Heroes, Ducks, and Aliens

Disclaimers: All Invader Zim characters are owned by Jhonen Vasquez and all Mighty Ducks characters are owned by Disney and are copied without permission. I do not on any of the characters I will mention. This story has been made for fun and not profit.

Writer's Note: This is my first Invader Zim and Mighty Ducks crossover so please don't judge me badly. This idea just came to me recently and I'm not sure how but I'm going to write it anyways. I know that sounds kinda dumb, but yeah. Anyway, I thought of how weird it would be if Zim and the others met the Ducks and they had to fight the Suarians and maybe there'll be a few surprises along the way. Also I'm not that good with roles so they might be a bit out of character. This is my first time with this after all. If you have a strong dislike for Mighty Ducks and/or Invader Zim, then you might not really like this story. Those who do may continue. I hope you like it. Enjoy! (Rated PG for drama and crude humor.)

Part One

Everything seemed quiet and peaceful in a distant suburban town as citizens all slept through the quiet night. High above the Earth, stars of many sizes and colors shimmered brilliantly against the deep onyx black that was the vastness of space. Within a distant space station a loud blast rocked the structure followed by another.

Inside the ship was a young boy around the age of twelve. He was dressed in black with a pale blue T-shirt beneath with a grey smiley face on the front with a neutral expression and a pair of glasses. His hair was black and in a scythe-like style. His name was Dib Membrane. Dib yelped and ducked down to dodge the frenzy of lasers that were headed his way. When the smoke cleared, a short silhouetted figure stood within the smog.

As the haze died down, the figure was soon revealed to have bright green skin. His bright ruby eyes seemed to glow as he made his way forward. He was dressed in red with black pants, boots and gloves; a grew and red metal device rested on his back; indicating him to be an Irken soldier. His name was Zim.

"I know you're there, Dib-worm!" Zim shouted; as he made his way closer.

"You won't get away with this, Zim!" Dib yelled as he peeked out from his hiding place.

"Oh I do believe I already have." Zim countered; smirking at his unarmed opponent.

"Why do you two always have to have a stupid fight?" Came a sudden voice.

The two rivals turned to the sound to see a young girl dressed in black and gray with a skull pendant. She had short purple hair. She was holding a portable gaming system. It was Dib's younger sister Gaz. Next to her was a little silver and cyan robot with matching cyan eyes; sitting on the floor eating a snack of some sort. Dib stared on in shock.

"Gaz?" He said. "How did you..?" Turning back to his enemy, he trailed off.

"No matter! I will destroy you!" Zim shouted; sneering as he readied his lasers to fire once more. "Now say good-"

The Irken was suddenly interrupted as an enormous explosion sounded and the whole station began to quake followed by a high-pitched alarm blaring throughout the room. A large red light flashed soaked the entire room.

"What is the meaning of this?" Zim demanded.

"Unknown ship has been detected." A computerized voice informed. As flames began to fill the station room, the four of them could see a sudden large object fill the view of the large glass window. It was a strange looking spaceship of some sort; something they had never seen before; not even Zim.

It was many times the size of the station and had an odd rusty color. It was after this moment that they soon felt that the station was falling. Just then, everything began to flicker as the station continued to sink. Zim then ran to the controls and began to press random buttons on the panels.

"Power emergency!" He screamed; continuing with pressing the buttons. The metal around them began to heat up as the station sped up its course.

"We're gonna crash!" Dib yelled. "Brace yourselves!"

The station's lights soon went out completely and it became more turbulent. As they prepared for impact, they could see the ground coming closer; which was the last thing they could remember before everything was soon enveloped by darkness.

I really suck at beginnings :( Anyways, this part is kinda short and kinda rushed ^^; But I hope that's okay with you :) PLEASE R&R! THANKS A BUNCH! :D:D