I said my goodbyes to mother and to daddy. I didn't want to leave them, especially with the condition mother was in, but they wouldn't have it. I had already talked with Aibileen, and sure enough, she wanted me to go, too. So did Minny, as surprising as it was. They all wanted me to experience a better life, become successful, and even possibly lose my social status of single.

Daddy drove me to the airport and I could see the sadness in his eyes. Immediately, we both burst into tears. We gave each other one last, long embrace. And from the smile on his face, I knew he was crying tears of joy.

I couldn't believe I was finally leaving. But, I had experienced enough of Jackson. Other than my family and a few colored maids, the people there no longer served as a crucial part of my progressing life. No one who could really make me stay.

I didn't even bother thinking of making new friends, not when they're all under Hilly's influence. But, I do regret not getting to know some of the nicer ladies, like Lou Anne. She showed some sides of her that were just so admirable, from the stories with her maid to what she had said to me in the Jitney.

Then, there was Stuart. Our relationship was a real rollercoaster, ever since the first unsuccessful date. We did have some moments, he and I. And I was just starting to become infatuated with him, like before. If only his father weren't a senator. But if that was true, Stuart would probably still be with Patricia. No matter what, I still have many regrets regarding him.

I stepped onto the plane and sat down in my seat. I heard the pilot greet the passengers, thank us for choosing the airline, and state our destination. My first stop was in Chicago, before heading on to New York. I wanted to see Constantine's grave, talk to her a bit, and say my much belated goodbye.

As the plane took off and flew well off the ground, I looked out my window. I could see the town and I imagined the people I knew, attending to their daily routines. I thought of how I might never see them again and if I do, it would be a long time until then. I thought of how I would keep in touch with mother, daddy, and with Aibileen. I realized how it wouldn't be the same as actually being with them.

By now, I could see a good portion of the state. I the plantation on which I grew up. I saw Senator Whitworth's rather historic house. But they were all getting harder to distinguish as I flew further away. A tear rolled down my cheek. I was surely going to miss that place. However, I thought of what lay ahead of me. I was starting on a completely new life. I was beginning a whole new adventure.