Episode 102 - Ground Zero

Previously on Woodsboro High:

ROBBIE: What the hell, what books do you have in here?
NILEY: Chem, trig, brit lit and... (pulls it out) The Little Puppy's Red Ball.

ROY: ... we need a club where we can just bullshit about insignificant movies all day long.

ROBBIE: Hey Niley, maybe I can like - - show you some movies or something some time? Give ya a private 101?

CHARLIE: Walk away, Prichard.
PRICHARD: I'll let you feel like a tough guy today. Next time, I'm shoving your face into a locker door.

OLIVIA: I see you're still friends with this one, Jill. You haven't tossed her aside yet for now being competition to you?
JILL: Oh, no, no, Olivia, you see - - I'm not a spoiled, vapid bitch who thinks about these things like you do.

KIRBY: Lesbian rumor? ! Who the hell started that shit?

Kids are jumping out of their cars and making their way towards the school. The hallways slowly start to fill up with students. In the midst of it all is Niley, sitting down by her locker with a frown on her face as she looks down at a piece of paper. Robbie slowly makes his way towards her and starts opening his locker.

ROBBIE: What's wrong, Niles?

NILEY: (overly dramatic hands him the paper) I can't say it.

He reluctantly takes it and reads it. He sighs and then sits down next to her.

ROBBIE: Well, I mean... nobody's a freshman and has those classes.

NILEY: Well I thought I was one of those lucky ones, Robbie! Now I have to go demote myself. I knew it was too good to be true. I'm smart just not test-situation smart. I don't know why I thought I actually tested into those classes.

ROBBIE: Well hey, maybe you'll have a class with Roy or something.

NILEY: (sighs) I guess.

ROBBIE: C'mon, let's get your new books before the stragglers from yesterday start piling in the library.

They both get up, Roy giving her a hand.

NILEY: (dough eyed) Why would people start a pile up in the library?

ROBBIE: (smiles) C'mon, let's go.

They walk forward.

NILEY: I'm serious... ?

Robbie, Charlie and Roy crowd the copy machine, watching fliers print out from it with "Cinema Club" posted across it in big bold letters. Robbie picks up the stack and designates equally between the three of them.

ROBBIE: Okay, this is the flier that details all that'll be going on in Cinema Club. We're gonna hand this to everyone before school right now and then at lunch, we're gonna go around and once it's sunk into their mind a bit, we ask how they would feel if this club were real. Like, approval.

ROY: Pizza weekly? That's not in our budget.

CHARLIE: We have a budget?

ROBBIE: It's just a sale and then once we get them in, we disappoint 'em and by than they're already stuck there so they just figure they'll stay.

ROY:... that sounds a lot like my relationships.

ROBBIE: That's the metaphor I was going for... eh, what do I know? That's news to me.

ROY: (shrugs) It's true.

ROBBIE: Okay gentleman... let's do this.

Roy walks down the hallway, passing out fliers as he passes people. He sees Chelsea and excitedly walks up to her.

ROY: Hey Chelsea, flier? !

Chelsea's eyes widen in fear and she ducks down the first hallway she sees. Roy follows her. Chelsea hides behind a row of lockers and waits for Roy to come.

ROY: Whaaaat're you doing?

CHELSEA: I can't be seen with you!

ROY: Whyyyy?

CHELSEA: You're a freshman and I'm a junior, I'll look like a total loser.

ROY:... you can't be serious.

CHELSEA: If you were a girl, it'd be different but then next thing you know, people start saying things like, "you hear? Chelsea's robbing the cradle!"

ROY: I highly doubt people will say that, Chelsea.

CHELSEA: Roy, you've been in high school for like, what, a day? Grow up.

ROY: (sighs) There's so much irony here...

CHELSEA: What the hell is that anyway?

ROY: Cinema Club!

CHELSEA: (disgusted) You made fliers for that?

ROY: Yeah, isn't that what people do in high school to spread the word?

CHELSEA: You make a bulletin or something, post it on MySpace, not fliers. If it were a party, it'd be forgivable. Now you just look like an idiot.

ROY: Oh... I didn't know that. Damn, high school sounds all politic-y. It's everything modern television told me it would be.

Chelsea snatches the flier away and shoes Roy away.

Charlie stands at the door, handing out fliers as people enter. Kirby and Jill make their way up the steps and see Charlie, greeting him with a smile. He takes a moment from handing out the fliers and begins to walk with them in towards their lockers.

CHARLIE: Ladies?

JILL: Hey Charlie.

Charlie notices Kirby's outfit - - she's once again wearing her soccer clothes.

CHARLIE: So Kirby, how's practice been going?

KIRBY: Ehhhh. I gotta 2 mile run later.

CHARLIE: Oh cool. Ya know, I used to play soccer. Third grade.

KIRBY: I think I remember that. That's back when my mom was all, "you should be a dancer!" JILL: That's how I met Kirby actually.

CHARLIE: Oh, I thought you guys met in the ladies locker room in middle school?

KIRBY: Uuuuuuuuhhhh...

JILL: I guess... technically that's correct but I always just went from that day.

KIRBY:... It's the first time we became buddies! Is what I was saying... what I meant... about the locker room thing...

He notices the awkward intricacies between them two.

CHARLIE: SO - - I'll ask you guys first. Could you sign up, saying Cinema Club is a good idea? It's not a members roster or anything, but we just gotta give it to the Student Activities Adviser so he can approve of the club idea.

JILL: (signs) Sure.

KIRBY: (signs as well) There ya go.

CHARLIE: Thanks. Hey, if this thing does come to be, you guys are gonna be members, right?

JILL: You know me, Charlie. I wanna produce movies.

KIRBY: And I wanna write them. We'll be an awesome, dynamic female duo!

There's another awkward moment.

KIRBY: ...strictly platonic though... but yeah, I don't know. The soccer thing eats up most of my time. I can try to make a meeting or two.

CHARLIE: That's all I ask of ya guys.

JILL: Yeah, anyway, I gotta head to my first class. It's all the way on the other side of campus.

Jill walks off leaving Kirby alone with Charlie. Charlie doesn't know what to say without Jill around - - they don't get to be alone often enough.

KIRBY: I got class, too! See ya, Charlie.

Kirby walks off, leaving Charlie by his lonesome. He goes ahead and starts handing out more fliers as he makes his way towards his class.

Jill runs down the hallway towards her class. THE BELL RINGS. She runs around the corner - - students are crowded by the door. She sighs with relief - - the door is closed. She looks to the first person she sees - - a dark haired, perfectly bone structured face and who seems to have a nice build on his body and is nearly 6 feet tall. This is CORY HAMILL. She turns to him eagerly, not wasting a beat.

JILL: Hey, what's going on?

CORY: Teacher still hasn't showed up. You were almost late.

JILL: Gah, I know. Lucky me, right? (extends her hand) I'm Jill.

CORY: Cory. I think I've seen you around.

They shake hands but continue to throughout the rest of the convo.

JILL: Yeah? I've seen you, too! Kinda hard to miss, you're so tall!

CORY: Well, you know - - I'd prefer to stay down low. Down to your height preferably.

JILL: You kidding me? I'm like 5'1, I wear these boots to seem 5'6. (nervous laughs) I'm sorry, I shouldn't have told you that. That's just - - odd.

CORY: No, no, it's a piece of girl mystery revealed. Bold of you.

She realizes she's still shaking his hand and let's go. The teacher walks up behind them, splitting them apart.

JILL: Oh, there he is!

CORY: Ahhhh, I was hoping he wouldn't come.

JILL: (smile-blushes) Whyyyy? You still wanted to talk to me?

CORY: No, I think I already reeled you in.

JILL: Confidence, too! What else do you have?

CORY: (leans forward) You'll just have to find out.

JILL: And mysterious to top it off.

CORY: I'm the full package.

He makes his way in the class with the rest of the herd.

JILL: (to herself) Yeah... (bites her lip) oh, God.

Niley sits at the lunch table, trying to open a package of crackers. Jenny approaches her from the side and looks down at her like a helpless animal.

JENNY: Give it to me!

She snatches the crackers out of her hands and opens it automatically.

JENNY: The trick is to be gentle.

NILEY: Oh, Jenny, you're my savior!

JENNY: Get up, hurry.

NILEY: What, why?

JENNY: We don't sit here and you don't want to know who does.

Niley grabs her trey and begins to follow Jenny. She looks back - - Olivia and her usual friends sit down at the table.

NILEY: Olivia?

JENNY: Yup. Her and her team of mermaids.

NILEY: Mermaids?

JENNY: Swim team buddies and other miscellaneous jock-head idiots. We sit over here at the fountain.

They reach the fountain and sit down.

NILEY: Why here?

JENNY: Because this is where they filmed a scene in the first Stab! It's iconic!

NILEY: Stab? Oh, those horror movies they shot in our town, right?

JENNY: Yeah, you haven't seen 'em?

Niley bites into her crackers and shakes her head innocently.

JENNY: Well you know what they're about right? And you know they're based on true events?

NILEY: Oh, that's so cool!

JENNY: Not cool! A bunch of kids died - - and they sat here along with Sidney Prescott.

NILEY: Ew, I don't wanna sit where people died!

JENNY: They didn't DIE here, they died somewhere else.

NILEY: Oh... Sidney Prescott... I've heard that name before.

JENNY: Sole survivor of the Woodsboro Murders in 1996. Also Jill's cousin but I didn't tell you that.

NILEY: And she doesn't mind sitting here?

JENNY: If she minded, people would figure out who she was and she DOESN'T want that happening.

NILEY: (shrugs) Makes sense.

Robbie approaches the two, clipboard in hand.

ROBBIE: Hey! Be the first to approve of Cinema Club!

NILEY: Oh, cool!

Niley takes the pen and immediately throws her name down. Jenny watches cautiously.

ROBBIE: (reads Niley's writing) Niles Crane? Isn't that the guy on Frasier?

NILEY: (stoner laugh) Yeeeeah.

ROBBIE: I need real names, Niley!

Niley puts her head down in shame and rewrites her name.

ROBBIE: Sign it too, Jenny!

JENNY: Uh... no thanks.

ROBBIE: What, why?

JENNY: Look, I'm all for extra curricular activities but... I don't think Cinema Club is a good idea.

ROBBIE: Your reasoning behind that strikes my interest but first off, just sign the damn thing despite whatever it may be, please?

JENNY: I'm serious. If you wanna watch movies, do it at home with friends. What the hell is the point of doing it at school and wasting valuable time when you can be studying?

ROBBIE: Uh... to be social? To give kids something to do after school if they got nothing to do and to - - IT WOULD JUST BE COOL, OKAY?

JENNY: Sorry, Rob. It goes against everything I stand for.

ROBBIE: You're unbelievable! (snatches the clipboard away) Thanks, Niley.

Robbie walks off and looks back at Jenny, still pissed and continues on.

Over at a lunch table in the pavilion sits Prichard with his friends, laughing over a dirty joke. Prichard notices Chelsea walking by, folders in her hand a yellow flier half hanging out. He jumps up and slides it out. Chelsea stops, trying to figure out his sporadic behavior.

CHELSEA: What are you doing?

PRICHARD: What the hell is this, Cinema Club? They made fliers? Oh, it's just sick, who would be in charge of such gayness?

CHELSEA:... nobody, Prichard! I'll take that back now.

Prichard looks up and notices Charlie walking around, handing out the fliers.

PRICHARD: Nobody is right.

CHELSEA: Look, just give it back, Prichard.

PRICHARD: You gonna join this club?

CHELSEA: No, that's stupid.

PRICHARD: That's what I thought. (nudges Chelsea) 3:30 - 5 PM is our time...

CHELSEA: Oh God, don't mention it or our Fuck Buddy deal is off.

PRICHARD: Sorry, sorry.

CHELSEA: ... okay, if I'm being totally honest, I was thinking about joining.

PRICHARD: What the hell for?

CHELSEA: To be supportive of my friends.

PRICHARD: (laughs) Right. Why do you hang out with those faggots anyway?

CHELSEA: They're not - - that. They're actually pretty cool if you ever got to know them instead of being a complete asshole every time they came around.

PRICHARD: You don't know that little bitch like I do, Chels. I live next door to Robbie, that little homo is always doing some queer shit.

CHELSEA: So the answer is hate crimes?

PRICHARD: (looks back at Charlie and then to Chelsea) You know what... you're right. I SHOULD get to know them. And hey, if you're joining... I might as well, too.

Prichard gives Chelsea a prick like smirk and we SMASH TO BLACK.

Cinema Club has it's first meeting.
Niley gets a 101 in film.
And voting for Cinema Club president begins.