Dean got out of the car quickly dragging Castiel with him. Bobby went a head to get his car but by the time he got to the top of the bank it was too late, he couldn't see his car hell, he couldn't even see the road anymore. Bobby looked up and saw a shadow coming closer to him.

It took Sam and Dean a few minutes but they got Castiel up the bank, they had manage to get him standing but he was still in a daze. They saw what Bobby was looking at. Whatever it was, it was stood in front of them now. It was covered by a large black cloak of a shadow.

The boys stood still. As they saw it. They couldn't see a face from under the hood, but it's long boney gray hands were flexing.

"Oh, crap." Castiel said quietly, looking at the creature in horror.

"What the hell is that thing?" Dean asked no one in particular.

"They called it a Shadow Walker," Castiel said pushing away from Sam and Dean watching the creature. "I take it you remember me." Castiel stated and the thing laughed, or at least that what he was taking it as.

"What do you mean it 'remembers' you?" Dean asked. "You mean, when it was a soul?" Castiel shook his head.

"No," Castiel said. "When I threw him in Purgatory millenniums ago." Castiel said and the creature snarled. It's boney, gray hands reaching for it's hood and pulling it back. Dean would have said it was a zombie, some kind of animated corpse.

"Damn, that thing's ugly." Dean said and the creature turned to him sharply.

"Get in the car." Bobby said. The three boys looked at the older hunter.

"No," Castiel said sternly. "It'll kill you." Sam and Dean both think that if Castiel was still an angel his tone would have been threatening and Bobby would have probably listened.

"I'll kill us all if you don't get out of here." Bobby pointed out. "Get to the car, get to where you need to go. I'll hold this thing off." Dean shook his head.

"No way," Dean said. "We're not leaving you." Bobby looked over his should, he was ready to yell at them but the creature took that moment to attack. Bobby turned to see the dark creature move forward fast and he closed his eyes.

Dean, Sam and Castiel watched in horror and surprise. There was a bright light and Bobby felt something warm wrap around him. He heard the sound of flesh being torn but he felt no pain when he opened his eyes he shut them back real quick. All he saw was white and it burned his eyes. A loud screech echoed and all four of the boys cover their ears with their hands to block out the sound.

Bobby opened his eyes when he felt the warmth and the grip around him let go. The white light faded and Dean, Sam, Castiel and Bobby saw Isabel standing in front of them breathing heavily and looking pained.

"Why can't you guys stay out of trouble?" She asked falling to he knees. Bobby knelled down he put his hand on her back to steady her as she swayed slightly. "I'm fine." She said pushing herself up with the help of Bobby.

"It scratched you." Bobby pointed out.

"Yeah, well... I didn't think you wanted to get scratched." She said irritably. "We have to get going. The Shadow Walker won't be gone for long. Figures it would be something that hates you" Isabel said to Castiel. "I'll meet you there." She looked to Castiel. "Stay awake, or I won't be able to help you." She said in a pained voice as she vanished.

They all got into Bobby's car. Dean gave his Impala one last glance over his shoulder before he got into Bobby's car.

"We'll come back for it, Dean." Sam said. Dean nodded getting into the back of Bobby's car, sitting next to Castiel.

Dean told Bobby where they were suppose to go and Bobby looked confused.

"Are you sure that's where we're suppose go?" The older hunter asked.

"That's what the paper Isabel gave me said." Castiel said leaning his head against the back of the seat tiredly.

"Why?" Dean asked. Bobby shook his head.

"It's just an old church," Bobby explained. "It was set on fire like six years ago, the roof is pretty much gone but it's still there. It was built next to a small pond over a hundred years ago. I don't even think that anyone knows that it's still there. It's almost completely blocked my trees and bushes now."

"That's where we have to go." Dean said. Bobby nodded and kept driving. They were close.

"Cas!" Dean said loudly when he looked over and saw his friend with his eyes closed. Castiel flinched and moved away from the loud noise but Dean grabbed Castiel's shoulders and shook his slightly. "You have to stay awake. Come on, Cas."

"Dean, stop." Castiel said tiredly. "My head hurts." Castiel said closing his eyes again. Dean shook Castiel again and the ex-angel tried to push Dean away. "If you keep doing that I'm going the throw up!" Castiel said annoyed.

"You're an Angel, you don't even know what throwing up is!" Dean shot back frustrated.

"I'm not an Angel anymore, Dean," Castiel snapped and held his head. "And I know about human's, I'm not an idiot!" He stated.

"Dean, I think he has a concussion." Sam stated looking over his shoulder. Dean saw the blood and the bruise already forming on the side of Castiel's head. Dean realized he must have hit his head. "Cas, does anything thing else hurt." Castiel shook hie head slowly.

"No," Castiel answered. "Just my head and it's really hot." Dean again put his hand on his forehead but Castiel pushed him away. "But, I'm fine."

"Come on, you big baby," Dean said in a teasing voice. He could tell that the concussion wasn't as bad as it could have been, but even a slight one was a pain in the ass. Adding the fact that Castiel was tired wasn't helping much either.

"I swear to God, if you call me a baby again, I will shoot you." Castiel said irritatedly. "Even as a human, I'm still older then you. You can at least show some kind of respect!"

"You just used the Lords man in vain, isn't that a sin for you? Are you going to burst into flames or something?" Dean asked. Bobby and Sam both knew what Dean was doing. He was keeping Castiel awake.

"Dean, shut up!" Castiel said annoyed. "Please, just shut up." Castiel said laying his head back against the seat.

"You close your eyes and I swear, Cas," Dean threatened. "You have a concussion and an evil creature trying to kill you in your sleep and you want to close your eyes, that's smart." Dean said sarcastically.

"Dean, I don't know how to stop myself!" Castiel said bolting up and facing Dean. "Being human sucks! I have no control over anything! I put that creature in it's place once because it was commanded of me, when I was an angel. Now, I'm human! I have no powers! I'm helpless, I'm hopeless... Hell, Dean I'm all but useless..."

"No!" Dean said in a harsh tone, silencing Castiel with a surprised look. Dean remembered hearing those words being said out of a different Castiel's mouth. The one from the future, that Cas was so wrong, hopped up on whatever drug he could find. "Don't say that, do you here me?" Castiel seemed taken aback and confused. Sam was still watching them and Bobby glanced in the review mirror at them.

"We're here." Bobby said in the awkward silence in the car as he put it in park. Dean got out slamming the door. Sam and Bobby shot him a look as Castiel got out slowly.

"You sure this is the place?" Sam asked. Looking at the old building, it looked like it was barely standing. The door opened with a loud squeak from the hinges that needed to be oiled badly. Isabel stood in the door way holding on to it as she motioned for them to get in.

"Guess that means it's the right place." Bobby said.

"Lets go," Isabel said. "We have work to do." She said. Dean went ahead still angry about what happened in the car. Sam stayed close to Castiel, just in case he needed any help. "Bobby you might want to grab that bag you packed." Isabel said. Bobby nodded and grabbed it. "You seem grumpy." She said to Dean as he passed, his boots causing the floorboards to cry out loudly. He shot her a glare and she smiled. "You're less intimidating when you have blood on your face." She said as the others walked passed and she closed the door.

"Why the hell did you make us come here?" Dean asked harshly turning to her and walking up until he was right in front of her, looking down into her eyes. "We're sitting ducks here, hell that thing knew we were coming! It tried to take us out? And where were you? You're a powerful angel, why are you hiding?" He said challenging the angel.

"Dean..." Castiel called out, but his voice went unheard.

"I could snap your neck so easily," She said quietly and slowly, leaning in so only Dean could hear. "I'm fixing a mistake, I could leave if you'd like?"

"Isabel..." Castiel said. Isabel looked to her brother. "Something's wrong." Castiel pointed out looking at her critically.

"I tried to get there before it did, but it was faster then me. I didn't want anyone to get hurt and I'm sorry." She said moving away walking to the middle of the room. Dean watched the ground as she went. Isabel was pail like Castiel, she looked sick. As she walked away Dean saw the blood on the ground.

"You're bleeding still." Dean pointed out but she just shrugged her shoulders.

"I can't fix it," Then she turned to Bobby. "May I have your bag?" She asked. Bobby nodded and handed it over to her. Isabel put it on the only thing in the room, a small table with a little bronze bowl on it. Isabel moved around the clothes for the contents that Bobby kept hidden in there.

She threw different things in to the bowl putting them away after they were done. They couldn't see exactly what she was doing or what she grabbed and used. She'd open it and take a pinch of this a shake of that, sometimes open it and smell it, then just close it and throw it back.

"What are you doing?" Sam finally asked. She looked up and gave him a smile.

"Something that I hope you will never have to see again." Isabel answered pulling what looked like a vile out of her pocket. She turned to Castiel sadly, pressing her lips together. "I need your blood." Castiel looked up tiredly and nodded. Isabel grabbed the knife in the bag and began to walk towards him

"Wait!" Dean suddenly said. "No, noway. That's way too much!" Dean pointed out.

"I know it's a lot to ask," Isabel said sadly. "But, it scratched you Castiel, you have the poison in your blood..."

"I understand." Castiel said taking the knife from her. He rolled up the sleeve of his good arm but before he could make a mark, Dean grabbed it.

"Are you crazy!" He said looking at both of them. "You were scratched too, do it yourself!" Isabel shook her head.

"I can't, I'm not human. That's why I needed Castiel." She pointed out.

"But your infected too! So, it's the same thing!" Dean said.

"No, it's not. Dean, just listen to me." Isabel said sternly. "My vessel maybe infected but it's not considered human anymore, Castiel's human. I'm sorry, Dean, I don't want to do this either, but we have to stop it. You don't know what it used to do before it was sent to Purgatory, and trust me you don't want to know. If not, you thought the apocalypse was bad, what this thing will do, will make that look like nothing. You'll have a new apocalypse on your hands one that, no one will win." Isabel said. But her voiced turned so soft as she finished. "Dean, everyone's going to die..."

"Dean, this has to be done," Sam said. Dean looked so pissed and Sam wasn't even sure that he had listen to Isabel completely or just heard what he wanted. "Our job is to save people, we have to do our job." Sam took the vile and inspected it before looking at Isabel. "Does this have to be filled to the top?" Isabel shook her head.

"As much as you can get." She said. Sam nodded, he knew that it was probably going to make Castiel dizzy but he took the knife from Castiel. "If this works, I'll be able to heal him and myself after with what I have left." She said the last part to herself.

"You ready, Cas?" Sam asking pressing the tip of the blade against his forearm. Castiel nodded.

"Do it, Sam." Castiel said. Bobby held Castiel's shoulders so that he wouldn't move as Sam filled the vile. Dean looked out the window. At the crack of thunder he looked up through the holey roof. He could see the dark clouds rolling and the flashes of lighting.

"Something's coming." Dean said.

"Quick give me the vile!" Isabel demanded.

"But it's only half full." Sam said as the wind started to pick up.

"It'll have to do." Isabel said grabbing the vile and pouring in into the bowl, she quickly started chanting in Enochian. Castiel knew what she was doing, despite being dizzy he got up standing next to her and started chanting with her. Isabel grabbed onto Castiel's arms keeping him standing. When they stopped talking everything seemed to go silent. Isabel took off her vessel's coat and wrapped it tightly around Castiel's arm to stop the bleeding.

"What the hell did you just do?" Sam asked.

"Called it here." She answered.

"It was already coming here, Iz!" Dean yelled when the wind and rain started up, getting heavier by the second.

"It's going to come in this church and it's going to be trapped." Isabel explained.

"What are you going to do?" Castiel asked. Isabel locked eyes with him.

"I'm going to release my grace, most of my grace," She said. "It'll kill the Shadow Walker. It' won't go after you or anyone else."

"It could kill you!" Castiel said.

"No other choice, time to see how strong I really am." She said looking up at the sky. "You need to run to the water, take a deep breath and hold it as long as you can under water. Go now!" She said pushing them out the door.

"No..." Castiel said trying to get out of Sam and Dean's grip but they each had on of his arms tightly.

"It's okay, Castiel." She said trying to sound as comforting as possible. Castiel ran the best he could with Sam and Dean pulling him and Bobby in front. He watched as the shadow swept into the old church, but it was so dark he couldn't see anything. As they made it on the the little doc light started to erupt from the church.

"Take a breath!" Dean said loudly. Each one of them did as they jumped off the doc and into the cold water. As they were submerged under the water, it felt like being stabbed by thousands of little needles. The feeling was like a shock to Castiel's system, something he'd never felt before. He tried to push himself up, but Dean grabbed his arm holding him down.

The white light illuminated the water, making it almost crystal clear, even at this hour of the night. The light lasted longer then any of them wanted. Their chest were started to feel tight and the burn for oxygen was painful. When the light was gone, they made their way to the surface, breathing deeply as the crawled onto the dirt by the doc.

"Is everyone okay?" Sam asked shivering. They nodded, they were all wet and cold. Dean helped Castiel up, throwing the mans arm around his shoulder as Dean wrapped his around Castiel waist and helped him walk.

They looked around. The church was still there, though more of it was gone. Everything around was dead, all of the plants and anything in it's way looked like it was pushed aside or destroyed.

Isabel made her way out of the church slowly, everything hurt. Her body just ached, something she wasn't use to. Stumbling outside she saw the boys. She could feel blood drying on her back and somewhere on her face, but that wasn't important now, it wasn't going to kill her.

"Is it dead?" Bobby asked her and she nodded. Isabel placed her hands on the side of Castiel's face. Warmth flooded him for a brief second, he still felt tired but he wasn't dizzy anymore, though his head still hurt from the concussion, and his cut had stopped bleeding though it wasn't completely healed.

"I'm sorry." Isabel said. "That's all I can do." She said before her eyes closed and she started to fall to the ground. Sam quickly caught her before she hit the ground.

"Isabel?" Castiel said, panic in his voice.

"She's still breathing." Sam said. "I think she just passed out." Castiel breathed out a sigh of relief, that caused his body to shake from cold, as he laid his head on Dean's shoulder, in exhaustion.

"Yeah, well. Let's get to the car before this one does the same thing." Dean said nodding his head towards Castiel, as he took on more of the ex-angels weight in his arms.

Castiel wasn't really sure what he remembered, he didn't even know when he fell asleep.

He remembered Dean putting him in the back of the car, he remembered seeing Isabel unconscious and Dean sitting next to him and he remembered Dean talking, very loudly but he wasn't sure when he fell asleep.

Castiel could feel something warm wrapped round him. He knew he was in a bed but that was all until he opened his eyes, which he didn't want to do just yet. He felt so comfortable, there wasn't much pain but the slight pounding from a headache, but he had to admit that it wasn't that bad.

He heard a door open and someone moving around. They put something down and Castiel expected them to leave but instead he felt someone lay next to him and rest their head on his shoulder.

"I know you're not sleeping anymore." Castiel opened his eyes to see Isabel looking at him. He smiled at her appearance. Her auburn hair was a mess and the little bit of makeup around her eyes was all smudged and she was wearing one of Sam or Dean's plaid button up shirts that was way to big on her with some baggy pajama pants.

"You look incredibly human." Castiel said with a smirk. Isabel sat up indian style and looked down at her brother.

"Are you making fun of me, Cas?" She asked using his nickname, something Castiel never remember Isabel ever using before. He could tell that she was teasing by the sound of her voice.

"I might be, Iz." Castiel answered back sitting up. His head seemed to pound a little more as he sat up.

"Bobby said you should take these." Isabel said reaching for the night stand, grabbing a bottle of water and two pills. Castiel looked at the reluctantly. "It's just some aspirin for your head." She said. Castiel nodded and took the pills. He put the glass back and turned to Isabel sitting the same way she was.

"What did you do?" Castiel asked.

"I trapped the Shadow Walker in the church and released my grace, more of it then I thought I would have to. But it's gone and there's no way it's ever coming back." She looked at him apologetically. "I'm sorry I couldn't heal you properly." She said.

"I'm fine, Isabel." Castiel said looking down at the new bandages on his arms and he could feel the stitches that someone had put in his fore head. "What about you, you're back was scratched."

"These Winchester boys are pretty useful," Isabel said as she turned and showed Castiel her back was all bandaged up. "Fixed me up before I even woke up. I have to admit I wasn't happy to find out that you were still unconscious and I may have been a little harsh."

"I'm sure they understand that you were just worried." Castiel said as Isabel faced him again. "Your human now." He stated quietly. Isabel nodded.

"But, I think I'm going to like it." She said.

"Why's that?"

"I was watching television on Sam's laptop downstairs and it seems fun and I get to stay with my little brother." She said messing up his already disheveled black hair. Castiel pushed Isabel's hand away and she laughed.

"Well," Castiel said raising his eyebrow. "My vessel's older than yours is." Castiel pointed out. Getting up and stretching slowly, he was still sore.

"No," Isabel shot back. "That's not fair because then even Sam and Dean are older then my vessel!" Castiel shrugged his shoulders. "Fine, then we'll play it by the human rule book!" She said with a smirk.

"And what would that be?" Castiel asked.

"I get to be a pain in your ass!" She smiled.

"She's right," Dean said standing in the doorway. "Sammy's been a pain in my ass for years!" Dean smiled then looked to Isabel. "Sam's waiting for you down stairs, said something about going to get clothes." Isabel nodded.

"Yes," She said. "Human girls like shopping." She said to herself but she stopped in front of Castiel and kissed his cheek. "Your still my baby brother." She said than slapped his cheek slightly. "I'll see you later." She called out leaving the room. Dean smiled watching her leave.

"How are you feeling?" Dean asked but Castiel just shrugged.

"Fine." Castiel said because it was true.

"That's good," Dean smiled. "Well, Bobby went out and got food so if you're hungry we can eat while the others are out."

"That sounds good, Dean." Castiel said.

"Yeah, well afterwards we have an appointment." Dean said as he walked out the room.

"Appointment?" Castiel asked confused.

"Yeah," Dean said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "You didn't think you were getting out of watching all the Nightmare on Elm Street movies did you!" He said with a smile.

-Three month later-

"Witches." Dean said annoyed as he drove his Impala. "It's always witches." Dean said as he drove to Bobby's. They just finished a case and they were ready to just relax. Bobby had been throwing case after case at them. But the older hunter had been doing the same thing to Castiel and Isabel, who had been hunting together for months.

"It could have been worse." Sam pointed out with a smirk. He knew how much Dean hated witches and it was always fun to tease him when he was frustrated like this, Sam thought. "She could have hit you with a spell."

"Remember the clap, Sammy?" Dean asked amused. The smile on Sam's face disappeared.

"Too far, dude." Sam said looking out the window annoyed as Dean laughed. When they arrived at Bobby's it looked like Castiel ans Isabel had just got there. Dean laughed as he got out and could hear their conversation.

"How was that my fault?" Isabel said defensibly.

"You were suppose to be helping me, you know the job!" Castiel pointed out frustrated.

"But, he was so pretty, I had to have some fun!" Isabel said sounding like a little girl. "Plus, how is that different from the blonde from Connecticut?" She teased.

"Shut up." Castiel said throwing a knife at her which she caught with ease and laughed.

"Wow," Dean said looking at Castiel in shock. "Aren't you two violent." He said.

"No it's only fair," Isabel said walking past. "I tried hitting him with a shovel yesterday." She stated.

"Were you this abusive as angels?" Sam asked with a laugh. Isabel nudged Sam in the shoulder playfully

"We never got to have fun as angels." Isabel said. "We never got to live, we simple existed for our purpose to God and to follow his command."

"You can say, we're taking advantage of the new life we were given." Castiel said.

"So, what happened with the blonde?" Dean asked as he threw his arm around Castiel's shoulders. Castiel blushed and Isabel laughed.

"Nothing." Castiel said running into the house.

"You have to tell me." Dean said looking at Isabel.

"How about I tell you what happened with me a 'Danny'" She said with a wink. "I can promise you he had just as much fun as I did."

"Let's go you idjits!" Bobby yelled from the door. As everyone sat at the table beer's in hand except Isabel who had water. "Glad to see that you're all alive." He said raising his beer to them and they did the same. "I thought you would need a little rest, since you've been doing so well, I ordered pizza. Got a big hunt for all of you in a few days."

"Bobby, it's really no problem it's actually fun." Isabel said with a smile. He gave the ex-angel a stern look.

"I wonder about you sometimes." He said as the others laughed. Isabel just looked confused.

"I think losing her powers has caused her to lose her mind." Dean teased.

"You don't have to travel and live with her." Castiel said under his breath as he took a swig of beer.

"I heard that." Isabel said slapping them hard in the back of the head as she got off the couch and sat on the arm of the chair that Sam was sitting in.

"I think you're good, Iz." Sam said with a smile.

"Thank you. See this is why I like Sam better." Isabel said shrugging her shoulders.

"Kiss-ass." Dean said to Sam.

"I change my mind," Bobby said. "You guys can get out of my house." He said dryly.

"You love us and you know it!" Dean said back. They stayed up late talking about the hunts they'd been on and other things. Isabel and Castiel were able to share some stories from when they were angels.

"You think you'd ever want to be completely human?" Gabriel asked popping a piece of chocolate into his mouth. As he looked over at his brother.

"And have to deal with those Winchester and our down grated siblings, no thank you." Balthazar said sipping some of the amber liquid form his class as they watched the scene in front of them.

"God, I miss screwing with them," Gabriel said. "I had one hell of a time with the Mystery Spot, then I put them in the T.V. Land." Gabriel laughed. "Castiel tried to ruin my fun, but he's pretty easy to distract."

"He thinks he killed me, you know." Balthazar said with a raise of his eyebrow.

"Little brother's got balls." Gabriel said with a smirk.

"You think we should be getting back," Balthazar asked. "Straighten out that mess in Heaven?" Gabriel nodded.

"Someone should." When they turned to leave they saw the daunt man standing behind them. "Oh look, a Horseman, heard you had to deal with Isabel. What a pistol that one." Gabriel smirked.

"I suppose you could say that." Death said. "She's a very strong sprite." He said.

"What are you doing here?" Balthazar asked. "I would think you'd have more important things to do then be in this miserable place."

"Just checking up." The man said causally.

"You know they're doing a lot of good." Gabriel said. "Saving lives, though that might be a problem for you. Saving people that are suppose to die." But the Horseman shook his head.

"They're saving the right people." He said. "I know you've been watching over all of them."

"Whatever do you mean?" Balthazar said with a smirk. But the Horseman did reply he simply just left. They knew it was his way of apologizing for the mishap with the souls, though his over bearing pride would never let him say it to the now humans face. But the two angel's took it as a good sign.

"After we fix Heaven, we should go on vacation." Balthazar said. Gabriel smiled with eyes wide at the blonde angel. "Someplace with beautiful women, half naked and lots of liquor."

"Hell yeah," Gabriel said with a smirk. "I think things are going to get better."


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