Aria Meloetta was burping up a storm, trying to find a way to stop it. She left the house, covering her mouth with both of her paddle shaped hands as she burped louder and louder. A pair of Surskit noticed this, giggling as they pointed at Meloetta.

"Oh look! She's burping out music!" The make Surskit commented as he laughed.

The female Surskit giggled, her eyes closed. "Yeah! It's funny and embarrassing! She's so gassy!"

Meloetta blushed as she placed her hands down on her black dress, groaning as she closed her eyes. "Man, this blows... my burping is making a fool out of me." She belched loudly again, the belch sounding like a trombone. "And my gas is so musical, it can turn any burst into a short tune!"

Several Silcoon and Cascoon approached Meloetta, attracted by her burping melody. Meloetta gasped as she burped again, covering her mouth with both of her hands as she slightly blushed. The five Silcoon all rubbed against Meloetta as the five Cascoon jumped up and down with glee.

"I... can't believe it..." Meloetta muttered as she kept burping frequently, her eyes quite widened, "These bug types... actually like my burping!"