Rabbit Princess


Once upon a time, in a kingdom somewhere in the East was a castle with white marbled walls. An elderly man eased his paced in the room, looking out into the distance beyond the balcony after making a few steps. His hands folded behind his back as he paced and looked out. As he stared into the horizon, a bit of grief tugged his heart remembering the news of the death of his son, the King. He had embarked on a journey months ago fulfilling the role of Bookman gathering notes of history. A sudden accident overseas caused his death leaving the elder man to become King once again and the Queen who was with child.

His thoughts were interrupted when one of the maids called him. He glanced at her and noticed a child wrapped in warm blankets. The brown-haired maid gave him the crying child with him receiving with gentle care. A gentle smile graced her lips to congratulate the birth of his granddaughter, then her smile tugged down and her features saddened.

"The Queen has died giving birth to her. Not only losing strength of giving birth, but her heart was stressed on losing His Majesty," Miranda informed. Bookman nodded understandingly, grief tugging his heart once more however looking at his newborn granddaughter lifted his heart with joy. He ordered Miranda to spread the news of her birth. Miranda bowed and did as told.

News spread quickly across the kingdom and afar of the good news of Princess Lavi's birth. When she turned a year old, a gathering of nobles, knights, and other guests was held in her honor at Bookman's castle. Also, an invitation was given to King Tiedoll to bring his son for his and the princess' first meeting.

"Bookman, old friend," Tiedoll called.

"It's good to see you as well, Tiedoll," the elder King said curtly. The other man smiled gently. He had heard the terrible news of Bookman's son and Queen's death and did not summon the topic. After all, the party was to be a joyful one in honor of the new Princess.

"Yuu, don't be shy and say hello," Tiedoll glanced at the 3-year-old boy behind his legs. The boy tugged at his pant leg and stared at the other King with a frown.

"Hello, Prince Yuu," Bookman greeted. The short dark-haired boy backed away hiding behind his father. His father chuckled lightly.

"He's just shy."

Tiedoll glanced around, mentally eager to meet the baby girl while keeping a calm nature on the outside. His eyes stopped as he noticed the pink crib placed on the throne.

"Is she…"

Bookman gestured his friend to the crib. Tiedoll stepped up the steps and smiled curtly at the baby girl.

"Hello, Your Majesty. My, she is quite a beauty!"

Lavi stared at the mustache King, confusion swarming in her emerald eyes. Tiedoll ushered his son as he gently pulled him towards the crib with Kanda struggling with futile effort.

"Yuu, don't be shy and meet little Princess Lavi."

A stool was placed before Kanda. After much struggling, the little Prince gave in with a frown. Tiedoll lifted him onto the stool so the boy can get a good view of the girl. Kanda stared blankly at the redheaded baby as she stared back in confusion. The two Kings left the two children alone for a moment to discuss some political issues.

Somewhere in the shadows, a figure hid behind one of the posts. His form was round almost like a balloon, his eyes hidden behind circular glasses secured on his pointy blue nose. A tall black hat with flower décor sat on his head and he held the handle of a pink umbrella with a pumpkin on top in his white-gloved hand. He turned his heel with a malicious grin graced across his face, the tips reached the ends of his elf-like ears.

Lavi's eyes wondered around her area hearing the echoes of different voices in the room, once hearing her grandfather. Kanda watched her carefully. Somehow inside, he wanted her to look at him again. He closed his eyes as he inched closer to her face holding the rim of the crib for balance, his lips puckered. Her emerald orbs still wandered as she was oblivious to the boy's actions.

Kanda slapped his cheeks a few times not caring if they turn swollen. He slapped until he got her attention, which she did. She stared at him blankly in confusion. Loud cries erupted the room, which caused the crowd to turn towards the throne. The two Kings rushed over towards their children. Tiedoll noticed blood trickling down the boy's nose and immediately took out a napkin from his coat to wipe away the blood. Bookman regretted leaving the children unwatched as he held his granddaughter trying to calm her down. He apologized to the other King, which Tiedoll assured it was all right.

"Yuu, you're so silly," the father joked.

When both children calmed down, Bookman placed Lavi back into her crib. Kanda pointed towards the girl calling her name like a broken record. To the adults, he seemed desperate to see her.

"Lavi! Lavi! Lavi! Lavi!"

Tiedoll placed his son on the stool once more and placed a necklace in the boy's tiny hands. A lotus pendant dangled from the silver chains. "Show the Princess her gift."

Lavi watched as the lotus dangled above her. Her eyes shone seeing the light reflected against the flower. She squealed as she reached for the pendant with her tiny hands.

At that moment, the two Kings decided to arrange their children's marriage to bring their kingdoms together. They arranged that every summer for Princess Lavi and Prince Kanda to meet and hopefully get along well.