=====SPOILER ALERT======


I decided to write a little sequel to the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Pairing: Jack Sparrow/ Angelica. This is basically about what happened after Jack left her on the island.

I assume you have seen the movie, and hopefully the ending (after the credits), if you have NOT seen the ending – the prologue is basically what happens with a few adjustments.I will try to update as much as possible, but I have all these exams coming up, so I will update on the weekends. Please review

=====SPOILER ALERT======

Prologue. On the Island.

Angelica leaned against the palm tree, closed her eyes, and sighed.

Damn you, Jack. She hated him for leaving her on that island. She hated him for tricking her and her father. She hated him because her father was dead. But she also missed him. She could picture his witty half-smile when he said he loved her. Did he mean it? He couldn't have. He left a second after he said it. Jumped into the boat and left. He didn't love. Jack Sparrow doesn't love anything but his ship. And did she love him? She didn't know. He was so charming when he needed something; the trick was to figure out what it was. But he saved me. He jumped off the cliff when Blackbeard threatened to shoot her. He demanded she be safe before giving Blackbeard the chalices. Because of him she would live for much longer than she could have. And he didn't drink from the fountain. He could have. But he chose to save her. She still remembered the look of fear in his eyes when he saw the cut on her palm. A deadly cut. All he wanted was his ship. Did he? She didn't know. And she would never find out. She just wanted to see him again. She could still feel the warmth of his body against hers – the same way she did when he lied next to her on the Queen Anne's Revenge…before committing the mutiny. She could recall the taste of his lips as he kissed her in the Captain's Daughter. And she remembered the look on his face when they danced. He left me all those years ago. She remembered how hard it was to watch him leave. How painful it was to find him with another woman. How much she hated him. I still do. But she did mean it when she said she loved him. Did he realize that? Or did he think it was another trick of hers? It was a trick. All I wanted is not to let him get away. Not to leave me. Again.

Angelica opened her eyes and searched the horizon for a passing ship. Jack said the place was a common trade route. It wouldn't be long. She knew he wouldn't leave her to die, not after he saved her. Suddenly something caught Angelica's eye. She got up and walked down to the water. She couldn't believe her eyes. There it was – the voodoo doll, the voodoo doll of Jack Sparrow. Last time she saw it Gunner threw it off the cliff – the same cliff Jack jumped off after. Angelica squeezed it in her hand and smiled. I'll see you soon, Jack Sparrow. Our paths are to be joined again. She didn't know what she was going to do. But one thing she knew for certain – she will get her revenge.