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2 months later

Step 3 Play a sport at school

Janet's POV

It's been 2 months since I broke my leg and I'm still on the tennis team. This was our last game and my partner and I were rocking it. We were up by four points. I was running to get the ball and hit it back not hearing a crack in my time I put pressure on my right foot it hurt badly. We finished the game and I walked slowly to the coach. He had heard the crack and took my shoe off immediatly.

"R.I.C.E!" Coach George called out. We all knew I had gotten a sprain now I had explained to Paul what that had ment. He walked over to our coach and asked what was wrong. He told him I'm might have a grade 3 sprain. He sat by me as the Coach put ice and elevated my right leg. "Janet, you've gotten hypothermia, broken leg and now a sprained ankle." Paul said probably not trying to be mean about it.

"Well Paul I'm so freaking sorry I'm a KLUTZ!" I yelled at him. He looked taken back and shocked. He stopped talking and just sat there. The ride home was akward,my mother had called a doctor to come to the house. I didn't think that was even possible any more. I looked at the doctor, it was my regular one Carlisle. He let me call him by his first name since I thought it was cool. He looked at my ankle then said "You rolled your ankle from playing tennis, La Push high beat Forks High school."

I nodded proud and then he said "You took one for the team big time, you have a grade 3 sprain." He left me and Paul alone, which I didn't really want to be alone with him since he was being mean to me about my past injuries.

Paul's POV

"Janet,I didn't mean to." I started and she stopped me. "You ment what you said." Janet said sitting up. "No I just ment Janet for my sanity try not to get hurt." I tried saying. "I can't make that promise Paul and you know that. "She said nearly crying. "Why are you crying, you yelled at me Janet." I asked noticing a few tears drip down her cheeks. "I don't want to yell or be yelled at." Janet said now really crying.

"Baby,please don't."I said pulling her in my lap. "We've been dating for how long?" I asked her. "6 months." She said kissing my cheek. "I think by the time we've been dating for a year you would be in a full body cast." I said laughing a little. "You never know." She said. When Janet gets hurt she's not sad at all, she's a little bit happy, she gets to the doctors and nurses more, and learn how she broke stuff.

She actually wants to be a doctor. Janet told me exactly what happen to her ankle in fancy doctor terms but then she dumbed it down saying "I have a very sprained ankle." I smiled at her, she was a odd ball but she's my odd ball. I'm apparently her big mean fighting machine, since guys like to pick on her at school. "Hey would you mind if I go to patrol." I asked. "Nope, fine I'm kind of tired any way." She said stretching out on her bed.

I phased and went patroling. Jared was there, he didn't exactly like Janet as much as the rest of the pack. I showed him what happened at the tennis game and he though back to me Can she even walk without hurting herself. Jared stop.I reconized that thought as Sam's. I'm just telling the truth can she?Jared shut it before I give ya a knucle sandwitch. Paul control yourself, think of Janet would she want you to hurt Jared.Yes she would.