Bolt – The Warriors Soul – Book 1

The Neutos Saga

Bolt and all its characters belong to Walt Disney Pictures, not me!


We always wonder if we are alone in the universe sailing the cosmos as the only race of our kind. We imagine what the others would look like, large black eyes or grey skin. Sometimes we imagine them to be nothing like us, just savage and greedy. What we don't know is that we're not alone, there are others. Some evil and greedy, some monstrous in shape, and some look exactly like you. Not me, I'm a dog. But I once met an alien that looked just like a human. How do I know he was alien? Well, because he gave me some of his powers. Oh, my name is Bolt. My friends and I were just ordinary once. But now…

Chapter 1 – Arrival

The sun shown down on the Texas home of Penny and her mother, the large house was alive with motion in the backyard. Bolt was playing fetch with Penny, throwing the stick so he could bring it back then she'd throw it again. The white retriever smiled as his human, a girl around the age of thirteen with short red hair, laughed and threw the stick again. As he ran to get the stick, he passed by the black female cat with white feet, chest and muzzle. "Hey Mittens." Bolt quickly said as he ran by. "Hello again Bolt." She said with a little bit of annoyance in her voice. Her tolerance was wearing thin for this game he was playing with her. As he passed by again with the stick in his mouth he attempted to say, "By Mittens." but it came out sounding as if he were saying 'Vy mikensh.' She sighed and said, "By again Bolt." Bolt and Mittens had been at this 'Hello, Goodbye' game for almost twenty minutes now and it was getting kind of old. This time when Bolt came into view he was walking not running and his tongue suck out the side of his mouth, panting happily. "He, he! I think I wore Penny out again." he stated. "About time too." Mittens said with a smile on her face and her tail swishing to and fro. "Aw you don't mean that." he said feigning hurt and dropping his ears. "Oh stop that Bolt. You're not supposed to use the needy puppy look on me. I taught you how to do that." she complained trying to look away. His eyes just got bigger as he continued to get her to relax. She closed her eyes and turned away from him, "Nope not going to work." 'Now it's time to bring out the big guns.' Bolt thought. Shifting his head ever so slightly he let out an almost silent whine. That did it, her resolve shattered and she went almost limp, "Ok, you're right." she sighed.

"You never can resist the whine, he he he." they heard as a clear plastic ball and brown hamster came rolling up to them. "Don't push it Rhino." Mittens laughed. "The sun is still high in the sky, and the magic box is showing nothing good." Rhino complained, "What should we do?" Bolt thought for a while and said, "Well Penny's not going to come back out for a while, and I still have a lot of energy." "Why can't the three of us just go for a walk somewhere?" Mittens suggested. Laughing to himself excitedly, Rhino came up with an idea as well, "Maybe I can explore the tool shed some more." he said out loud. "I like the walk idea actually, the three of us never do anything together except watch T.V." Bolt said eyeing Mittens secretly. "The master has spoken. It shall be done." Rhino nearly shouted trying to seem dramatic. Bolt and mittens just laughed at this display, enjoying their friend's antics and love for the dramatic. "So, where to?" Bolt asked Mittens. "Eh let's just walk. That sounds like an adventure to me." She said making the decision herself and stretching out all four of her legs.

The trio walked for almost an hour, not really caring where they went as long as they could still see the house. The mid day sun shining above them, revealed the plants and animals from all over during the day, making their entire world seen to everyone. "Hey look guys. It's the odd couple." They heard from afar. Bolt and mittens looked in the direction of the voice only to find a pack of three laughing grey squirrels gathered around the lone tree. "Oh no. Not them again." Bolt said in a sigh slowly lowering his ears half way. "Just ignore them Bolt and they'll go away." Mittens informed him as she kept walking. "Are you going to kiss her today?" one of the squirrels shouted. "Ya, or maybe give us a show?" another said and they all continued laughing hysterically. Bolt tried his hardest to ignore the chattering squirrels but one of them got on his nerves quickly. "Hey Bolt, can I have her when you're done?" the squirrel laughed. "That tears it." He said before turning around and charging at them. The squirrels ran up the tree and out of Bolt's reach, all the dog could do was look up and bark. All three of them continued to laugh at Bolt as he tried to get at them. Mittens knew how mad Bolt got at those squirrels; they constantly teased her and Bolt about being a couple, even though they weren't. Although deep down she had genuine feelings for the white retriever, she also knew he'd never feel the same way about her. So she continued to be his best friend instead, always saying that it was enough. Eventually the squirrels would begin throwing acorns at Bolt's head and he'd run away with them laughing up a storm, then without Bolt, she would come back and threaten the Squirrels and they would leave Bolt and her alone for a few weeks. She didn't, however, expect the sky to turn red that very minute as a comet streaked by and came right for Bolt and the tree. "BOLT! LOOK OUT!" she screamed, her ears pulled back in fear. Bolt stopped his barking long enough to look behind him, but could barely lower his ears before the comet smashed right into the top of the tree then collided with the ground before sliding maybe 500 yards and coming to a stop. Mittens was relieved that Bolt, her best friend, was safe and unharmed, even if he was trying to curl himself into the tightest ball of fur the world has ever seen.

Bolt was shaking more than he ever wanted to in his life. He was almost killed by… something flying really fast. Opening his eyes slowly, all he saw was white, "Oh my gosh. It hit me. I'm dead!" he said out loud. "Bolt!" he heard Mitten's voice speaking to him sarcastically, "It might help if you stop looking at your fur." Uncurling himself, he looked around to reassure himself that he was indeed alive. His breathing finally slowed back down to a normal level and he said, "Whew. That was a close one." Rhino spoke up first, "That was fully AWESOME! What was it Bolt? A shooting star? A space alien battle ship? What did your super eyes see?" "Rhino we've been over this." Mittens interrupted. "Um, actually Mittens it looked like something was inside of it." Bolt informed his friend. The cat had nothing but shock on her face, "You're kidding me right?" Rhino gave his bravest face and said, "Fear not fair kitten, we shall save the planet from such an invasion. CHARGE!" and rolled his ball in the direction of the long trench. "Who you calling kitten?" Mittens retorted as she and Bolt began walking toward the impact sight. Sighing, Mittens tried her hand at telling Bolt her true feelings, "Listen Bolt, I…" Bolt turned his head so he was looking right at her ears pointed intently in her direction, "Yes Mittens?" and like always, she stayed at neutral ground, "I'm glad you're ok. I thought that comet-thing might have hit you." Bold chuckled at the comment lowering his ears slightly and responded, "Yah, me to. But I'm still alive aren't I?" She laughed with him, "Ya, you are. Thanks Bolt." "For what" he asked. 'Neutral ground Mittens,' she thought to herself, "For not getting hit and killed." she said before walking faster to get ahead of him.

Now Bolt was utterly confused, she would show signs of interest, more-than-friends kind of interest, then as they were being shown they would disappear. As if they never existed at all. It was frustrating hearing the Squirrels tease him, and watching these mixed or unfinished signals come from the cat. Frustrating because he had fallen in love with Mittens, and he knew it. His dreams were always filled with her and the things she'd say if he ever actually confessed his love to her, while his nightmares were filled to the brim with rejection or failure to save her. She had been forced into his life because of his belief that he had super powers, and she came back when he needed her the most. That platonic friendship had blossomed into love for Bolt. Now he was afraid to tell her, afraid because he believed his nightmares. Following Mittens he couldn't imagine even another dog being as beautiful as what he saw in the cat in front of him. He was so focused on her beauty, that when she stopped he almost didn't. Bolt was just about ready to slam his head into the thing that almost killed him when he finally saw it, a football shaped spaceship, about the size of Penny. As he looked up at the perfect white sides of the ship, he noticed that the top (or front) of the ship has a glass dome panel on it. When he heard the low hum of something moving from within, he dropped his ears in fear and began to back away slowly, watching as the seamless sides split open horizontally to allow it's occupant to exit and a kind of thick white smoke came purring out.

"We'll take on anything right Bolt?" Rhino encouraged putting up his front paws up in a kind of boxing pose. "If it's friendly we may not have to, but be ready." Bolt said trying to be brave himself, lowering his front half he got himself ready to attack if need be. Mittens just gulped and readied herself to pounce if necessary. From inside the ship the three of them heard a groan and watched as a bloody hand emerged and gripped the sides. As the figure sat up they could see the pink skin of a human, the same face as a human and the blue eyes of a cat. Blood poured from wounds on his forehead and chest area and even some shallow cuts on his arms. Covered in a blue scale like armor, he coughed once and spit up lots of blood before saying, "Warriors of this world you and your people are in grave danger."

End Chapter - 1.