Defusing an Angel...

Summery: Sam and Dean work with another angel to try to save Cas. (takes place right after the finale scene)

"No one's bowing down to you," Castiel turned around slowly to be face to face with an auburn haired girl. Dean watched horrified, her accent was hard to place, like she was from a different time. Castiel glaired. "And you're not destroying them either. Release the souls. We can beat Raphael's army now that Raphael's gone."

"I will deal with them myself, Isabel."

"No, Castiel, it's over! This power is to much for one vessel to contain. Release it now!" The auburn angel said as a demand. Dean watched as Castiel smirked just slightly.

"You're not making the calls," He stated. "This power..."

"Is too much... you'll go mad." She answered in a caring voice, gentler than before.

"I'm fixing everything..."

"Castiel this isn't what you wanted!" The angel snapped back. "Raphael's dead! No one has to get hurt, no one's suppose to die!"

"This is what's needed." He answered. "I am God and you will bow to me too or be destroyed as well."

"You're not God Castiel, you're my brother..."

"No, now I'm your God."

"Castiel this isn't you!" She said shaking her head. "What happened to freedom? Isn't that what you wanted, isn't that what this is all about? You thought of these humans as your family, your friends and now you're willing to destroy them?"

"Are you questioning your God?" He asked in a threatening tone.

"You questioned yours, I'll question mine!" She said just as threatening.

Dean watched as Castiel stepped closer to the angel he remembered Castiel calling Isabel. The angel never moved, she stood straight as Castiel was so close he could practically touch her. Castiel had at least four or five inches on her, and a normal human would have backed away or even ran but she stayed.

"You're close to blasphemy," He whispered to her, but Dean could still hear. "You'll fall just like Lucifer."

"No," The angel said almost sadly. "I'll fight, just like you did, when you had a heart." Castiel reached his hand out, ready to end the disobedient angel when a flutter of wings made him look around. They were all surrounded, there were at least twelve and they were all Raphael's men. Isabel took the distraction as an advantage, slipping past Castiel and standing in the middle of Sam, Dean and Bobby.

"You know you won't be able to hid from me." Castiel stated to the angel, she looked up.

"I know." She said disappearing quickly, taking Sam, Dean and Bobby with her.

A.N: This is just the first part of what I'm thinking is going to be a long one so please hang in there with me I really hope you like it! Let me know what you think!

I have to say that I really did like the Finale! Everything that I thought Kripke shot in the face (Thanks for that!) This is kind of what I want to happen! I still love Castiel! It's going to have Dean, Sam and Bobby in it!

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