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Lisbon was beyond mad. She couldn't remember the last time she had a good nights sleep, her interim boss was making her life hell and she had a bomb strapped to her earlier in the evening. While she was glad Jane was there to help her, she was also angrier than she had ever been at her associate. When she saw Jane laying on his couch, she grabbed his hand and dragged him into her office and shut the blinds.

"Woman, if you wanted to thank me, you could have done it out in front of everyone." Jane had his usual smirk playing about his lips.

Lisbon was now enraged. "Thank you? Thank you for what? You nearly got yourself killed. I gave you a direct order to leave and you blatantly disobeyed! Yes I let you run around here doing what you want because you close cases. Tonight though was just foolish and downright dangerous. You had no idea what he was going to do with the detonator and getting him to drop it the way you did was sloppy. One wrong move from either of you and we would have been all dead. I don't care if I die in the field, but my people will not be killed because of careless actions like tonight's!"

"My actions tonight were far from careless. If I was careless would I have come to the school looking for you? Would I have driven the car while negotiating with him so you didn't have to deal with this alone?" Patrick's voice was getting louder. "Teresa, I stayed with you all that time because if you die, I die. I have been through the pain of losing two loved ones at once. The pain is too much to bear and I can't go through losing someone I love. Not again." Patrick had tears pouring from his eyes. He stepped closer to Theresa and softened his tone. "I know you have been screwed over by many people in your life, but just accept one fact into that stubborn head of your. Accept that someone cares for you and can't live without you in their life. Accept it."

Teresa was trying hard to not cry, but her tears began to fall. "I'm sorry. I...I..." She couldn't find the words she wanted to say. Jane took Lisbon into his arms and held her.

She whispered into his ear "Thank you for caring". He squeezed her even tighter as they stood there in silence for what felt like an eternity.