This is cloudsword saying, I've had a blast making this story and am happy to announce that I'm planning on making a sequel. New villains and new adventures are waiting for you. Here's a preview.

Bolt walked around the house aimlessly, his tail hung down and his ears now flat against his head. He was sure Mittens hated him for the rumors Sassy was spreading. He needed a way to convince her he was innocent, but with her at the vet's office, he really didn't have much of a chance. "Still thinking about your kitten, Bolt?" he heard Clera's voice from behind him. Turning only his head, he looked at the Neutrosian girl and in a soft defeated voice said, "How can I not? I love her Clera. I'd never cheat on her." "I know that Bolt." Clera admitted, putting her right hand on the back of her head. "I'm sorry I doubted you. Sassy can be very convincing." looking back at the ground, Bolt began slowly shedding tears of sorrow for the lost trust of his lover. "But don't worry too much Bolt. Sassy can't get away with everything, and the moment she slips up, Mittens will know the truth." Clera announced in a whisper. "You really think so?" Bolt asked raising his ears slightly with his returning confidence. Clera knelt down so she could pet Bolt on the head and help make him feel better. "I know so." She said. Just then the sound of a car came up to the house, jumping to the window Bolt looked to see the family van parking in the driveway. "Mittens, and Penny are back!" he shouted wagging his tail wildly. Running up to the door, he sat sown as the family walked up the porch stairs and up to the door. Penny was first to open the door to the house, and Bolt greeted her with a loud, "Welcome home!" When Penny looked down, she had the biggest smile on her face Bolt had ever seen. "Hey there, you lucky boy." Penny said happily as she kneeled down to rub Bolt's cheeks and ruffle his head. "Lucky? How?" Bolt asked tilting his head to his right side in confusion. "Oh, you'll see." The girl said in response, and stood to move to one side of the door frame. Penny's mom entered next, carrying Mittens in her arms. The black and white cat had the look of both shock and happiness painted on her face, like she still didn't believe what had happened, but liked it anyway. After entering the home, Penny's mother gently placed Mittens on the floor in front of the white shepherd dog. "We'll let you two talk, and Bolt…" she said sternly. Bolt lowered his ears in response, knowing that he was still in trouble for Sassy's rumors. "You're going to have to grow up a little." "Huh?" he asked, his ears shooting up and tilting ever so slightly to the left. As soon as the family had disappeared into the kitchen, Bolt tried again to explain to Mittens, what really happened, "Listen Mittens I just wanted to say that…" that was as far as he got before Mittens gently placed her right paw on his mouth, effectively shutting him up. "Bolt, I know you're not going to believe this, it has something to do with why I've been throwing up lately." Bolt lifted his right eyebrow and pulled his ears forward, giving Mittens his full attention. Mittens lowered her paw back to the ground and said, "I'm pregnant." Almost as if she still didn't believe it.

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