Q: What are some of your casting choices?

Ariana Grande as Niley Krinkey
Willa Holland as Chelsea Saure
Josh Hutcherson as Prichard Tin

There's some newer characters that have been introduced lately that'll be frequent guest stars throughout the rest of the season:
Ellen Wong as Stephie Chan
Jimmy Bennet as Louis Hobbs
Callan McAuliffe as Joseph Morris

There will be more introduced in the next episode, "New Blood" which is mostly about the new members of the Cinema Club but I don't wanna give that away just yet. As for guest stars that appear on the show, I don't think too much about that but towards the end of the season, if there was anyone in particular I had in mind, I'll be sure to post it in the casting info!

Roy Popper I've been thinking recently should be someone a bit ethnic since the Scream films are predominantly Caucasians. So someone like a younger Jesse Williams. So if you can find someone that fits that description, let me know!

Q: What's been your favorite episode to write so far? Favorite character?

I think by far my favorite episode is episode 4, "Boyfriend #1." I think it has quite a bit of funny moments and it includes every single main character in some integral way. Also, it's the point where the story starts to go where it needs to go so things can get more emotional and intense. The first three episodes were very introductory and were setting up what's to come a bit later but that's expected since each episode is pretty short so there's not a lot of time to develop every single thing in an ideal way so I understand those episodes aren't the most exciting things ever. As for character that's my favorite, that's a really tough one because unlike the "movies," I'm actually getting to spend a lot of time with each character here and it's not always in a plot-driven, race towards the end type of way, so they get the chance of being developed fully. I do really enjoy writing Jill, Robbie and Charlie though since I never had the chance to before. And of course I love writing for Niley and Roy.

Q: Will Sidney appear in the story in the flesh or just through a phone call?

*minor spoilers in this answer* Sidney returns in the flesh towards the end of the season. It introduces a really important plot point and some major character development for Jill. A big part of the episode will be devoted to her special appearance. It will be the episode before the season finale. It will also remain in canon with the series so that's a big hint as to why she'll be around.

Q: Where's Marnie? Where's Trevor? Why is Jenny apart of the friend group? Why is Olivia not apart of the friend group?

That's actually kind of a spoiler-ish question but I promise 3 out of those 4 things will be introduced or fully developed by the end of the first season. Like I said, it's all planned out and it will eventually all mesh together.

Q: Are you going to explain the absence of the original characters you created during the events of Scream 4?

Definitely. Season 3 is going to be a big one with the last couple of episodes and the finale taking place during and a bit after the events of Scream 4. It's nothing easy like, "they were gone on a school field trip" or anything. When I was writing Scream 5 and Scream 6, I already had in mind the entire back story and back then, I wanted it to be a bit more challenging than something easy for their absence, which ofcourse is actually how Woodsboro High came to be. I thought the story was interesting enough for a series and I'm hoping so far that people either agree or are at least intrigued.

Q: Will you finish the story regardless of reviewership?

Frankly, probably not. If I don't feel there's an interest then I lose interest in continuing writing the story. Personally, I already know what happens in the story because I'm writing it but if people don't show that same interest then I have no "need" to continue telling it. At this point, I'll be finishing out Season 1 and things will definitely start to pick up in the intensity department in the episodes from now on which will probably get readers to chime in with a review, hopefully. The thing is with horror fans is they usually are more vocal about the deaths that happen but obviously, this story isn't like that. I like to get character-based-reviews more than anything because that's the stuff that I actually work hard on. Creating a brutal, bloody death is easy (not to sound like a psycho or anything, it just takes imagination). But creating a person that seems like they're living and breathing and putting different steps and obstacles in their life so they can get to certain points so the story can move forward is a more difficult task. So I hope the readers that are following will review regardless of the lack of carnage. So like any TV show, it needs a fan base or else it gets "cancelled."

Q: Is something planned for the Season Finale of this season?

I have each episode all the way up to season 3 planned. So I have literally 66 episodes stored in my mind and written down in the "outline archives." It's just a matter of if enough people enjoy the show enough so that it gets to that point. I also have a very good idea of how to do season 4 but that's only if people want it. So yes, not only do I have something planned for every single episode but something for season 1, 2 and 3's season finales. And without spoiling anything, they're all BIG events and I'm not just talking "character driven, emotionally charged" big (although they are that too). I'm talking actual things happening with action and what-not like a season finale is supposed to. That's just how I think a show should be - - every season finale has to blow people away, be shocking and be breathtakingly daring so people come back for the next season. The season finale for season 1 will be no different, I assure you. I want them to play out like a movie of their own so each season finale will ditch the playwright format and switch up to screenplay format and be much more detailed and engaging to read.

Q: You wrote Scream 5 and 6 in screenplay format. Why the switch to "playwright format?"

Simply because it takes up less space and is quicker to write. I really wanted people to feel like the script wasn't too long to the point where they couldn't read it. So I made it look more condensed and hopefully that opens up the story to more readers. I'm more accustomed to screenplay format but I figured for this I could switch it up. And like I said, the season finale episodes will be in screenplay format so they can have that "movie like feel."