I was going village to village, trying to find anything on Naraku's whereabouts, when I caught the scent of my friend Inuyasha and the rest of his group. 'Perhaps it would be beneficial for me to exchange information with them.' I thought as I ran toward the scents. Unfortunately, a breeze blew in the smell of Koga, Ginta, and Hakkaku, which made me grimace at the thought of listening to the two go back and forth at one another at some weird arguement to impress Kagome. I scoffed at the idiocy of them, because we all know Kagome hates fighting, so why try to show off to her in such a way?

I traveled by the river, moving against the current and deeper into the forest. As I got closer I distinctly detected a hint of unfamiliar human and an imp as I had visability I sighed in mild disgust at Koga's henchmen and a small pack of wolves surrounding a small human child, who was hiding behind a short green imp holding up a staff.

"Ginta, Hakkaku, don't you two have anything better to do then terrify a child?" I chided the two, utterly disappointed in them. Besides, this particular child was so cute, and I'll be damned if I'm just going to sit back and watch a child get eaten.

Despite my words the imp seemed even more unsettled than before, however that didn't stop him from yelling, "You there, wolves! Leave this area immediantly!"

"Why should we?" Ginta countered. "Besides, who do you think you're talking to?"

Of course the two couldn't resist gloating. "We're the right and left hand men of Koga, the young leader of the wolf demon tribe! I'm Hakkaku, the shrewd one!" Hakkaku blurted out smuggly.

"I'm Ginta, I've got dimples!" ...Really? Just...wow, that was stupid.

"Hahahaha, you must have heard of us!" They shouted together.

"Nope, never heard of you." The imp deadpanned, deflating the wolf boy's egos.

"What!?" Then the two proceeded to dramatically drop to the ground.

"Cower in fear, mangy wolves! It has been centuries since I beganserving Lord Sesshomaru! Crossed through three thousand worlds have I! His most loyal follower, I answer to the name Jaken!" The imp screeched, probably more annoyingly than either Ginta or Hakkaku.

"Oh boy, what a bragger." Hakkaku criticized.

'You were just doing the same thing, you hypocrite.' I thought. 'This is getting irritating. I'm most certainly going to put an end to this whole affair if it is not resolved soon.'

"We've never heard of you or this'Sesshomaru'!" Ginta continued.

"How dare you insult my lord!" Jaken yelled, and once again his too high voice hurt my sensitive ears, while raising his staff over his head.

"We'll take you on if it's a fight you're looking for!" Hakkaku yelled, preparing himself.

A man walked out of the forest next to Jaken, but at the moment I decided to focus on immature men before me, and so paid him no attention. However, the imp seemed suddenly brave at his appearance and with more confidence than he'd displayed all afternoon yelled, "And who are you mangy wolf? Be gone at once!"

I was not a wolf, and therefore did not appreciate his demand in the slightest, which I decided to make clear to him. "Let's get something straight toad. I am NOT a wolf, I am a dog." I bared my teeth, growling ever so slightly. ""And I will not tolerate orders from one such as you, who must hide behind some one strong to have the courage to speak so blantantly." Ginta and Hakkaku snickered behind me, or at least until I turned to growl at them, after which they ran away with their tails between their legs. Metaphorically speaking, of course, because they weren't born with tails like some of their kind. With a quiet scoff I turned to follow them when a small, yet steady voice called out to me.

"Thank you for scaring away the wolves miss." The young girl smiled from behind the man's leg, where she had run to hide once he arrived.

I smiled and made sure to speak softer to her than I had either the wolf demons or the imp, which was slightly harder than normal because I was still very much urked at the lot of them. "It was no problem sweetheart. Actually, it's kinda funny to watch those proud wolves take off running every once in a while."

"Rin, weren't you going to get some fish?" Sesshomaru asked. I immediantly recognized him once I looked up because of the strong resemblance he held to Inuyasha, even if both would never admit to it. Of course, he was exceptionally handsome, which ment he most likely had fan girls, but who cares. Personally I don't think looks are much to go on, so instead of wasting everyone's time to gawk at him, I addressed Rin.

"I could help you catch some fish if you would like?" I offered. She nodded and ran out, pulling me to the rivers edge. She rolled up her kimono while I pulled up my pants legs, since I hated kimonos.

Sesshomaru was about to leave when jaken inquired, "Lord Sesshomaru, do you really believe it is wise to leave Rin alone with a complete stranger?"

He opened his mouth to reply, but I interrupted with a snarky comment, "Excuse me? I'm not the one who let her get frightened by two morons and their mangy beasts. Besides, I'm not a total stranger. I know you three somewhat through my association with Inuyasha."

Sesshomaru didn't look as pleased with knowing my connection, but apparently he judged that if I was friends with his younger brother I obviously couldn't be the type to harm children. And so he let us be, but not before putting his foot on Jaken's head and grinding his face into the dirt. "Do not question my choices again, Jaken, or I'll kill you."

"Yes, my lord. Thank you my Lord!" The imp bowed to his master once the foot was removed from his head.