Author's notes

So this is basically an alternate take on the events that occurred in DBZ. There will be large changes, some characters may live, or some may die, and there will be smaller, more subtle changes. I'm going to keep the basic storyline of Dragon ball Z intact, but anything can change. So I hope you enjoy, and have fun reading!

"NIMBUS!" Came the voice of a young, energetic man. Almost instantly, a small, yellow cloud flew through the sky and landed right beside him. The man picked up a young boy wearing a hat with a strange, orange ball on top, and put him on top of the cloud. This man's name, was Goku. And the boy's name was Gohan, the young son of Goku. Goku was an unbelievably powerful fighter, who has saved the earth several times. His son on the other hand, was much more shy and meek. But that could probably be blamed on Goku's wife, Chi Chi, who preferred Gohan to study to be a scholar then to fight. But today, she decided to be a bit lenient and let Gohan go with his father to visit some his old friend's. Goku hasn't seen his friend's in years, and was very excited to go see them. Gohan was a bit worried, but excited nonetheless. The two hopped on the cloud, and flew off.

"By Chi Chi! I'll be home in time for dinner, ok?" Called Goku.

"By Goku! And make sure Gohan is safe!" Chi Chi called back. The two were quickly out of sight, on there way to a place called Kame house. That's where Goku would be meeting with his old friend's. The two were happily flying across the sky, unaware that they were both in for some deep trouble today. The cause of this trouble was just arriving on the planet. A small pod falls from the sky and lands in a field, creating a large crater. A nearby farmer sees the crash and hesitatingly decided to go check it out. The farmer jumps in his truck and drives towards the crash site, and soon arrives to find a spaceship. The farmer, not taking any chances, grabs his shotgun and approaches the crater. To his horror, it opens, to reveal what appears to be a man. But the farmer soon realizes this is not a man, as it starts floating in the air, and lands right in front of the terrified farmer.

"So the creatures of this planet are still alive. Kakarot has failed us!" Says the space man angrily.

"Uhh, y-your on my p-proptery." Stutters the farmer.

"Is that so?" Asks the space man as he presses a button on a green device covering his eye. It starts beeping, and eventually settles on the number 5.

"Hmm, your power level is puny, level 5." He says.

"D-don't you come any closer! Look, I'll use this thing!" Threatens the farmer. The being from the space pod ignores the threat and continues forward.

"AAAHH!" Screams the farmer as he shoots. The bullet flies by faster then the human eye can see, and is easily caught by the space man.

"Huh?" Asks the farmer. The space man wastes no time in flicking the bullet back at the farmer, the bullet goes though his head, out the other side, and through the farmers truck. The farmer falls to the ground without another word.

"Heh, what a fragile breed of people." Says the spaceman. The device on his eye then starts flickering.

"Huh? Hmm, I'm picking up a high power level from over there. It must be him!" Says the space man as he jumps in the air and starts flying away.

"Prepare yourself Kakarot!"

Meanwhile, several miles away, a green man stands on a mountain top overlooking the scenery.

"WHA-" He suddenly turns around with a shocked expression.

"What is that? I've never felt so much power! It can't be Goku, it-it's to horrible!" He yells. This man's name, is Piccolo. An evil villain who has tried to kill Goku and take over the world, and has come dangerously close. But, like all villains before him, he to has failed. Suddenly, the space man from before shows up.

"Wh-who is that?" Piccolo asks himself.

"Excuse me for dropping in, I'm looking for a man named Kakarot, I thought you were him." Says the space man.

"Well you thought wrong, now get outta here before I get angry." Piccolo says, trying to keep his cool.

"Ooo, someones having a bad day." Says the space man.

"Believe me you have no idea, now get lost!" Replies Piccolo.

"Hehehe, oh you'd like that wouldn't you." Says the spaceman. He then presses a button on the device on his eye, and it starts beeping.

"Power level 322. I can tell your not from this planet, but you'd be a fool to attack me with such an, insufficient power." Mocks the spaceman.

"Now you listen to me! You came here, I have no intention of starting a fight!" Piccolo yells.

"Hehe, I do." Says the space man with a smile.

"Grrr, all right if that's the way he wants it!" Piccolo yells as he gets into a fighting position, and fires and extremely powerful ki blast at the spaceman The entire area is enveloped in smoke, and Piccolo smiles as he is confident he has destroyed the enemy.

"Hehehe." Suddenly comes from the smoke. It soon dissipates, and reveals the space man, completely unharmed.

"Impressive, you actually managed to singe some of my leg hair." Mocks the space man.

"WHA_ Urgh..." Piccolo is completely shocked.

"But allow me to demonstrate a more effective attack. It's one of my favorites, I call it a double Sunday." Says the space man.

"Now, see if you can follow this one." Says the space man with a cocky smile. He starts to prepare his attack, but suddenly the device on his eye stats beeping again.

"Huh? Well, it looks like it's your lucky day green man. There's another high power level, this one is defidently Kakarot." He says. Meanwhile, Goku and his son are just arriving at Kame house.

"Hmm, it's stopped." Says the space man. "Well, it doesn't seem to be going anywhere, and I have been in that space pod for a very long time. I'm just dying to have some fun." Says the space man with an evil smile.

"I suppose we can finish up here first. Ahehe." He laughs. Piccolo, meanwhile, is completely at a loss for words.

"I-I hit him at full power, and it didn't even faze him!" He thinks.

"No, no, you've got to keep your cool. There's no other way to beat him!" He continues. He then calms down and regains his composure.

"All right, do you wanna fight, or just talk all day!" Piccolo asks.

"Oh, don't worry green man we'll get to it soon. I'm just trying to decide." Says the space man.

"Decide what?" Piccolo asks.

"Whether I want a show or some action." Answers the space man.

"Grrr, what in the world is that supposed to mean!" Yells Piccolo.

"Oh, yes you've defidently had a bad day green man." Laughs the space man.

"Grrr, my name is Piccolo! And what can I call you?" Piccolo asks.

"Well, if you must know my name is Raditz. I am a saiyan warrior from the planet Vegeta." Raditz says proudly.

"Is that supposed to mean something?" Piccolo asks.

"Oh yes, it means a lot. But I don't have time to explain, I'd like to finish up here before Kakarot leaves his current location." Raditz says. That's when Piccolo gets an idea.

"Ok, so all I have to do is stall this guy long enough for this Kakarot person to leave." He thinks.

"No, wait, tell me more about this planet Vegeta." Says Piccolo.

"Sigh, fine I'll tell you." Raditz says. "Planet Vegeta is the home planet of the warrior race known as the saiyans. However, several years ago the planet was destroyed by a large astroid. The only saiyans that remain are myself, and 2 others. That's when I remembered Kakarot, my brother. As a baby, he was sent to earth in order to kill every last human."

"Wait, why was he sent to kill the humans?" Piccolo asks. He really couldn't care less, but any chance he got to prolong the conversation he was going to take.

"He was sent here because we saiyans are something similar to planet brokers. We rid a planet of all life, then sell it to the highest bidder. Normally an adult saiyan is sent to eradicate a race, but in the case of such a weak race as humans, a baby would do fine. But, minutes after Kakarot's space pod left, planet Vegeta was destroyed. The two other saiyans and myself were on missions at the time, that's the only reason were safe. Anyway, I decided to come to this planet to check up on my brother's progress, and to my surprise, he has failed. Miserably. Now all I wish to do is find him, and get off this planet." Raditz said.

"Then why don't you? Isn't standing here with me just wasting your time?" Piccolo asks.

"Hehe, not if were having fun. Now, if were finished talking I'd like to get on with this." Raditz said.

"No! I have to stall him a bit longer!" Piccolo says in his head. "Wait, err, what about the-"

"No, I no longer wish to talk. Besides, you'll be dead soon, so the knowledge won't do you much good." Raditz says.

"Well, so much for that plan." Piccolo thinks.

"Now, I've decided. I'm going to have enough action killing all the humans, for now, I would like a show." Raditz says with a smile.

"What does that mean?" Piccolo asks.

"Hehe, you'll find out soon enough green man."

Author's notes

And scene! I hope you guys enjoyed chapter one, if you did drop me a review. I wonder what Raditz means by a show? Hmm... :P