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"Now, what do we have here?" Barbossa said looking at the group standing in front of him. Jack and Angelica were taken down by Barbossa's crewmen and escorted to the main deck where they were tied to the mast next to Morris. The rest of the crew were taken to the brig, and a few seriously wounded were killed to avoid problems. Angelica had been searched for any other weapon she could possess. Now they were all awaiting for Barbossa's verdict. Jack eyed him warily expecting him to announce a place where they would all be marooned. He knew too well what Barbossa's favorite form of killing was. At the same time he feared being shot right there, for, surely, Barbossa wouldn't take his chances leaving Jack to fate for the third time. His previous attempts to get rid of Jack did not turn out too well.

"Jack, Jack." Barbossa walked over to him and looked him in the eyes. Jack held his gaze. "Why can't ye just let go? This will never be yer ship. Face it, I could always find away to get my ship from ye. It is my ship, not yours. It has not been yours for a long time."

"What are you trying to prove, Hector?" Jack hissed. "You have a ship, all right? And I don't. I would if it wasn't for you! What do you need it for? Does it amuse you to steal my ship every time I get my hands on it?"

"Jack, don't be so unkind. Ye know well enough it's not yers anymore. It's been rightfully mine since that day I left you on the island to die," Barbossa paused. "I don't want to kill ye…you've done me no harm. In fact, I am thankful for that opportunity ye provided me with when you took to Blackbeard…I now have two ships, and a crew, and my revenge." Angelica jerked by Jack's side and tried to kick Barbossa. He laughed and took a step back.

"Don't ye worry, Ms. Angelica, I shall not kill you either. You spared me as I will now spare ye. But beware," His eyes darkened. "This be the last time I will."

"You should be thanking me, Barbossa," Jack muttered. "Because I was the one who helped you find the bastard who sunk your Cobra, remember? I was the one who, in a sense, provided you with a title of a Pirate Lord. I was the one who was kind enough to take you as my first mate when you were drinking your head off in that bar in Shipwreck Cove!"

Barbossa clenched his fists. He gave Jack a hard look, but smiled. "Aye, Jack, and for that I had thanked ye enough. I didn't kill ye that day, but gave the opportunity to fate to decide whether you would live or die…and it seems fate has been kind to if y're still alive. See, this is exactly why ye lost the Pearl. Ye couldn't see ambition, could ye? Ye thought I'd be glad to serve as a first mate to a boy a decade younger than meself? How ye were mistaken…"

Jack's eyes darkened as Barbossa walked over to Morris.

"Ye, here, captain Morris, is it not?" When he got no answer he continued. "Ye were foolish enough to trust Jack Sparrow, foolish enough to think you could overpower me on yer…boat? Look where yer foolishness got ye," Barbossa nodded towards Morris' ship which was now quite far away. Jack couldn't help but stare for he knew what was going to happen next. He knew Barbossa well. As Morris turned his head towards his ship, there was a loud boom and the ship blew up, engulfed in flames. In less than a minute it was underwater.

"Bloody hell!" Morris yelled. "You filthy bastard! How dare you! And you," he turned to Jack. "You are going to pay for this!"

"Sure I will," Jack sighed.

"Now, ye've got a choice, Morris," Barbossa continued. "Ye could join me crew…Now, don't look so disgusted, I assure ye we will provide with a finest hammock in the brig." The crew chuckled beside him. "What say ye?"

"Never, ye bloody devil! I will kill you! I will kill, given a chance!" Morris erupted in fine cursing.

"Very well…" Barbossa sighed. "But ye won't be given one." He nodded to one of the crewmen and Morris was dragged to the rails and thrown over the board. There was a splash, then cursing. They heard Morris trying to climb back up onto the ship. Barbossa walked over to the rail, took out his pistol, and pulled the trigger. Then, it was quiet. Angelica gasped.

"Not to worry, Miss," Barbossa smiled. "You shall not have to face the same horror…I can't have someone as fine as you eaten by sharks...Jack, do tell Miss Teach," Barbossa paused. "Of the fate that awaits you two. Ye do know, don't ye?" Jack gritted his teeth, but stayed silent. "You shall be spending a great time on some island, just the two of you," Barbossa grinned. "Put them in the brig."

Two crewmen grabbed cursing Angelica and dragged her down the ladder. Jack jerked his hand away from the man that grabbed him. "I can manage," he hissed.

"Oh, and Jack," Barbossa yelled after him. "This time, don't ask for a pistol! Ye won't be getting one!"

"How long will you continue doing this?" Angelica asked annoyed. Jack had been pacing around in circles in the small cell they've been put in. There was no room in the actual brig for them as they had been quite a lot of crewmen who were captured during the fight, so Jack and Angelica were put into a separate cell in the part of the ship where cargo was stored.

"I'm trying to think, luv," Jack replied.

"Thinking did not require walking last time I checked, Sparrow," Angelica sighed. "This is making me dizzy."

"It's helping me concentrate. You could help, too, you know? Maybe, you, having spent such a great deal of time on this ship could help me think of a way out?" Jack asked sarcastically.

"I'm thinking!" Angelica said. "But this is a cell. To open it we need a key. This is how works, amigo, there's no way around."

"There's got to be!" Jack muttered. "There always is!"

"Well then, go ahead," Angelica burst out. "You can walk around as much as you'd like, you're not getting us anywhere. It's your fault we're here in the first place!"

"My fault?" Jack stopped and stared at her. "It's not my bloody fault you didn't kill Barbossa when he kindly offered to drop you off in Tortuga!"

"I would have if I was not so angry with you for leaving me yet again, that I allowed myself to believe Barbossa…He was right in some way, it was you who brought my father's death."

"Oh, so you'd prefer to be dead now, am I right?" Jack yelled.

"We will be dead soon enough if we don't get out of this cell!" Angelica yelled back.

Two hours later, Jack lowered himself down on the narrow bench next to Angelica and sighed.

"Any clever ideas, Sparrow?" Angelica smirked.

"Not really, no…" Jack replied tiredly. "Was a nice workout though, wouldn't you agree?" They sat in silence for a while. Jack couldn't help but notice how close to him Angelica was. He inched a little to the left, closer yet. Angelica didn't seem to notice. Jack let his thoughts wander elsewhere, remembering the time on the island Elizabeth lived on. Everything was turning out great until the boy interrupted them. And then the bloody compass started messing with his head…Jack thought it would be great to check the compass again, but he didn't dare do in front of Angelica. As if reading his mind, she said,

"You know, I'm not stupid, Jack."

"What do you mean?" Jack turned to her, surprised.

"You thought I didn't understand, did you?" She sighed. "About the compass? You told me how it worked, remember? How it points to the thing you want it to point to…You thought I wouldn't be able to figure out the rest? That it always points to the thing you most, no matter how hard you wish it to point to something else?"

Jack didn't reply, thinking of the way to get himself out of this…He didn't want to have that conversation with her. Not now, not ever. He was afraid of where that might lead.

"Jack," Angelica looked up at him. "I did mean it then, on the island. I do love you. Still. Do you?"

"Love, I…"

"Jack, you won't be able to talk yourself out of this. Just tell me."

"The compass pointing to you doesn't mean I love you, you know. It could just be…physical desire," Jack mumbled.

"Do you love me or not?" Angelica pressed.

Suddenly, something clicked in Jack's brain. Of course, she'd never let him get away from this conversation, but he wasn't prepared this time…perhaps, later, when the moment comes. Now, he needed to distract her. But, how? Well, if she loves me, then, surely, she wouldn't be able to resist if I…

"And if I said I didn't? What then?" Jack smiled at her and moved in closer yet. There were inches apart now. Now, seduce her, Jack.

"Well," Angelica tried to look down, but there was nowhere to look at as Jack's body was now pressed against hers. "I just want to know, that is…if you don't, I would know not to…"

"Not to what?" Jack whispered.

"Not to trust you." Angelica finally looked up to see his lips inches away from hers. How tempting…

"And if I said I did?" Jack stroked her chin now, seeing her melt under his gaze.

"Then, I'd…I would be happy, Jack," Angelica whispered realizing at the moment that it would be exactly what would happen should he confess. She would be happy.

"I see. But maybe there's something else that would make you happy?" Jack grinned. Angelica knew it before it happened. Jack kissed her passionately, pressing her body against the called cell bars. He smelled strongly of rum. She wondered when and where he managed to get any. She could feel Jack's hand running up and down her back. She closed her eyes and let herself get lost in his arms…Suddenly, Jack jumped to his feet.

"Get up, love!" he motioned with hands.

Angelica stared, wide-eyed, as he lifted the bench and carried it over to the side of the cell.

"Wh-what are you doing, Jack?" Angelica muttered still flushed from the kiss.

"These are half pin-barrel hinges!" Jack exclaimed pointing at the bars. Angelica continued to stare, not understanding.

"Leverage!" Jack grinned.

So in the first part of the chapter (between 1st and 2nd lines), Jack talked about Cobra, Barbossa's ship and how he sort of helped him become a part lord. This is a reference to the book The Price of Freedom by A.C. Crispin.


It's a great, great book about Jack Sparrow's life before the movie. Starts out when he's 25 years of age. I highly recommend this book to all of you POTC fans out there. GREAT, GREAT book! Explains a lot of things about Jack Sparrow, his ship and his relationship with Cutler Beckett.