This is my first Victorious fan fiction, like so many others have, I made it so Jade was raped, but I added a little bit of twist to spice it up :) I don't know if anyone else has done this but I just randomly got the idea. So I hope you like it.

Jade POV

"Jade you made it!" Hunter beamed as I arrived at the party. "Where's Beck?" He scrunched his eyebrows up in confusion.

"That's none of your damn business." I snapped, and he put his hands up showing he meant no harm.

"The party's outside," he let me in. But I saw that there were like a hundred people in his living room alone.

"Whatever." I muttered, and walked by him. I knew I shouldn't be here, but I really didn't care. Beck and I got in yet another fight, but I'm not even sure what it was about. All I kno is that I was really pissed, and I bet it had something to do with that slut Vega. That's what they're usually about anyways. But anyway one thing lead to another and I ended up coming here.

I tried to convince Beck to come, but he kept on going on about how Hunter's parties are always bad news. I didn't even get how he could say that considering he's never been to one. But next thing I know I stormed out of his R.V. Not really sure what to do.

I was originally gonna go to the movies, which is where he thought I was, but just to piss him off I ended up coming here.

"Hey how's it going babe." Some idiot blocked my way.

I ignored him and tried to stalk pass him, but he grabbed my shoulder.

"Get off asshole." I slapped his hand away, and continued going outside.

After maybe an hour or so I realized that someone had brought drugs. I didn't know what it was, but I sure as hell wasn't sticking around to find out. I wasn't in the mood to being brought down to the police station.

"Shit!" I swore colorfully, when I found my car missing-actually it's my mom's car. Damn she's gonna kill me.

I couldn't call Cat or Andre since they were working on some project, and I sure as hell wasn't calling Beck or Vega, I decided to just walk home. Besides the fact that the car was stolen I actually didn't mind that much. It was dark, and a slight breezed caressed my body.

I reached the corner of Gibson St. and contemplated on whether I should continue down this street. It was known as one of the bad neighborhoods, and Beck didn't like us going down there, not even in a car. But Beck wasn't here was he.

Before I even crossing the street though, someone's hand gripped my arm.

"Hey I didn't get to say good bye before you left." A guy's voice said from behind me.

"Get the fuck off me." I turned around and tried to get away.

When my eyes met his I saw it was that idiot from the party. He had dark brown scruffy hair, that partially covered his eyes, that also seemed to be brown , but I couldn't really tell. He was wearing a dark blue t-shirt despite the slight chill, and dark blue jeans, But the thing that struck me the most was his size. It wasn't that he looked particularly strong, but he was as tall as anything.

"Hey hey hey, I'm only trying to be polite here." he smiled, and for some reason it sent shivers down my spine, "Now a pretty little girl like you shouldn't be going through these streets alone."

"Yeah and an ugly little boy like you shouldn't be allowed in public, but you're still here." I spat.

His eyes flashed dangerously, before he said, "Now that wasn't nice."

"Like I give a shit."I tried to pull away, but he was stronger than he looked.

"Oh no you're not going anywhere." his smile grew.

Okay I was really getting scared now. I kicked him where it count, and he doubled over in pain, releasing me in the process.

I sprinted down the street, but his long legs easily caught up to me.

"Bitch." he grumbled, and covered my mouth, while dragging me into a nearby abandoned warehouse.

I kicked and thrashed in his grip, but it was no use.

Once we were in, he threw me against the stone wall, my head connecting painfully to it.

I tried to make a run for it, but he was waiting for me. He pinned me to the ground, and forcefully stuck his tongue into my mouth.

I tried to push him off, but he was just too strong.

He groped my body, not missing the opportunity to touch every square inch of it.

"Stop..." I whispered, tears threatening to fall. But I'm Jade West. I don't cry... or so I thought.

Soon his kissing and groping turned into more, he-he stole my virginity. I know most people in school thought Beck and I did it like bunnies, but although we had some pretty hot make-out sessions, we never had sex.

All I could do was lay there as this creep raped me. I couldn't do anything, and despite my protests, I started crying.

"Please stop..." I choked.

"As you wish." he smirked, throwing his clothes back on.

I tried to crawl to my pile of clothes, but he grabbed me by the hair, making me stand up.

"This is for kicking me in the nuts."

He punched me in the face, causing me to cry out in pain. I collapsed on the cold floor, avoiding his icy gaze.

"Oh yeah, and by the way I have AIDS." he smirked, and left me whimpering, alone...terrified and broken.

So whadya think, good? Bad? My inspiration for this story is from Ryan White, who was a kid with AIDS in the 80s. His book his called Ryan White:My Own Story, and it's AMAZING but really sad. If you haven't read it you really should :D There's also a movie, it's on youtube and called The Ryan White Story.

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