~Jade POV~

My eyes lock with my favorite teacher, and I stare incredulously at him.

"Jade I-" He says nervously, fidgeting with his hands very un Sikowiz-like. But before he can finish I turn on my heels, and head out the door.

As I stalk down the hallway, gentle hands cautiously latch onto my shoulder. I snap my head around, and glare dangerously at Beck.

"Where are you going?" He asks softly.

"To class." I growl.


"If I don't then he gets what he wants, and I always win." I pull away from his grip, and storm to his room.

A couple of students are scattered randomly in the class, since we still have a couple of minutes till class starts, and I sit the very front of the class, with Beck to my right.

Slowly others trickle in, and of course no one sits within a 5 feet radius of me, but soon the rest of our groups sits around or near us, until finally the man of the hour walked in.

When he spotted me, I can practically feel his muscles tighten in anxiety, and he heaves a big sigh. I raised an eyebrow as if to challenge him, but he just continues his walk to the front of the room, and ignores me.

"Alright my little pink munchkins, class is officially at it's beginning." He beamed, effectively hiding any trace of fear or discomfort. The rest of class he was able to keep up the act, and it's as normal as Improv class can get. But I couldn't help but notice his constant avoidance of me.

I was never called on, whether I put my hand on or not, and I never was chosen to do any of the activities on stage. It's as if he just wiped my presence from his mind entirely.

As soon as class ended I stayed seated until the room slowly emptied, and when only Beck and me remained, I marched to front the room where Sikowitz stood, still ignoring me.

"What's the deal Sikowitz?" I snapped angrily.

I was met with silence.

"Alright you can ignore me all you want, but don't think that you can get rid of me that easily, you should know by now that it takes more than stupid games to take me down." I waited for him to respond, but again a deafening silence fell over the room.

I gave a callous glare, before saying "Okay you want to play games? Fine, but don't blame me when someone gets hurt." I accidentally blurt, not (fully) meaning it.

Fear flashed in his eyes, and I quickly exit the room before I could say anything worse, with Beck trailing behind me hurriedly.

"Jade what-" He said from behind, worry clipping his words.

"I don't know okay? It just came out I didn't mean- ah fuck now he must think I'm gonna infect him, shit shit shit." I muttered knowing that this definitely wouldn't pan out well.

"Don't worry it'll be alright."

"You know you really got to stop with that, okay?" I hurried in the parking lot to his car, feeling a little out of breath.

"Don't push yourself, you're still not-"

"Beck look, I'm fine alright? I don't need someone looking after me, and worrying. And I sure as hell don't need anyone treating me differently, and that includes you. So would you just lay off!" I snarled, and only briefly regretted the look of hurt that passed over his face, and got into my car, leaving him alone and bewildered in the parking lot.

Yeah Jade just mess up other people's life just because yours is fucked up, that'll fix your problems.

I contemplated on calling Beck back to apologize, but for some reason my hands wouldn't move for the phone. I guess it was because I didn't want to seem weaker than I already was, and in my book apologizing was weak.

Thankfully Beck was always there to make the first move, so I answered the phone as I parked in my garage.

Almost immediately as I picked up did he start speaking, "Babe I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to make it seem like you couldn't handle yourself, I was just making sure."

I sighed, knowing that I could drag this out longer than it needed but truthfully I was exhausted. Your first day back to school from weeks at the hospital isn't exactly easy. "Whatever, just don't let it happen again."

He sighed with relief and asked, "So you want to come over?"

"I can't my mom wants to some stupid family bonding crap, again." I groaned.

"Okay, well see you tomorrow, love you." Disappointment slightly seeping into his words.

"Love you too." I mumbled before hanging up.

Now if only my other problems could be resolved with simple words.

Sorry for the short and sort of boring chapter, but I was at lost of what to write. I hope you guys liked it anyways!