103 - Cinema Club


JILL: Confidence, too! What else do you have?
CORY: You'll just have to find out.
JILL: And mysterious to top it off.
CORY: I'm the full package.

PRICHARD: You gonna join this club?
CHELSEA: To be supportive of my friends.
PRICHARD: You know what... you're right. I SHOULD get to know them. And hey, if you're joining... I might as well, too.

A classroom full of kids stare on to the front of the room, looking onward at Robbie and Charlie. Roy sits in the front row - - trying to egg them on to say something. Robbie is stone cold, sweating bullets. Charlie would say something, he just doesn't know what. Niley sits up front next to Roy, twiddling her thumbs and smiling innocently like she's entertained. Jill and Kirby enter the room, the sound of the door opening startling Robbie. They make their way and head to the back where it's standing room only.

ROBBIE: Hello everyone... big turn out... I count, uh - -

CHARLIE: 37 of us.

ROBBIE: (gulps) Yeah, 37.

CHARLIE: (whispering) So don't screw this up!

ROBBIE: My name is Robbie... this is Charlie... we invented Cinema Club.

ROY: I also did, too!... not like it matters or anything.

NILEY: Oh yeah, me three.

ROY: ... No you didn't.

NILEY: Oh... nevermind guys, just kidding.

ROBBIE: So uh... any questions?

The room is silent and they peer forward, watching with judgful eyes. Charlie actually starts to feel a bit intimidated.

CHARLIE: Perhaps we'll just go straight into what exactly it is we'll be doing.

The door bursts open again - - it's Chelsea and Prichard. Chelsea's hair is a bit messed up and Prichard is fixing his belt. Everyone watches them suspiciously as they go stand in the back next to Jill and Kirby although Jill isn't exactly fond of Prichard - - and it shows.

ROBBIE: We will meet 3 times a week, um... I guess we can vote on when is good for you... how's Monday's sound?

Crickets chirp.

ROBBIE: Okay, Mondays is a sure thing. Wednesdays? (nothing again) Fridays? (silence) That settles it. We meet Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 3:30 PM, directly right after school until about 5 PM, depending on the activities - -


ROBBIE: Uh... what, Prichard?

PRICHARD: This is a club, right? Shouldn't there be a president or something?

CHARLIE: Oh, well, we invented it - -

ROY: Plus me.

CHARLIE: - - plus Roy.

NILEY: (smiles big) And me.

ROY: (shaking his head) Nooooo, no, no.

CHARLIE: Not her - -

ROY: Exactly.

CHARLIE: So yeah.

PRICHARD: That's not the point, man. You gotta give the people a voice as to who they want to be their leader.

ROBBIE: I - I - I guess that's fair.

PRICHARD: Yeah... so, maybe that should be your first action in the club. Figuring out who runs this thing.

CHARLIE: I guess he has a point, Robbie.

PRICHARD: SO, everyone think about who they want to be president and tomorrow, which is Friday, our next meet day, you turn in slips of paper, they'll be counted and the president will be named.

ROBBIE: Good idea.

PRICHARD: No shit.

CHELSEA: Prichard!

PRICHARD: I'm just sayin', they look like bumbling idiots up there.

The entire room laughs. Niley lets out a chuckle. Roy smacks her arm and she zips her lips shut. Robbie and Charlie try to keep their heads up and laugh along.

ROBBIE: HA HA... HA HA... very funny. Thank you. I guess we know who to vote club clown.

PRICHARD: Or club president.

ROBBIE: (gulps) Oh, God no.

PRICHARD: Seriously, who wants to be club president in here? Raise your hand.

Charlie and Robbie awkwardly raise their hands. Prichard goes ahead and raises his, defiantly. NILEY'S HAND JUMPS UP.

NILEY: Ohhhh, that sounds fun!

ROY: Niley, no!

NILEY: (puts her hand back down and frowns) Sorry.

Roy goes ahead and raises his own hand. Two other random kids raise their hands as well - - but they're not important.

PRICHARD: Alright, that's 6 of us. I'm Prichard, there's Robbie and Charlie, Roy and uh... who are you?

RANDOM KID #1: My name is - -

PRICHARD: Eh, it doesn't matter. Random Kid 1 and Random Kid 2. Now, we all should make speeches as to why we would think we would be the best club president.

CHARLIE: C'mon man, is that necessary? I mean, we made this thing.

PRICHARD: This is America, right? Or are we all of a sudden in totalitarion setting?

NILEY: I can't even spell that word...

ROBBIE: A democracy does seem fair but, I mean - - do you even like movies? Aren't you on the football team or something?

PRICHARD: Robbie, c'mon. That's like asking someone if they like music. And football season is backed up this year to the winter and spring instead of the fall.

Prichard goes ahead and starts to make his way to the front of the class, systematically taking over.

PRICHARD: Am I right, guys? You deserve your voices to be heard.

The crowd claps and a few "woo's" escape out.

Robbie paces back and forth, nearly pulling his hair out. Charlie sits on the bed and watches Kirby paint Jill's toe nails - - mesmorized by it.

ROBBIE: There's no way! There's no way they're gonna vote for us over him! He totally screwed us over, man!

JILL: Robbie, it's not that bad. You gave a good speech.

Back in the classroom; Robbie stutters and mumbles his way as he stands their nervously. Prichard blows a raspberry in his arm and the class erupts in laughter.


ROBBIE: We worked hard on this and now he turned into a joke!

KIRBY: Dude, calm down. None of those guys are gonna vote for him, they don't even like him. CHARLIE: He's just there because he's trying to bone Chelsea and once he does that, you'll never have to see him again.

ROBBIE: I think they already boned, that's just me.

JILL: Oh, guys, c'mon, don't be gross. Don't use that word.

KIRBY: Boned?

JILL: Yeah, it's - - bleh.

ROBBIE: I'm pretty sure he screwed her already. I hear all sorts of weird animal noises coming from his house at all times of the night.

JILL: Yeah? Wanna record 'em and we can see which one sounds weirder - his or Olivia's?

CHARLIE: Olivia has guys over?

JILL: She has a boyfriend.

KIRBY: Oh my God, why do you guys even care or even think about this kinda stuff?

ROBBIE: You're right, back to the point, I'M SCREWED!

Kirby finishes Jill's toe nails. Jill gets a happy girly face and grabs the polish.

JILL: Your turn!

KIRBY: Bitch, please.

JILL: C'mon!

KIRBY: You know I don't do that. You're lucky I even did it for you.

JILL: RUIN IT, KIRBY. JUST RUIN IT. (smiles innocently) Charlie, would you like your nails painted? Please?

CHARLIE: (sighs) I can't say "no" to you. Just do them black.

Charlie extends his fingers and she gets to it. A loud ruckus can be heard from the outside - - an argument of some sort. Kirby gets up and walks to the window, Robbie joining as well.

JILL: It's just Olivia's parents. 5 consecutive nights in a row, I'm about to send in a noise complaint to the police.

ROBBIE: What do they fight about, do you know?

JILL: Usual stuff parents fight about, I guess, I wouldn't know.

KIRBY: She's coming out.

From the POV of Jill's window we look down into Olivia's yard. She exits the house, crying and wiping her tears. She sits on the curb, trying to not sob too hard.

ROBBIE: I think I'm gonna go talk to her, I feel bad.

KIRBY: Don't.

ROBBIE: Oh c'mon.

JILL: She's still a bitch, Robbie, always will be.

ROBBIE: That was like the fifth grade we pulled that prank on her though. Five whole years, you still think she has that anger boiled up?

JILL: ... I don't know and I don't care.

ROBBIE: Well I regret it. God, look at her, she's so HOT. Even when she's crying.

CHARLIE: I thought you liked Niley?

ROBBIE: Shhhhhhut up, man!

KIRBY: Ooooh, I didn't know that one.

ROBBIE: It's a - - thing, it's nothing.

JILL: Oh Robbie, how cute. Why don't you ask her out?

ROBBIE: I don't know... (sits in a chair) I don't know how.

KIRBY: (sits in an adjacent chair) It's easy. You just do it. I'm sure she likes you, too.

Kirby puts her hand on Robbie's knee. Charlie takes notice and looks back down at his nails.

ROBBIE: You think so?

KIRBY: (sighs) No.

JILL: Kirby!

ROBBIE: Oh, thanks.

KIRBY: But you guys don't hang out much outside of class so if she were to date anyone in this group, it'd be you. If that helps... I don't know, I'm not good with this feelings shit.

JILL: We'll try to hook you two up, if you'd like.

ROBBIE: No... I'll just ignore it... for now at least.

Robbie and Charlie make the way out of the house, beginning their trek to their houses. Robbie has a fierce look of anger in his eyes directed to Charlie. Charlie finally notices.

CHARLIE: What, man? You're freaking me out.

ROBBIE: "I thought you liked Niley." What are you, an idiot? !

CHARLIE: I'm sorry, I forgot who we were with.

ROBBIE: Yeah, you're lucky I didn't say anything about your little crush.

CHARLIE: I don't have a crush! Jesus, that sounds so middle school.

ROBBIE: Really? Look at your nails! You look like Dr. Frank-N-Furter!

CHARLIE: (sighs) Okay, maybe just a little infatuation.

ROBBIE: "In-fat-u-ation" - - listen to you! You're in denial, buddy.

CHARLIE: No, I don't wanna ruin the friendship so I'm not gonna do anything. It's opposite of you and Niley. You guys don't see each other often but Jill and I, well, we do so it can't work. Besides, I've been taken aback by Kirby lately.

Robbie stops in his tracks, jaw to the floor as Charlie continues. Charlie turns around with a smile on his face.

ROBBIE: What the hell is wrong with you? !

CHARLIE: (chuckles) What?

ROBBIE: Can't you like someone outside of our circle for once?

CHARLIE: Oh, you're one to talk Mr. I-Wanna-Bone-Olivia-And-Niley.

ROBBIE: I only wanted to bone Olivia AFTER she was out of our group, thank you very much. I don't think I even had the tools for the boning back when we were friends.

CHARLIE: Well it's all the same.

ROBBIE: No! No! No! It's not all the same because if you like Kirby and if you do something STUPID, that WILL ruin the ENTIRE circle, moreso than if you tried something with Jill.

CHARLIE: How do you figure? Kirby's always at soccer practice and sometimes she runs away with her soccer buddies at lunch so she's just as much around as Niley is.

ROBBIE: I guess that's fair.

CHARLIE: I'm neither of their types anyway so it doesn't matter.

ROBBIE: Don't think like that, man. I'd... okay, maybe I wouldn't.

CHARLIE: Oh, you're a real pal. Thanks.

ROBBIE: Look, we got bigger things to worry about. What are we gonna do about this Cinema Club situation?

CHARLIE: Nothing.

ROBBIE: What do you mean, "nothing?"

CHARLIE: What is there to do? The people vote and then Cinema Club is out of our hands if they choose it to be, I'm not gonna worry about it.

ROBBIE: Uhhhh, you should because the thing we worked so hard to create will be ran by a mongoloid. Then next thing you know, him and his other jock idiot friends decide to join and it's "Planet of the Apes" all over again. The remake version, Charlie, not even the original! So it'll be less entertaining to watch the rise as it actually happens.

CHARLIE: Maybe we'll get lucky, maybe Roy will win.

ROBBIE: He's a freshman, freshman don't win things. Anyway, I'll see ya later.

CHARLIE: Alright, man. See ya.

They split up on the sidewalk into seperate directions and continue on towards their destinations.

Jill makes her way down the hallway and sees Cory leaning against the wall in a total model pose. She cracks a smile and approaches him.

JILL: Did you practice that pose?

CORY: Is that a pick up line?

JILL: Do you want it to be?

CORY: (smiles) That's good. That's good, Jill.

JILL: So uh, did you do the homework?

CORY: Oh crap, we had homework?

JILL: Yeah. Chapter 2, 1 - 19 odd... wanna copy it?

CORY: Really? You'll let me do that?

JILL: Totally... but you only have 5 minutes to do it until he gets here.

CORY: Well, that's if he doesn't come late again.

They both chuckle at the corny, half-joke. Jill stands there for a moment, already forgotten what she was going to do. She then quickly remembers and opens up her folder, handing him the paper.

CORY: Thanks, I'll give it right back to you.

Cory sits down at a planter and starts to copy. Jill looks down and watches him, able to see down his shirt - - she can see his pecs and the beginning of his abs. She extends her collar out, trying to cool herself down.

JILL: So uh, what grade are you in?

CORY: I'm a Junior. You?

JILL: Sophomore... (looks out the window) Oh, crap, he's here!

CORY: Really?

Cory jumps up and quickly hands Jill the paper. In comes the teacher, making his way to the class.

JILL: Sorry.

CORY: That's okay, I got most of them.

JILL: Maybe um... I can come a little earlier and meet up with you the next time you forget about homework.

CORY: Oh, now you're just tempting me to forget on purpose.

Cory goes ahead and heads towards the classroom - - he knows he has her. Jill stays behind and hides her face behind the folder. She quickly tries to collect herself and lets out a tiny squeal. She lowers the folder - - Jenny's there. She startles back, embarassed.

JENNY: What are you doing?

JILL: Uuuuh... nothing, haha.

Jill gives a nervous smile and she chuckles.

JENNY: No, I know that squeal. You like that guy, don't you? No wonder you've been so head in the clouds lately.

JILL: I don't LIKE HIM, I just think he's cute.

JENNY: Yeah and I hide my face behind folders to squeal everytime I see a boy, too. C'mon, what's his name?

JILL: Cory. We have this class together right now.

JENNY: Ooooooh, I see. Well, lemme know how it goes.

Jenny starts to walk off but Jill grabs her shoulder.

JILL: Hey, I heard you didn't wanna join Cinema Club.

JENNY: Yeah, so?

JILL: Well could you just for today? Robbie and Charlie are really hoping one of them can become president.

JENNY: I'm sorry, Jill, I have a study group today after school.

JILL: Study? What do you have to study, the semester just started?

JENNY: Well when you're in the type of classes I'm in, Jill, then we'll talk.

JILL: Yeah, whatever.

Jenny gives Jill a "bitch smile" and carries on. Jill turns to her classroom - BAM! She walks into Olivia. Olivia drops her frappucino on the ground, it SPLATTERING everywhere including onto Jill's legs.

OLIVIA: What the hell, Roberts?

JILL: I'm sorry, I - -

OLIVIA: You were being a complete retard, is what.

JILL: No... I'm not sorry actually. Whatever.

Jill heads to the classroom door.

OLIVIA: Get back here, you owe me 3.55.

JILL: You're insane if you think I'm paying for your overpriced coffee.

Jill enters the classroom and Olivia stands there, looking down at the mess on the floor. "URGH" she hissy fits and storms off.

The room is QUIET. Niley is pulling out names written on little slithers of paper from a hat and unfolds them, putting it down on the desk. Robbie sits in the front row, watching in complete agony. Niley lets out a smile - - Robbie gets hope - - she frowns - - his nervous leg syndrome kicks in. She smiles again - - his head perks up like a dog - - she frowns - - he slams his head on the desk.

NILEY: Well this is the last one.

Niley reaches in and pulls out the name, putting in one of the groups of names spread out. Kirby makes her way to the front and looks down, counting the votes. Niley looks up and gives Robbie a thumbs up behind Kirby's back - - he smiles.

KIRBY: Okay, uh... the winner is...

Robbie sits up in his chair, trying to just BREATHE. Charlie is whatever about the situation. Roy is in the corner, already knowing he's lost.

KIRBY: Prichard.

Prichard smiles smugly in the corner of the room and the room applauds. He makes his way to the front.

KIRBY: Robbie, you came in second. So that makes you vice president.

Robbie's eyes droop and he slams his head back down on the desk.

ROY: What are the other standings?

KIRBY: Charlie in 3rd, you in 4th - - sorry and in 5th - -


KIRBY: Yeah, even though she wasn't eligble...

Prichard now takes command at the front of the class. Robbie looks up at him, defeated. Kirby and Niley go sit down.

PRICHARD: What's up my fellow Movie Club members!

ROBBIE: AHHH! It's Cinema Club!

PRICHARD: Quiet down, VP. The head honcho is talking!

ROBBIE: (to Charlie) I am going to jump out the window any second now.

PRICHARD: First thing's first... we will be watching and then discussing my top 3 favorite movies OF ALL TIME! YEAH! Okay... number 3... The Fast and the Furious!

The crowd applauses. Robbie can't believe his ears. Roy looks on with a "whaaaa?" expression.

PRICHARD: Number 2 - - American Pie.

The crowd applauds again. Robbie gives Prichard credit for that one and gives a "I guess that's decent" nod.

PRICHARD: And number 1 - - Godzilla!

The crowd applauds. Robbie seems confused.

ROBBIE: Wait, wait, which Godzilla? There's like a dozen of 'em.

PRICHARD: Really? I didn't know that... the only one that counts than... the one with Ferris frickin' Bueller in it!

The crowd goes wild. Robbie is in complete disbelief. Even Niley is wide-eyed in disgust.

ROBBIE: (dead pan)... fuck my life.

Niley enters her house, Robbie shortly behind. She throws her backpack on the couch and heads for the kitchen.






Robbie watches Niley, almost as if it's something he's never seen before.

NILEY: (back to sweet in instant bi-polar fashion) Would you like a soda?


NILEY: All I have is the cheap kind.

ROBBIE: That's fine.

Robbie sits down at the couch and Niley exits. He puts his head down... Niley returns, soda in hand. She sits down directly next to him on the couch with only an inch between them. Robbie looks up but tries to play off this moment like it means nothing.

NILEY: So what we gonna watch first? I've been excited for my film L-O-L.

ROBBIE: Your film L-O-L?... do you mean 101?

NILEY: ... maybe.

ROBBIE: Uh... I thought we'd go with some classic horror. Horror's my favorite. So I brought the Universal horror collection. Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolf Man, Creature of the Black Lagoon, Bride of Frankenstein... it's basically where modern American horror became popular.

NILEY: Sounds fun.

ROBBIE: After that, I was thinking we could go with some 50s and 60s classics. Singin' in the Rain... Rebel Without a Cause... popular stuff, all movies I'm sure you heard of. We won't get obscure until much further down the line.

NILEY: Pop in the first one! You want popcorn?

ROBBIE: (getting up) No, no... it's okay.

Robbie grabs a case and puts it in the DVD player. He returns back to the couch, trying not to seem obvious so he sits a little bit further away then where he got up from. Niley looks over and smiles at him. He looks at the screen, waiting for the DVD to get to the main menu. He reaches over to this soda on the table and scoots himself back to where he originally was at the same time.

NILEY: I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

ROBBIE: Casablanca!

NILEY: The White House?

ROBBIE:... nevermind.

He turns his head back to the screen and leans back on the couch. She throws her arm up on the edge of the couch behind him, reaching around. This situation in hindsight seems completely backwards as to what gender would be doing what... he smiles and grabs the remote, leaning back into her small arm. She smiles at him again... and he presses "play."

Niley becomes obsessed with a certain genre.
Prichard's first actions as Cinema Club president.
Things between Jill and Cory heat up.
And Roy offers to help Kirby with soccer practice.

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