Foreign Emotion

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They had disliked each other from the first moment they had met; you could even say that they almost hated each other. It was expected after all, she was a Weasley and he was a Malfoy, it was in their blood. Roxanne had never hated or disliked anyone before in her life. Her family annoyed her but that was it, sometimes her family were a simple annoyance but she couldn't say she hated or disliked any of them because after all they were her family and she loved them.

She knew that everyone knew her feelings towards him at the start. Everyone went on about the hatred between Rose and Scorpius but the relationship between her and Scorpius simply intrigued people and they found it interesting. It was mild dislike yet could at times border on hatred depending on the situation. They had, had a few fights over the years which always drew an audience.

Roxanne had traded insults with him over the years; she had smirked at him and even taunted him. She could never fully explain it, all she knew was that he got right under her skin but what surprised her even more than that was the magnetic pull she felt towards him even when they fought. No matter how hard she tried she could not deny it. If anyone had told her during her first year that by the end of her fifth year she would end up dating Scorpius Malfoy and worse still end up falling in love with him, she would have laughed in their face and called them crazy.

Back then she could never have comprehended this but that is exactly what she had gone and done. She dreaded to think what her family would say when they found out that they were now dating. Roxanne truly loved her family even when they annoyed her; however she had never felt this way about a guy and what shocked her more was the intensity of her feelings especially because they were towards him.

Yes hatred was in their blood, the Weasleys and the Malfoys had always hated each other for as long as she could remember. Nevertheless they didn't hate each other and she could not deny her feelings even if she wanted to. Roxanne Weasley had never experienced true love in the whole meaning of the word. It had been an entirely foreign emotion to her until she had met him, until now.

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