Rabbit Princess

Chapter 2

"Lavi! LAVI! Get down here this instant, young lady!" Bookman called from outside of the castle.

The ten-year-old Princess groaned irritably as she dragged herself onto the balcony from her room, her red hair in a complete mess. "What?"

"Kanda is waiting so don't dawdle!"

Lavi rolled her eyes. "Gramps! I have not packed or washed my hair!" she complained as she pulled at her braided pigtails that had hung over her shoulder. "And…I get seasick…" she slumped over the edge.

Bookman frowned and placed his fist against his hip, his eyebrows furrowed. He would take no excuses and with that he made his way back into the castle to drag the Princess to their carriage with her struggling with futile effort and howling in complaint. He also ordered Miranda to pack Lavi's things before they leave with the maid replying with a nervous, "Y-yes, Sir."



"Yuu! Its time to…" Tiedoll stopped in his tracks as he glanced at his son training swordsmanship. He slanted his eyes to get a good view of the doll tied to the post Kanda was attacking, then sighed slightly shaking his head in disbelief. The rag doll almost resembled (or supposed to apparently) Princess Lavi: red strings knitted on its head, green buttons for eyes, a stitched smile, and a pink dress.

"Is it really necessary?" the King pressed. "At least show a bit respect and Lavi will be here soon."

The twelve year old grimaced. "If I have to kiss her hand again, I swear I'm gonna be sick!" he then sliced off the head with a swift of his sword.


A few hours had passed since Bookman and Lavi arrived at Tiedoll's castle, along with Komui and Lenalee Lee, children of Baron and scientist in their kingdom Dr. Lee, who arrived a bit later. Dr. Lee couldn't attend since he had research to complete. The first thing when the elder King and Komui arrived at the castle to meet Tiedoll was meeting Baron Marian Cross. The girls had been told to play outside with the boys leaving the men in their discussion. Komui sadly couldn't play with his little sister since his father had asked him to take note of "important" things from the Kings and gain experience.


"Wait up!"

Lavi and Lenalee called as they chased after the two boys, Kanda and Allen in the grass field behind the castle. The boys ignored them as they raced up a tree to Kanda's tree house. The girls stopped in their tracks as they reached the tree hunching over their knees to catch their breath. They screeched in surprise as water balloons hit them on the head.


As Lavi stepped on the steps to teach the boys a lesson, another balloon splat in her face. Lenalee glared up at the boys as she caught her friend from falling over.

"No girls allowed!"

"Can't you read?"

Allen held a sign saying "No Girls Allowed".

Lavi frowned. "You guys are so unfair!"

"We really don't care!"

Lavi and Lenalee exchanged glances, a mischievous grin crossed their lips. Allen and Kanda noticed and turned pale thinking of what the girls were up to.

"Boys, it's all or none…" Lenalee said as the girls stood under the house on both sides. On the count of three, the girls kicked the stakes that held the tree house with the boys cursing as the house collapsed over the girls.

The adults and Komui rushed outside as soon as they heard a loud scream and crash only to shake their heads in disbelief of the children's mischief. The children were quickly tended to after the adults tossed away the rubble, and scolded. Allen received a pound in the head by his guardian Cross, while Komui cried of how boys were so mean to hurt his precious Lenalee.


A month passed as citizens gathered near the port as seagulls chirped and flew above. Packages, crates, and barrels have been loaded onto the ship. A few have been left behind when the crew took a break from loading.

Lavi sat on top of one of the crates with a bored look, legs crossed and her chin in her palm. She was clad in an outfit a usual towns boy wears: a white-long sleeved blouse over an olive vest, mud-colored pants tucked into dark laced boots. Her pigtails hung over her slender shoulders and a mud-colored cap was adorned on her head. She stared into the distance oblivious to Kanda and Allen looking at her from the ship. They exchanged glances with a mischievous grin.


The red head's eyes shone as she stood up greeting Lenalee. In a quick moment, the girls were bombarded with tomatoes as they held their arms from the substance getting into their eyes. After when it seems the boys finished throwing tomatoes, the girls glared at them before chasing them around on the ship. The two parties exchanged a battle of fruits and vegetables, anything they could find on the ship.

"You boys are gonna pay!"

Few moments later, the children were then punished by being forced clean the ship of the mess, with the protests of the adults to the crew. In addition, the boys were given a bit more labor than the girls. The children complained this was the worst summer in their life so far as they mopped and scrubbed with their guardians remarking of their faults for their misbehavior.

News and rumors were spread among the citizens of both kingdoms about the arranged marriage between Prince Kanda and Princess Lavi. They were delighted of the news, but also concern about the Prince and Princess not getting along. The citizens were to be sure to be alert of new news between the royal pair while living their ordinary lives.