different about the show next season?

A: Nothing drastic but things will be a bit more structured. Each episode will be character centric. Other characters will still be around but the episode's main focus will be on a specific person or persons. The first episode will actually be Kirby-centric. This is just so each character gets their own divided attention throughout the season. Also, music will be integrated a bit more this season. As most of you know, "Monster" by Paramore has already been chosen as the official theme song for season 2.

Q: Will Sally pop up in season 2 since she survived?

A: No plans of her popping up. She might make an appearance or two for Marnie's sake and if any fans liked her but at the moment, she isn't planned but she could very easily be included. Did you guys like Sally?

Q: Niley kinda disappears midway through the season. What was up with that?

A: I know she's a fan favorite so I apologize for that but she'll be a major player in season 2 so I wanted to back her off after The Hangover episode so people don't get sick of her.

Q: What were your favorite episode(s) to write this entire season?

Pilot, Boyfriend Number 1, All Or Nothing (this is actually the least read episode... I wonder why haha), New Blood, Bra Stuffer, The Hangover & Bloodlines.

Q: This is going to sound weird but is "Squirrely" going to be in more episodes?

A: ... yes.

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Dakotadiaries: "Critics are calling it a bloody good thrill ride full of mischief, romance, and scares."

Very simple and short and totally represents what the show is about. A few others after this were a bit TOO similar so this wins on the originality factor. Romance is a heavy theme in the show so I'm glad that was included. And since they're an actual user on FF, we can actually go a bit more in depth with who you want them to be! Send me a PM with your character, Dakota! :)

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